Culture index: Definition, steps and advantages


Culture index: Definition, steps and advantages Culture index
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What is a culture index?

As an organization, it is important to focus on the employees as much as you focus on the customer. How your employees feel about their workplace, company culture, their job and job profile and everyday routine makes up the organization’s success as well. When the employees are happy, they can keep the customer happy. But how do you measure the employee satisfaction in your firm? 

This is where the culture index comes in. Culture index refers to how the employees feel about working in your company. Culture index measures their satisfaction, attitude, opinions and approach regarding various topics and issues.

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How is Culture Measured?

You have employees with different responsibilities working on different levels. Managers are given the job of overall work management and come up with a strategy for the workflow. When an organization has to understand employee satisfaction, they can distribute an employee survey amongst the employees and ask them to fill. But when you don’t get enough response from the employees, you will ultimately have to turn to managers for firsthand reports. 

But with culture index, you will get an overall report suggesting where things go wrong and what issues employees face when it comes to knowing their feedback and responsibilities.

How do you carry out evaluation of culture index?

  • Culture index survey tool 

There are various online survey tools available on the internet that help you create efficient surveys with topic centric questions and easy deployment. You can use these survey platforms for your culture index survey. 

You can also use these platforms to have detailed data analytics and data gathering that they provide. 

  • Culture index survey program 

Organizations can plan systematic culture survey assessment programs that work to bring out what employee satisfaction is staff retention and employee morale. A culture survey program can be carried out as follows:

  • Deploy surveys – decide the focus of your survey, contain all the right questions and distribute the survey over various online platforms. You can design your surveys to be specific to certain job profiles or designations so that there are more relevant questions.
  • Gather responses – once the survey is distributed, you will have tons and tons of data flooding in through various platforms. Capture that data and use it to draw reasonable conclusions. 
  • Data analysis – you can make use of the latest technology to capture your data and use automation tools to analyze it. Doing so will get you all the insights as results on what employees feel and think about the workplace they work in. 

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Advantages of culture index

  • Employee retention 

Organizations when paying attention to employee satisfaction have a higher rate at employee retention too. Employees feel listened to and valued in their workplace, and tend to stay with the same organizations for years. With a culture index, you can measure their happiness in your firm and work to get it better with every culture index program. 

  • Customer retention 

Believe it or not, but employee retention and customer retention do go hand in hand. Look at it this way, happy employees tend to work with a happy mood, ultimately treating the customers with patience and empathy. Customers prefer such service and will switch to the competitors after just one bad experience. When the employees treat them nicely, customers will have a reason to stick to the employees. 

  • Conflict resolution 

Every organization has conflicts of some sorts. These conflicts can be between employees themselves or between employees and customers. However, organizations should look at all conflicts as risks and try to resolve them at the earliest.

  • Efficient hiring 

Culture index helps you determine which employees are good for which job profile. Whether the employees are satisfied with their responsibilities and whether they are doing justice to the job. Helping employees with such concerns can make their productivity and workforce better. 

  • Employee engagement 

Employees speak out their opinions, ideas and issues through employee surveys. Organizations should act on it and make them know that they’re being listened to and valued and provided with what they need. This will give you a positive culture index and create a hospitable work environment in the company.

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