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What is customer 360 view?

Customer 360 view allows the cross-functional teams in the organization to have one unified look at the customer data.

Customer data comes flooding into the organization from all sides, sales, marketing, customer services and much more. This data includes customer data like their personal information including name, address, contact, etc. their purchase and buying history and their interactions with the businesses through various channels.

This data can be used by the teams to develop personalized offers and discounts for individual customers, get to know their buying behaviours, choices and preferences of products and prices, which marketing strategy works better on them, etc. With a single version of trusted customer data, working on projects and keeping the teams in sync becomes an easy job. It also makes it easy to update and trace the errors back to one single data source rather than looking at various data sources for answers and wasting time and cost behind it.

Exploratory Research Guide

Conducting exploratory research seems tricky but an effective guide can help.

Customer 360 as a solution

With speedily evolving technology, dealing with data has never been too important and easy at the same time. Organizations function wholly on the data that they gather. The quality of their decisions depends on the quality of data sources they refer to for the same. A well-maintained data source brings better business decisions.

This is important especially in the case of customer data. Your brand development depends on what customers feel about your brand. When it comes to customer 360 solutions, your organizations always remain benefitted from the goodness it has to provide to your data as well as your customers.

  •   You get to connect the soiled data. You can gather all the data from various sources, validate them for their truthiness and give access to the teams to use for their respective decisions making processes.
  •   Customer 360 solution enables you to focus on each customer and provide personalization based on their demographics, purchase history business interactions and so on.
  •   With all the teams contributing their data as an input to the data source, customer 360 serves as a complete solution and place for all the needed data regarding customers for all the teams like sales, marketing, customer services, finance and more. This way you get to explore the customers from more than one perspective.
  •   Customer 360 solution not only makes it easy to access the data, but it also helps you manage it. Updating the data with new information is efficient when you have to just edit the existing dataset. Same way, when an error occurs in the results or conclusions, you will know exactly where to search for the defect in a well-organized data set.
  •   Customer 360 solution allows you to visualize future scenarios of the business based on the data and what it is telling. With modern data science and machine learning tools analyzing the data has never been so easy.
  •   As you are feeding the data to your customer 360 views, you’re creating yourself a solution which as a data model will improve in quality, resulting in better business decisions over time.

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