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What is a customer 360-degree view dashboard?

Customer 360 view has worked wonders on businesses that rely on data as their prime source. It provides a single view of customer information like their demographics, name, age, address, and contacts, along with their purchase history, business interactions, reviews, and complaints. But this unified view needs to have a face so that it is easy to use it whenever needed.

This is where the customer 360 view dashboard comes in. customer 360 view dashboard, also known as the customer 360 view analysis report, is a tool considered one of the important in any company. It comes in handy with the teams that interact directly with the customers like customer service agents or managers. These teams can get a quick idea of any customer at hand in one glance through the customer 360 dashboards.

Customer 360 dashboard reports basically help out the working in cross-functional teams by cutting down the time needed to assemble all the data needed from various sources and framing a single picture out of it.  It is a speciality of these dashboard reports that they combine the data from all the sources like sales, marketing, CRM, and helpdesk, and hold them.

A customer 360 dashboard report is a single-page report with statistics and graphs for easy representation of the customer data that can be applied to any customer.

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Why do you need a customer 360 dashboard report?

Things work fast when the data is ready to read and easy. With a customer 360 views dashboard, organizations can speed up their decision-making process by having all the needed customer data in hand, on a single page. For the managers and decision-makers, it makes it easy to have an idea of where the customers stand.

When used by the teams that directly deal with the customers, an organization can enhance its customer service and provide customers with exactly what they expect from the executives. A company can deliver a complete customer-oriented solution to problems when the customer performance is already known. By taking the right customer decisions, a brand can level up its customer experience, ultimately earning customer loyalty.

Example of a customer 360 dashboard report as given by

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What tools can you use to make customer 360 dashboards?

To be able to bring all the customer data in one single age, you will need to make use of graphics and charts. Here are some of the tools that are being used widely by many analysts for customer 360 dashboard reports:

  • Native ERP report writers and query tools
  • Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel)
  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools  
  • Dashboards – Microsoft Power BI and Tableau

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