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Coyne research boosts productivity by 100% with Voxco

Coyne research

Established in January 2012, Coyne Research is a Multi-Award-Winning Market Research Agency.

Coyne Research is a boutique style research agency, and has developed a strong reputation for high quality, actionable research for an impressive client list – both nationally and internationally.

Jason Clarke is Director/ Head of Data at Coyne Research. Jason is involved in a wide variety of job types such as Online Surveys, Product Tests, and CATI Scripting. He is involved in all of their quantitative research projects.

The Challenge

Prior to switching to Voxco Online, Coyne Research faced three major concerns. 

Firstly, the software they were using involved a lot of scripting. This increased the time taken to create surveys significantly because of the training required. Thus, they needed software that would enable them to create surveys easily, with minimum scripting involved. 

Another pressing issue that the Coyne Research team faced was data security and storage.It involved a lot of upkeep and maintenance and thus incurred additional costs along with the potential risk of data leaks. They were looking for a cloud solution that assured data security.  

The third and final requirement was flexibility. The team was looking for software that allowed them to seamlessly create surveys that could be implemented across diverse industries and geographies.

The Solution

Voxco’s intuitive drag and drop interface greatly reduced the time to set up surveys. With zero scripting involved, it led to a tremendous reduction in the training time as well. 

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“With Voxco, it's drag and drop options are very intuitive. People were able to pick it up straight away, reducing the training time significantly. We could also give people access to multiple logins at the same time. All this enabled us to get projects live in almost half the time which it previously took.’’
Jason Clarke
Director/ Head of Data Coyne Research

Coupled with the look and feel interface, the Coyne Research team was able to build surveys suited to clients spread across different industries (from insurance, banking to automobile to telecommunications & so on) & in different countries in no time.

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‘’One of our projects involved launching surveys in over 30 different markets. Voxco online proved very useful here as it enables us to duplicate these projects with ease, with minor modifications suited to the markets’’
Jason Clarke
Director/ Head of Data Coyne Research


Voxco’s software also provided Coyne Research with a robust IT infrastructure that took care of their storage and data security concerns. As everything was stored on the cloud, they didn’t have to worry about maintenance either.

Voxco's support team

The team took help from the Voxco support team when they faced any issue.Here’s what Jason Clarke had to say about his experience with Voxco’s support :

jason 2

‘’Jason McGrath and Shawn Syring have been really helpful. Jason used to jump online every time I needed him, even outside of his normal office hours. If required, he would log onto my account and do the question for me, and then send me a detailed email of what he’d done and explained how it worked. Shawn Syring has been very flexible in many aspects and treats us really well.’’

Voxco Impact

With the intuitive drag and drop interface & multiple user functionality, the time taken to create surveys and launch projects reduced by 50%.

With 24 x 7  support from Voxco, Coyne Research were able to migrate from their old software to Voxco online in a short period of time.

Hindol Basu 
GM, Voxco Intelligence


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