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Cloud contact center solution Customer Experience
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Not every customer is comfortable calling customer service and talking to an agent. Some prefer to write an email or chat with an agent. This is where the cloud contact center solution helps. It offers you more communication channels than inbound and outbound calls. 

In the article, we will learn about every aspect of cloud-based call center solutions.

What is a cloud contact center solution?

We have always associated a contact or call center with the phone software. You dial their number, and a contact center agent is assigned to resolve your concern. 

However, nowadays, the fast pace life of your customer means that no one has the time to wait on hold to resolve their query. You need to be faster and more efficient in responding to customers. A cloud-based contact center helps you fulfill these criteria. 

When you host your center on an internet server, it is known as a cloud contact center solution. The software enables you to handle inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels like email, phones, chats, etc. 

→ Keep all the data centralized for every agent to access. 

→ Share the caller’s information with the agent in real time to ensure seamless service. 

→ Scale and ensure workforce optimization to meet the change in demand.

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Features of the cloud contact center solution

 A cloud-based contact center offers flexibility, scalability, cutting-edge features, ease of use, and security. It helps you deliver an excellent experience, boost efficiency, increase productivity, and exceed customers’ expectations. 

However, you can’t eyes closed to choose a solution. We have put together a list of features that your solution should offer. 

1. Routing based on ACD

Your cloud contact center solution should offer call routings. The automatic call distribution system sends the longest-waiting call to the longest-waiting agent. In contrast, if no adviser is on hold, the call will be held in a queue until an agent is available.

1. Routing based on skills

In this approach, calls are routed to agents based on their skill sets by the ACD system. As a result, the consumer won’t need to be rerouted to another agent. Instead, they are routed to the agent who has the right skill to resolve the query efficiently.

2. Routing based on priorities

Another aspect of ACD systems is their capacity to prioritize calls. Depending on the importance of the callers or the queries, the software can create various queues. This ensures that high-priority calls are resolved in a timely manner.

2. Call recording, tracking, and monitoring

The lifeblood of cloud contact center solutions is the recording, tracking, and monitoring all inbound and outbound contacts. Organizations can improve their agents’ performance through close monitoring using call recording and tracking capability of their cloud contact center. 

Agents are inspired to perform better and provide clients with great service when they are nurtured in a productive, engaged, and tactical working environment.

3. Dashboard for real-time productivity

Listen to interviews while they are being conducted live or record them for later reference. Create project performance reports and monitor interviewer productivity using the agent’s dashboard.

The Voxco agent dashboard offers a real-time view of each interviewer’s output. View and contrast the number of calls handled and the number of time interviewers spend on chat, pause, and wrap-up.

4. Real-time analytical reporting

Real-time reporting offers a thorough look at the length, caliber, performance, and other aspects of each agent’s calls, as well as insightful data on patterns, trends, or the typical downtime in the cloud contact center solution. Additionally, it provides management with a 360-degree picture of everything occurring in the call center, enabling them to prioritize and effectively address any problems that can arise. 

Analytical reporting can also reveal call volumes on various days, peak times, missed calls, location traffic, new and returning callers, etc. It offers detailed reporting to increase team productivity during high call volume periods and analyzes the effectiveness of different agents, teams, and departments within the contact center.

5. Live monitoring 

A cloud contact center solution offers you a real-time overview of how each project is progressing. Keep an eye on each campaign and individual agent, including talk time per hour, call drop rates, average call wait times, call distribution, and more.

6. Queue callback

A system for effectively managing the call-back queue will improve customer satisfaction. The queue callback feature increases a call center’s call response rate, enabling agents to concentrate on their present contacts without being distracted.

7. Secure platform: 

Look for a cloud-based contact center solution that maintains compliance obligations and meets the highest standard of telephony protocols. Like Voxco telephony survey software that offers TCPA-compliant dialing mode and uses standard high-performance telephony cards and VoIP licenses.

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Adopting an effective WFH strategy for Contact Centers 

  • Connect with remote agents securely without installing any local software
  • Efficiently monitor and record calls while ensuring data integrity
  • Receive live project reports via using dynamic telephony dashboards

How does a cloud contact center solution work?

