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What is Concept Testing?

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Concept testing can be defined as a research method that uses consumer feedback to evaluate new concepts or ideas for products/services before they are implemented or launched. 

By testing your ideas with different customer segments, you can get an idea of how the market will react to your product. It allows ad campaigns, product development, and messages to be evaluated by the target market. It is a vital component in ensuring the success of ad campaigns as it helps advertisers determine whether the ad will be compelling and effective before it is aired. 

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How to Conduct a Concept Test?

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Concept testing can be used to achieve many different goals, whether that be testing a new logo to better fit a brand’s image or testing new products to better address customer needs. It is important to outline a clear and specific objective of your concept test as this will determine many characteristics of the test. 

For example, let’s assume you are a clothing company that wants to redesign their logo. Some possible objectives include:

Select Metrics

Once you’ve established the main objectives of your concept test, you can now decide which metrics of success you want to use to evaluate your concept or idea. For example, the aforementioned clothing company may want to measure the following metrics while evaluating their new logo:

    • Appeal
    • Uniqueness
    • Visibility
    • Relavence 

Establish the Target Audience

The next step is to identify the target audience that you will collect feedback from. Oftentimes, concept testing surveys are sent to a company’s existing customers as they are the target audience. For example, a clothing company that is redesigning their logo to communicate their brand visually may choose to survey existing consumers to identify what kind of logo design they resonate with most. 

Choose the right Survey Methodology

Before you can design your concept testing survey, carefully consider the kind of methodology that will help you achieve your objectives. These are some of the most common survey methodologies:

    • Monadic: Is used in single concept evaluation. Respondents provide a detailed evaluation on a single idea or concept.

    • Sequential Monadic: Is used in multiple concept evaluation. Respondents provide detailed evaluations for multiple ideas or concepts.

    • Comparitive: Is used in concept selection, where respondents compare different concepts or ideas and choose which they like best.

    • Comparitive Monadic: Is used for concept selection and evaluation. Respondents choose which concept or idea they like best, and also provide a detailed evaluation of it. 

For example, while logo testing, you may choose the comparative monadic survey design by showing consumers different iterations of the new logo design. Consumers can pick their favourite iteration, and provide a detailed evaluation of it. 

Create a Survey and Send it to your Target Audience

Now that you’ve clearly established your target audience, your objective, and your survey methodology, you can create a survey that helps you evaluate your concept on the metrics you’ve chosen. Once you’ve created your survey, you can send it to your target audience to collect their feedback.

The channel(s) through which you send your survey should be selected based on who your target audience is.

Evaluate Feedback to Collect Actionable Insights

Possibly the most important step within concept testing is the final step where you analayse the feedback collected. Concept testing is used to make better informed decisions that have successful outcomes, and to do so, you must effectively evaluate the feedback collected. 

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Copy testing can be broken down into the following four elements:

  1. Pre-exposure
  2. Ad Exposure
  3. Post-exposure
  4. Profiling Questions

Concept testing is a tool that can be used to gather insights on a sundry of different areas, some of which are:

  • Status of a concept in the competitive market
  • Unrecognized product benefits
  • The effectiveness of individual concepts
  • Failures of advertising to communicate the message intended
  • Memorability of product personality
  • Consumer relationship with an idea or concept

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