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Improving CX with customer experience mapping tools

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We’re in an era in which customers are more demanding than ever. Most industries are saturated with competition, with Customer experience being a key differentiator between brands. It’s not impossible, after all many companies like Apple and Amazon have built their business on being customer focused. Customer Experience mapping tools can help provide the insights your business needs to map customer experience and customer journeys effectively.

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What is customer experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is your customers/clients’ perception of all their experiences with your business/brand/products. A typical CX extends to all interactions a customer has had with your brand. This includes transactions, visiting your website, downloading and using your mobile apps and talking with your sales or support teams. Businesses can track their CX’s performance with the help of customer experience mapping tools.

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What is a customer journey?

Not all that dissimilar from CX, Customer journeys can be considered as the path a customer takes with your brand. It starts with the (potential) customer learning about your brand. It could be via social media, an advertisement (billboard, online ad, tv or radio) or even through word of mouth (this is the best kind for B2C brands!). It consists of the customers’ experience at every touchpoint with your brand, and what impression customers had after each interaction.

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What is a customer experience mapping tool? How to create a customer journey map?

To ensure a holistic customer journey, organizations first need to visualize their customer journey. This can be done with the help of a customer experience software tool. You must take a top down view of your organization and note key events with customers. By taking feedback at these events, you will be in a position to better understand customer motivations, and what drives them to choose or leave your brand at that touch point. 

Customer experience mapping tools can then assist in visualizing and analyzing the data you’ve collected. 

Although each business would have their take on what a customer journey involves, the process for creating a customer journey map typically looks like:

Define clear objectives

Companies need to identify their purpose behind creating a customer journey map, what experience would be factored in, which touchpoints are key considerations. These can be based on actual as well as hypothetical scenarios

Create customer personas

Use customer experience mapping tools to gather insights into your customers via surveys. Use these insights to understand your respondents and create customer personas. Relate these personas to key touchpoints, and understand motivations, pain points etc.

Map key touch points on customer journeys

Once you’ve accumulated customer feedback, you need to then map this feedback to relevant touch points and customer specific objectives.

Identify issues and gaps

Feedback collected via customer experience mapping tools will come in handy for identifying pain points in your customer journey. You can use the insights you have uncovered to create or remove touch points in a bid to streamline customer experience.

Use analytics tools for insights and reporting

Once it is time to implement the customer journey map, you need to create reports which can visually depict your map to key stakeholders for the final go ahead.

Must have features in a customer experience mapping tool

Modern cx mapping tools like Voxco are customizable to suit a business’ requirements, however there are a few features that are necessary for researchers to be able to identify and track customer experience effectively. You must ensure that your business invests in a customer experience mapping tool which is equipped with:


Powerful analytics tools like Voxco can help uncover insights from the data you’ve collected along the customer journey. These include crosstabs, stats analysis, custom weighting, automatic stat testing. Analytics can help build stories from the data you’ve uncovered, and also come equipped with reporting features through which you can easily export your findings onto documents for easy sharing.


Dashboards can relay feedback to the relevant parties as well as segregate data to protect information security. They work alongside analytics tools to help visualize data and represent key findings. Dashboards in a customer experience mapping tool should typically be able to display

  • Survey completion rates and timings
  • Drop off rates/ drop analytics
  • Respondent device trends
  • Disposition picture

Omnichannel capability

Every touchpoint in your customer journey is an avenue for feedback which is why Voxco’s customer experience mapping tool allows businesses to get feedback across multiple channels. These can be online, via phone or even face to face. Not collecting feedback at a touchpoint due to lack of survey capability can dent the accuracy of your data.

Email Integration

Email distribution and integration can help businesses get quick feedback from customers. Voxco allows researchers to seamlessly integrate the opening question of a survey into the email itself. Choosing a response will then lead customers to a page where the rest of the survey is located. This works well with simpler surveys like NPS® (Net Promoter Score®), CES (Customer Effort Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys.

Hosting Flexibility

Protecting customer data should be a high priority for most businesses. Keeping that in mind, Voxco’s customer experience mapping tool allows its customers to store their data on their own premises, in a manner which is compliant with their security protocols. Customers also have the option of storing data securely in the cloud, allowing for enhanced flexibility. 

App Integration

For many businesses, their mobile or Windows/MacOS app is an important touchpoint with their customers. The app itself may have many more key interactions with customers. Voxco enables customers to integrate surveys after critical interactions with users, which can provide feedback critical to product improvement. 

Easy survey distribution

Survey accuracy is improved with better participation. Voxco allows researchers and analysts to easily distribute their surveys across several channels. Businesses can get distribute links to surveys online via social media or email, via SMS, or push notifications. Researchers can conduct CATI/IVR surveys and reach out to potential respondents via telephone. More participants ensure better impact from the insights you’ve gathered. This aids in customer engagement as well.