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Cloud Hosting: 5 Things You Need to Know for Phone Survey Software Customer 360
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When organizations shop around for a phone survey software solution, the question of where hosting should take place is often a key consideration. When that inquiry comes up, we like to open the discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of both – hosting in the cloud or on-premise.

Depending on the organization’s goals, lessening the IT overhead and maintenance for hosting may be an ideal setup. For others, with a dedicated IT team and specific compliance requirements, hosting their phone survey system and collecting data on premises is required. It’s important that organizations make this decision carefully and in an informed manner.

In this blog, we explore the synergy between cloud hosting and phone survey platform, highlighting how it can enhance data collection, increase customer engagement, and drive business growth. 

Rise of cloud phone survey system

Traditional phone surveys involved manual processes, which often plagued the research process with limitations like high cost, time consumption, and limited reach. Geographical constraints also restricted these surveys. Moreover, to analyze the data, researchers needed to export it to a separate software which slowed down the process and generated outdated insights. 

With technological advancement, phone surveys have also embraced automation and digital interface. One such pivotal advancement is cloud-based phone survey software. The innovation harnessed the capability of cloud hosting and empowered businesses with a new level of convenience, scalability, and accessibility. 

Cloud-hosted phone survey systems transformed the way you can now conduct phone surveys and secure data. 

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What is a cloud-hosted phone survey system?

In contrast to keeping all CATI survey technology equipment in the office and maintaining the hardware, it is now possible to have your phone survey software (including the CATI dialer) hosted in the cloud in a secure data center.

A cloud-hosted phone survey system enables businesses to create, conduct and analyze phone surveys using cloud computing technology. By hosting your CATI, IVR, or Dialer in the cloud, you can operate your research process in the digital realm. It uses a cloud infrastructure, making the platform more accessible to design and conduct surveys via phones. 

There are certainly many notable benefits of on-premise hosting as well! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog post.

For today, we’ll discuss the ideal hosting option for those requiring a low-maintenance option.

Benefits of a cloud-hosted phone survey

Let’s look into the benefits of hosting your phone survey software in cloud infrastructure. 

1. Cost

Of course, it almost goes without saying that budget weighs heavily into the decision to host software. It depends on whether your organizational priorities are to take on capital expenditures or operational expenditures.

For on-premise hosting, consider that you must pay upfront for the equipment and then the maintenance that follows. With cloud hosting, payment is on a licensing basis as a manageable monthly fee.

2. Flexible & scalable

Being unencumbered by hardware can allow your organization to be more agile, moving with the ebb and flow of business. For example, many of our clients in the polling/elections industry have four or five months of high-volume surveys during election season and after that peak, they go back to “regular” volume.

Having the ability to easily ramp up your operations and then wind them down as needed is a huge benefit for organizations – regardless of the vertical you work in.

3. Security

When hosting software on-premise, organizations need to take careful consideration for things like backup generators or UPS batteries. You should plan to have full redundancies of power, AC, and ample bandwidth to make sure your hosting operations stay safe. It takes a lot of dedicated resources to do so.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to think the unthinkable. In a natural disaster event leading to power outages or flooding: will your data be compromised? Hosting your software in the cloud means your data lives in a co-located data center with full security infrastructure and risk mitigation.

4. Infrastructure

On the topic of cloud infrastructure, data centers have infrastructure stacks that are fully redundant all the way through – firewalls, switches, storage, etc. Storing data safely is their central offering, so you can trust that they think about the details. This keeps business risks and downtime to an all-time minimum.

When hosting on-premise, anyone can potentially walk into your server room (if proper security measures are not taken, it’s possible that your business has got this covered). With cloud hosting, the only individuals allowed to enter the data center are authorized personnel. So, you know that your information is being treated with the utmost respect.

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 5. Compliance

In the cloud, data is encrypted at rest. When you collect data on-premises, it is your responsibility to ensure data is being treated properly. On-premise hosting also requires organizations to do reporting and ensure compliance for their data processing (for example, SOC2 reports).

