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When it comes to data management and data warehousing, many businesses have turned towards a single source of truth approach. It allows you to compile all the data from various resources and integrate it truthfully in one place. This single source of data is accessible to all the cross-functional teams in the organizations. “Right data at right time”. 

Customer 360 or customer 360 view is a single source of truth approach towards storing and accessing customer information from one place which is trusted to have all the correct and necessary data. Teams like sales, marketing, customer care can access this data from time to time for relevant information they might need to enhance customer experience and business decisions.

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What are customer profiles and why do you need them?

Customer profile is a description of the customer details throughout their journey with your business. It includes their personal information like name, address, contact information, their purchase history, and their interaction with your business. Organizations that are customer-oriented often focus on maintaining such customer profiles so they can analyze overall customer behaviours and plan their sales and marketing accordingly.

But why do you need to be so customer-centric? Well, if you are a business you will understand how important it is to give a good customer experience. Customers feel important when they know they are being listened to. When you manage customer data and act on it consistently, your brand will in no time gain customer loyalty and a good review in the market.

What do customer profiles consist of?

We say customer information, but what exactly does that include? Here is the list of things that can contribute as important customer information:

  • Customer information – this is the personal information like name, age, marital status, address, education, job, etc. 
  • Financial situation – this includes their annual income, family income, any side income that contributes to their financial profile so that you can price your products accordingly. 
  • Banking and financial product – it includes the bank customer involve with, financial products or savings, any loans that still going, etc. 
  • Interaction history – it includes information about all the ways that customer has interacted with the business. It can be a phone call, shopping app review, product purchase, emails, anything that counts as a contact of the customer to the organization. 
  • Marketing reactions – it is the way how customers respond to the outreach activities of the marketing team. You will understand which approach is more effective and ways of reaching out to the customers more efficiently. 
  • Social media information – it says a lot what customers talk about your products and brand on social media platforms. You can record the discussions and comments where people discuss your brand.

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Why do you need customer 360 profile?

  • With a single customer information centre, you create a whole 360-degree view for the teams to access data from one place. 
  • Since the data is accessible to the teams, it increases the transparency between them and easy for the teams to communicate with each other. 
  • Customer 360 profile helps you highlight the customers that have been proven profitable to the organization and provide them with more attention and experience to build brand loyalty.


  • Similarly, it also helps you draw out the customers that need more attention with regard to customer care, purchase experience or offers and discounts. It can help you stop the customers which have decided to walk away from the brand. 
  • You can determine various customer segments and how they prefer to communicate to the organization. You can then up your game by reaching out to that customer through the same channels and providing a better customer experience. 
  • Customer 360 profile can help you focus on the individual customers and personalize offers and discounts for them depending on their purchase behaviour and history. 

When you collect and manage customer data, you give yourself an opportunity to provide the perfect blend of products and customer service out there.

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