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Covid-19 survey questions Covid-19
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Covid-19 outbreak took over the world in 2020. All the businesses and organizations running it took a hit and had to change course at some point. The government in all the countries was firm enough to handle the pandemic and bring as much stability as possible in their own countries. Healthcare institutions and facilities dealt with the patients infected on all levels, not only when their conditions were worse, but also when they tested negative for the virus.

Post covid-19 surveys are conducted to understand what the patient’s health is up to and what post treatment symptoms or issues they are facing. Many channels also supported and shared covid-19 surveys asking people to check through answering some questions whether they are infected from corona or not.  

In this section, we will be stating commonly used covid-19 survey questions, which will help in gathering health information on infected as well as healthy people to predict their chances of getting the virus.

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Covid-19 survey questions

Demographic information

  • What is your age? 
  • What is your gender? 
  • Which country do you live in? 
  • How many members do you have in your family? 
  • How many of the members are under the age of 18? 
  • What is your financial well-being? 

Vaccine information

  • How many of them are vaccinated with the first dose of covid-19 vaccine? 
  • How many of them are vaccinated with the second dose of covid-19 vaccine? 
  • How concerned are you about each of the following impacts of covid-19? 

Your own health, somebody else’s health, interrupted education, maintaining social ties, household stress, violence at home, others. 

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Post covid-19 information

  • How has your alcohol consumption been affected due to covid? 
  • Has your tobacco consumption changed? 
  • Has your junk food consumption changed? 
  • Has your fruit and vegetable consumption changed? 
  • Has your frequency of exercising changed? 

Work information

  • What is your employment status? 
  • Is your work from home or from the office? 
  • In the case of WFH, would you like to go back to the office once the covid restrictions are lifted? 
  • Do you work for any high-risk occupations? 

Other information 

  • Do you suffer from any long-term disease? 
  • Have you experienced any other difficulties? 
  • Do you have a travel history to any of the highly affected countries? 
  • Have you shared your medical history with the government authorities?

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