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Customer 360 view allows an organization and its teams to have a wide unified view of customer data. They are able to access all the customer data needed for making appropriate business decisions in one place with a well-organized data structure which makes it easy to go through the required datasets.

Customer 360 view implements a single source of truth methodology but focuses and limits itself till the customer data. All the customer demographics, their purchase history, business interactions, social media traces can be found under one roof which will ultimately go into beneficiary decisions regarding customer experience. This single data source is nothing but a composition of all the possible data that gets into the company systems regarding customers.

This data is then studied and finalized by the authorities to form a trusted data source that is also called a single version of the truth. This version of the truth is then made accessible to the employees of the organization, who can then pick out the needed points regarding customer information and use it wisely to make business decisions. This process has been in practice for quite a while now, improving business intelligence across the business market.

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Customer 360 analytics

  • Analyzing the past

The customer 360 view allows you to take a look at how customers have performed in the past. You can read their reviews, their issues, and complaints on calls with your customer service, social media discussions. Every customer interaction can be looked upon as a target to analyze what the customer base thinks about your brand. You can figure out things like:

  • What products do the customers prefer to buy from you and what don’t?
  • How many complaints were recorded since the new product was launched?
  • How are customers responding to the recent marketing campaign activity?
  • How many of the customers withdrew their loyalty in the past year and how many still stay?
  • Analyzing the present

Omni-channel experiences are spreading worldwide and have better responses. Customers feel convenient when they are allowed to reach out to the business on the channel of their choice. What matters is the company’s response rate. You need to know which customer is contacting you, what were their previous queries if they are solving, their demographics, and so on. Customers like it when they are remembered. Customer 360 view helps you to achieve that by giving you a layout of the customer demographics with their business interaction history. You need to take care of things like:

  • Who is the customer contacting?
  • How has their relationship with the organization been?
  • What topic do they want to discuss?
  • What are the recent conversations or queries that the agents should know?

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  • Analyzing the future

Now that you have your past and present customer data analysis, you can predict the future of each and every customer if you want to. There is a rise in the data science and business intelligence field where machine learning algorithms help analysts predict the future using repeating patterns.

With customer 360 views at hand, your organization can map the customer journey based on their past and present behaviour.

The sales team can predict the future sales of a product based on its past performance. Marketing teams can look at how customers respond to certain campaigns and then build marketing strategies accordingly. Customer service agents can train themselves based on what to and what not to do while dealing with customers.

This all goes into building a better customer experience.

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