Market research vs marketing research


Market Research vs Marketing Research market research and marketing research
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A research study is a methodical examination of an issue in order to establish facts and draw conclusions. Because research is the initial phase in the marketing process, it is seen as an important instrument. Market research is used to gather market information such as customer demands, preferences, interests, market trends, current fashion, and so on.

Market research should not be confused with marketing research, which is the scientific and objective study of the complete marketing process, including information gathering, analysis, communication, and usage to assist management in decision making and issue resolution.

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Is Marketing research and market research same?

These terms appear to be synonymous with a difference of just three letters, but in actual, they are not. Some of the parallels between these two are as follows:

  • They are both important to the success of a business
  • As a result, research efforts generate useful data.
  • Surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews are examples of quantitative and qualitative tools and approaches that may be used to acquire information.
  • Effective for making judgments on the type and quality of items and services given to clients, appropriate company sites, the best advertising, and the most efficient distribution methods and networks.

What is market research?

By definition, market research is when you investigate and analyze a target market. It is only involved with one of the four Ps of marketing; place. The place that is most studied in this case is a specified market or segment of a market. 

Some businesses do market research to better understand their customers’ reactions to freshly introduced goods in local retailers. They also concentrate on the services offered by businesses to their clients and how they effect that market segment. Market research is also used to investigate new markets and identify customer demands in the marketplace. Different sorts of market research are critical in determining what exactly makes a market run effectively. And, on occasion, the market does not work properly, which is why these studies are conducted employing market research; to repair the market. Finally, market research is used by researchers to understand about the marketplace’s demands and requirements, as well as their preferences. It assists them in comprehending and comparing their products and services to those of their rivals and industry standards.

Market Research process include:

  1. Determine the problem
  2. Select the research team (internal or external research experts)
  3. Select the most appropriate technique and approach.
  4. Collect information
  5. Data organization, analysis, and interpretation
  6. Make reports
  7. Make data-driven judgments.

What is marketing research?

To illustrate, the process by which an organization gathers information about its ideal customer and larger market in order to inform the organization’s go-to-market strategy. A shorter definition is the process of learning more about customers and business to help your studies.

Marketing research is primarily concerned with the four Ps:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

It also includes new product research, consumer research, and distribution strategies. The study is important in understanding customer demand and expectations from a certain product or service, as well as an effective manner of meeting such demands. It entails a variety of actions, which are listed below:

  • Customer and Market Research
  • Product Investigation
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Investigation of Distribution Channels
  • Promotional Investigation
  • Sales Analysis
  • Advertising Investigation

As previously said, marketing research encompasses a wide range of issues. Marketing research covers everything from the conception of an idea through its planning and execution.

Marketing Research process:

  1. Determine the problem, consider alternatives, and establish research objectives.
  2. Make a research plan.
  3. Gather research information
  4. Gather audience information
  5. Data organization and analysis
  6. Showcase your results
  7. Make data-driven judgments.

Marketing research vs Market research

Marketing research includes market research. Marketing research has a much broader reach since it involves doing product research as well as customer preferences, whereas market research just involves gathering market information.

Market research and marketing research are frequently used interchangeably, and in some cases, they are, particularly for those outside the sector. However, the two names are not interchangeable in the business. Because they are similar in nature, the names are frequently used interchangeably. They are both fundamental parts of marketing, which implies they occur prior to the sale of the product or service. Market research, on the other hand, is a subset of marketing research.

Marketing research has a much broader reach since it involves doing product research as well as customer preferences, whereas market research just involves gathering market information.

Marketing research entails investigating new goods, distribution channels, and product development. It can also involve promotion research, pricing, advertising, and public relations, depending on the setting. It has a considerably broader reach and may thus be utilized to determine a marketing plan. It is concerned with all aspects of marketing, such as product research, packaging research, price research, market research, sales research, and so on. Marketing research may be used to solve marketing decisions, make marketing policies, and choose marketing channels, advertising agencies, sales promotion methods, and so on.

Market Analysis Market research, on the other hand, is concerned with gathering information on customers, competitors, and the industry as a whole. It is concerned with gathering market data such as market competition, market trends, market demand and supply, and so on. It seeks to provide answers to issues such as “What to sell?” “Where to sell?” “When to sell?” and “How much to sell?”

Marketing Research is also far more technical, methodical, scientific, and objective than Market Research.

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Difference between market research and marketing research

We understand that these terms might be used interchangeably, but they have very distinct meanings. Let’s go straight into the differences between market research and marketing research.

The distinction between market research and marketing research is easily discernible on the following grounds:

  • Market research is the study of a complete market as well as customer behavior within that market. Marketing research entails the systematic study, analysis, and interpretation of marketing challenges in order to make actionable decisions.
  • Market research is a subset of marketing research, which is a component of the marketing information system.
  • Market research has a limited reach because it primarily investigates market and customer behavior. Marketing research, on the other hand, entails the study of the entire marketing process, including advertising, pricing, packaging, policymaking, and market research.
  • Market research is unique in that it provides information on a specific market that is not relevant to other markets. Marketing research, on the other hand, is general in nature, which means that the study may be useful in solving a variety of marketing challenges.
  • Marketing research is reliant, whereas marketing research is autonomous.
  • Market research is carried out to determine the product’s feasibility in the target market. Unlike marketing, research is conducted to create efficient marketing decisions and maintain control over the marketing of economic output, such as products and services.
  • Market research is studying the marketplace and customer behavior within it. In contrast to marketing research, which entails the investigation of all areas of marketing.

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Conclusion: Following the preceding debate, it can be stated that marketing research is a broader word than market research. In reality, market research is a subset of marketing research. Both studies use quantitative and qualitative procedures to collect information, such as focus groups, surveys (telephonic or face-to-face communication), interviews, and questionnaires.

Furthermore, the researchers are very helpful for business startups and existing businesses to make effective business decisions such as the product or service you serve your customers, the location of doing business, the distribution channels to be used by the business, promotional channels, and so on.

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