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All you need to know about conducting pulse surveys during the pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak, most businesses are embracing big changes in their organizational structure and functioning. While there’s no quick fix to this uncertainty, companies need to focus on improving their employee experience for consistent work culture.    

As every touchpoint in the employee journey (recruitment, on-boarding, day-to-day activities) has gone virtual, collecting employee feedback via online surveys on an annual or quarterly basis is not frequent enough. That's where the need for pulse surveys arises.

What is a Pulse Survey?

A pulse survey is a quick and short survey conducted frequently to gather employee feedback. Instead of using formal annual surveys to gauge how employees feel about their workplace, pulse surveys help you gain actionable insights into your company's health in real-time. Due to quick feedback cycles and rapid response rates, pulse surveys empower you to take informed decisions before it gets too late.

To ensure employee experience stays on track during these uncertain times, pulse surveys play a significant role in the identification and resolution of employee issues in a company. Here’s why you should adopt pulse surveys for your business:

Employee engagement matters the most

With the pandemic's impact, it has become essential for companies to focus on their employee engagement strategy. Ensuring employees feel heard and empowered to share their concerns is crucial. As engaged employees are more productive, they perform their duties more enthusiastically which leads to an innovative environment in the workplace. Brands like Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, and Microsoft rely on pulse surveys to effectively measure their team engagement levels.

Foster positivity in the work environment

There's no doubt that the pandemic’s threat and the newly adopted virtual work culture has completely transformed how people work. Due to this, it has become even more important to build a transparent and trust-fostering culture among the employees. Using pulse surveys can help you gain actionable insights into the employee journey which enables you to build a positive corporate culture.

High response rates make all the difference

During unprecedented times, it becomes crucial for an organization to solicit feedback from its employees. As pulse surveys are simple and quick-to-complete, they have a higher response rate in comparison to the traditional employee surveys. The more insights you get, the better you'll be able to serve your employees.

How to make the most of your pulse surveys?

While pulse surveys can help you measure any aspect in your company, it's imperative to include relevant questions for improving the overall employee experience. Here's what you need to consider:

  • Define your goals before creating a survey: It's great to value the feedback of your employees, but you shouldn't survey them without any purpose. Formulate a plan and set the goals that you want to accomplish through that survey.

  • Add questions that are appropriate for the employees: If you add irrelevant questions to your pulse survey, your employees might skip it or select answers randomly. This will fetch you inaccurate results.

  • Keep it short and crisp: Since pulse surveys are short and easy to answer, they have higher response rates. Make sure your survey length ranges between 5-10 questions only.

  • Protect anonymity in all cases: Most respondents prefer to participate in surveys where personal anonymity is ensured. To make your employees stay honest and truthful with their feedback, you need to ensure their responses stay anonymous. 

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