Cloud contact center solution Customer Experience

Contact center agents can handle a huge volume of inbound and outbound communications, even while working remotely, in a cloud contact center solution. The contact center functions as a centralized hub and runs over the internet.

It gives enterprises various features and helps them overcome client communication difficulties, such as using several channels of contact, intelligent call routing, agent management, and analytics.

Integrates several communication channels 

Connect your cloud-based contact center to your other communication channels. This allows agents to interact with the audience in a channel of their preference. 

Voxco’s multi-mode allows you to integrate CATI, IVR, and Dialers, enabling you to run survey campaigns and centralize data. 

Offers comprehensive and cutting-edge call routing

Provide call routing so that clients and customers can speak with a qualified representative without any difficulty. A cloud contact center solution helps agents reduce wait times and improves the audience’s overall experience.

Agent management 

Track agent’s call progress, generate custom alerts & provide immediate feedback using a robust dashboard. It allows supervisors to monitor all activity of an individual agent to ensure consistent productivity and positive engagement. 

Streamline data analysis

Using real-time reporting capabilities, the software helps you to make data-driven decisions that will speed up your business. The software enables you to analyze statistics such as call waiting time, average call duration, and agent idle time.

How to pick the best cloud contact center solution?

You can enjoy increased reliability, efficiency, scalaibility, by switching from traditional methods to cloud-based call center solutions. The five factors to consider while selecting a cloud contact center provider are listed below:

1. Uptime: Regardless of where it is located in the world, you want to be certain that your contact center will offer a solid, highly dependable connection. For example, Voxco ensures a 99.99% uptime.

2. IVR: Ensure that your contact center enables you to integrate your Interactive Voice Response with your dialer and CATI solution quickly. You should also be able to customize your IVR menus, greetings, and more in multiple languages.

3. Call routing: Your solution should automatically route callers to the most qualified agents based on the priority or skill. 

4. Call tracking and analytics: The solution should help you track incoming and outgoing calls, evaluate call metrics, and gather data on agent performance, among other things.

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What are the benefits of choosing a cloud contact center solution for your business?

Cloud contact center solution Customer Experience

This section will learn about the benefits of using a cloud-based call center solution.

1. Readiness for remote work

Allow your agents to work from home or any other convenient location. The calls can arrive straight on their mobile device or softphone, reducing the contact center’s overall operating expenses.

Get a complete and consistent picture of all remote agents, regardless of where they are working or what telephone systems they are using. Scale up your contact center operations to ensure ongoing operations without concern about infrastructure issues.

2. Modernization of contact centers

For firms to remain competitive, dismantling organizational walls and removing legacy infrastructure restrictions is a primary priority.

The correct contact center infrastructure can give you a solid foundation for generating the best possible customer experiences and benefitting from more efficient business operations. 

3. Boosts call center performance

Cloud contact center solution is scalable. This means with increasing demands and customer inquiries, you can scale your workforce. The solution provider ensures that they use multiple network backbones to maintain uptime and ensure responsiveness. 

Moreover intelligent routing will ensure that the caller is transferred to an agent with the proper skill to resolve the concern. Telephone software also transfers all the required details such as customer’s concern and call history to the assigned agent. This ensure that the caller doesn’t have to repeat himself multiple times. 

4. Enhanced agent efficiency

The right functionalities and tools can help agents deliver excellent customer experience at all times. With an integrated software the agent’s will have access to the complete profile of the caller. The automated outbound dialers, and IVRs increase speed and efficiency. 

Instead of manually dialing numbers, agent’s can focus on other tasks such as filling up customer details. Features like click-to-dial ensures faster outbound calls and prevents error in dialing. 

Make sure your cloud contact center solution offers IVR to direct inbound calls to self-service, thus keeping the line clear for high priority callers. 

5. Outstanding customer experiences

Superior customer experiences are a natural outcome when you arm efficient agents with the right tools. Customers will notice and value a company’s efficiency if it resolves their cases smoothly and helps them save time. 

When agents can work in a variety of settings that boost their productivity and allow them to provide better customer experiences, they feel more empowered. Customers and organizations can both benefit greatly from a cloud contact center. When it comes to providing the finest client experiences possible, the sky’s the limit, thanks to improved efficiency, security, and scalability.

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Cloud contact center solution Customer Experience

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