The reality of this is that it’s very expensive for companies to do this on their own. In addition to this, we need to consider all the internal frameworks required to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, and other kinds of regulations – which, again, could be already built into your operations, but data centers are experienced in all kinds of compliance.

6. Accessibility

For businesses with global operations or when you are targeting a diverse demographic, the cloud’s accessibility offers a significant advantage. A cloud-hosted phone survey system is accessible from any location so long as you have an internet connection. It breaks down geographical barriers and facilitates data collection on a global scale. 

Additionally, you can manage surveys, monitor responses, and analyze data remotely. This eliminates the need for on-site data management and reduces operational costs. 

7. Integration

With cloud phone survey software, integration becomes smoother. You can tailor a cloud solution to seamlessly fit into your existing technological ecosystem reducing the complexity of implementation. 

The benefits of cloud hosting are transformative. Cloud-hosted phone survey software like Voxco Telephony addresses the limitations of traditional phone surveys offering a user-friendly interface, scalability, enhanced security, remote accessibility, and real-time insights. 

What are the components of cloud hosted phone survey system?

Having explored the many benefits phone survey cloud hosting offers, let’s look into its components. 

User interface: 

The UI is of great significance for any software, and the same is for phone survey software. For businesses or researchers wanting to run their own survey campaigns, the interface should be user-friendly. It should allow anyone without any coding knowledge to design surveys, create question and response options, customize the survey’s look and feel, and set it up for a phone survey. 

Survey logic: 

To gather accurate data, you need to ask questions relevant to the respondents’ experience. Advanced cloud-hosted phone survey systems include logic features that allow you to tailor the flow of the questions based on the respondent’s answers. 

Dialer system

An advanced phone survey software offers auto-dialers that help you automate tasks like placing phone calls. Voxco Dialer offers a 4-in-1 dialing system that enables you to leverage the capability of all auto-dialer types

A dialer will help you automatically place calls, handle call pacing, and manage call lists. It will skip unanswered calls or busy lines to connect you to live calls saving time and increasing productivity. 

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IVR survey software

Interactive Voice Response enables you to conduct a survey by pre-recording the script in your system. The system then dials numbers from the contact lists and guides respondents through questions. Respondents record their answers using the keypad, which the system saves in the platform. 

CATI survey software:

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing software helps you conduct interviews using a survey script displayed on your desktop. It assists you in conducting complex surveys by following a predefined structured script, thus reducing bias or errors in the survey process. 

Cloud infrastructure: 

Cloud hosting includes server space, processing power, and storage for running the phone survey system. It ensures scalability as the campaign scales up or down and accessibility from various devices and locations. 

Real-time analytics: 

Cloud-hosted phone survey system offers real-time analytics and reporting features to help you monitor survey progress and agent performance, track response rates, and gain insights. 

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The combination of cloud hosting and phone survey software has transformed the phone survey process and made a significant stride toward efficient data collection and enhanced customer engagement. It offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and security, empowering you to harness phone surveys to its full potential. 


  1. What is an automated phone survey system?

An automated phone survey system is a solution that uses pre-recorded voice messages to survey the target audience. It guides through a survey and collects responses using keypad inputs. 

  1. How do automated phone systems work?

Automated phone system uses pre-recorded voice messages to interact with callers. The software directs the individual through a menu of survey questions or options and instructs them to leave responses using the proper keypad number assigned to the options. 

  1. What are the advantages of phone surveys?

Phone survey offers several advantages some of these are: 

  • Direct interaction with customers
  • Immediate clarification on the question
  • Real-time data collection 
  • Longitudinal studies
  1. What are the disadvantages of a phone survey?

The disadvantages of a telephone survey include: 

  • Limited reach
  • Response bias
  • Time-consuming
  • Lack of in-depth questions

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