CSAT Surveys: Why they’re key in ensuring your Customer Experience is up to par

For any organization to thrive, they need repeat business and this is why Customer Experience (CX) has become a major focus for most, if not all companies. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you need to keep an eye on a few tried and tested CX metrics to see how your overall performance stacks up. With much of the world affected by the CoronaVirus, there’s a possibility that your CX has been impacted as well. CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys offer a reliable means to get actionable insights into customer sentiment.

What are CSAT Surveys?

CSAT is a metric which can be considered a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to quantify your customer’s satisfaction with a certain aspect of your business on a percentage basis.

Here’s how CSAT is measured - Respondents are asked a series of questions, usually measured on a 5 point scale. They have to choose from predefined answers which are usually phrased in some variation of Very Bad/Unsatisfied/Unhappy to Very good/Satisfied/Happy.

CSAT Surveys

CSAT scores can help you identify issues with the aspects your respondents have been queried on, and can help improve customer retention and customer loyalty and reduce churn as well. Incorporating customer feedback and letting them know about it will also boost their affection for your brand, turning them into promoters.

Where are CSAT surveys most useful?

Although these surveys can be used at almost any touchpoint in the Customer Experience journey, CSAT is especially suited in certain scenarios. CSAT scores are great for measuring improvement in customer satisfaction levels over time. 

Customer Support: Integrating a CSAT survey immediately after an interaction with customer support is a useful way to get honest feedback that is still fresh in the customer’s mind. 

Before a subscription is renewed: When your offering relies on recurring payments, it's in your best interests to consistently take feedback and implement if and when feasible. Conducting CSAT surveys 3-4 times a year can give you a good indication about whether or not a customer intends to renew their subscription. 

Ideally, these surveys should query subscribers about different aspects of your service which can help you break your challenges into silos and enable you take care of them in a more strategic manner. 

At major events during the Customer Lifecycle: Whether its onboarding a new customer, or their first car service or even after their exit from your customer journey, you’ll get valuable insights by conducting CSAT surveys after these Customer Lifecycle moments.

You’re going to be able to easily implement changes based on customer feedback because of the timing of these questionnaires. 

If customers feel like their feedback is being taken seriously, it will greatly help with customer retention as well as customer loyalty.


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