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What is customer 360?

We know that companies now pay more attention to the data management and warehousing. In fact for the same reason, almost all of them have a single source of truth in place. This allows all the cross-functional teams in an organization to access the single version of truth that is unitedly decided to be a true correct data that best represents the organization’s position.

But when we narrow down the context of a single source of truth, to just customer data, we call it a customer 360. Customer 360 is nothing but a whole 360 degree view of the customer data that is accessed from all the teams in an organization. This customer data consists of all the communication the customer had with the company, their product and website engagements and their reviews and opinions on social media platforms. 

Hence, customer 360 is having one single source if true customer data which acts as an integration of all sorts of customer information available.

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Why do you need customer 360?

One single view of customer information provides all the details of the customers which can be referred by any teams with right authorization claims. This data source has customer details like their name, address, email and phone number, their purchase history, any interaction with the business, product reviews and much more. This way the organization can use this data to give proper offers and discounts to the customers, track their product journey and understand preferences, better delivery and purchase experience, etc.

Apart from this, customer 360 also has below advantages: 

  • Customer 360 helps your business to enhance customer experience which results in them being loyal to your brand. 
  • It also helps you save revenue that’d be wasted on repetitive deliveries and error solving. 
  • You can use the easily available data on customer purchase history to come up with personalized offers and discounts and better marketing strategies. 
  • Customer 360 helps you in tax reports by providing information about particular sales and their associated locations. 
  • Customer 360 uplifts your business intelligence game by feeding the correct and accurate data to the machine learning algorithms that help you draw rightful business decisions.

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Customer 360 with multi-channel communication

When a business interacts with the customer, they put out all the possible channels so that customers can choose to interact with whichever channel they feel convenient with. This is called omnichannel communication. Although this surely enhances customer experience, how are you going to handle this data flooding in from all those channels? Surely customer 360 helps you with that. 

Customer 360 is the solution that maintains consistency in the data that comes from various sources. It helps you not lose sight of the true data and maintains integration and consistency. So no matter how many channels your communication system brings in the future, customer 360 provides the same consistency throughout the organizational work. 

Other than this, customer 360 also helps you minimize data redundancy. Let’s say, one customer is registered with different alias of names in different channels. It becomes difficult to figure out who is who and then further map their purchases to them. A CRM or ERP system in place will help your organization get through this and help merge those aliases to point towards the root user.

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