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Choosing the best NPS® survey software for your business

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Understanding what’s on your customers’ mind is a key element for driving change and growth in a business. Guesswork doesn’t cut it, and is akin to shooting in the dark – after all it can be hard to tell what a person is truly thinking even if they’re right in front of you. Calculating Net Promoter Score® via NPS® Survey software has proven to be an effective technique for capturing what your customer truly feels about your brand. It is a widely accepted benchmark for measuring and improving customer experience

Are they advocates? Are they detractors? Can you count on them for positive word of mouth marketing? NPS® surveys can help you learn these details and gauge customer intent.

What is NPS® ?

NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) is an extremely popular metric which can help identify if the respondents to your survey are advocates for your brand or whether they are detractors. It entails asking the respondent 2 simple questions:

  • “How likely are you to recommend ‘insert brand/product/service name here’ to a friend or a colleague?”
    Respondents can choose their answer from an 11 (0-10) point scale.
    Those who leave a rating between 9-10 are classified as ‘promoters’ and respondents who leave a rating between 0-6 classified as ‘detractors’. The remaining respondents are called ‘passives’.
  • “Why did you give that score?”
    Respondents will have access to an answer box to leave their response inside.

Your Net Promoter Score® can be calculated by finding out the difference between the % of detractors and promoters. The NPS® score is represented as a number, and not as a percentage value. You can use tools like Voxco’s NPS® Calculator to find your Net Promoter Score® after inputting the data you’ve gathered.

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What can an NPS® survey software do for your brand?

Although the NPS® survey is a simple concept by itself, to be able to effectively derive actionable insights, you’d need a powerful omnichannel NPS® survey software. Specialized survey software like Voxco can help get your survey out to a wide respondent base and get you a holistic view of where you stand with regards to the problems you’re facing. Here’s a few things that an omnichannel NPS® survey software can help you with:

  • Helps determine customer churn

NPS® scores can help determine which of your customers are promoters or brand advocates, and why they are the same. The same goes for identifying detractors – you can learn why they’re upset with your brand and why they won’t be recommending it. These insights can help you understand if your customers are at risk of churning, and why that may be the case. 

  • Helps identify key sectors for improvement

Customer feedback can often be harsh, but your detractors are an excellent source of insights and need to be valued just as much as your promoters. Their feedback can help identify important blindspots in your customer journey – it could be transactions, your customer service, your pre and post sale support and so on. Any touchpoint with the customer can be an avenue for insights which can help your organization grow.

  • Helps track customer preferences

Customers are often fickle and without an omnichannel NPS® survey software, trying to understand their preferences is akin to shooting in the dark. You need to conduct NPS® surveys at multiple touchpoints along your customer journey, and benchmark against yourself as well as industry competition over a set period of time. One time NPS® results can only get you so far.

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What features should your NPS® survey software have?

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Companies that focus on improving their Net Promoter Score® can foster a closer relationship with their customers. Customers get the sense that their feedback is valued. That it improves brand loyalty and results in better word of mouth marketing for your brand. To get the most from your NPS® scores, your NPS® survey software should have the following:

Omnichannel capability

  • Not everyone has access to the internet at all times, and not everyone is an avid user of the internet. Being able to reach your respondents via the telephone or face to face in addition to online services allows you to set ANY demographic or population segment as your target audience. 

  • This allows researchers to get more accurate data which can help with segmented improvements in your offerings. This is important because not every segment of your customer base will interact with your brand in the same manner. 

Ability to integrate NPS® survey software with other survey methodologies

  • Although Net Promoter Score® is an effective gauge for many attributes of your CX, an omnichannel survey software can allow you to integrate NPS® questions as part of a larger survey. A more comprehensive survey will enable you to get a more holistic view of your Customer Experience. This results in a macro view of the issues faced by your business, which you can use to chart a path to growth.

Email Integration

  • Modern NPS® survey softwares can allow researchers to integrate Net Promoter Score® surveys into an email itself. This plays to the key strength of NPS® surveys: simplicity. Respondents are only shown the first question, and a scale from which to choose their answer. Clicking the answer will take them to the rest of the survey. 

  • This usually has a high success rate, as respondents are open to finishing the survey once involved in the process.

App integration

  • Availability and reachability are important. Voxco’s omnichannel survey platform can allow businesses to integrate NPS® surveys within their apps. This gets you extremely accurate feedback and can often capture the emotional state of your respondent (assuming the interaction resulted in visceral emotional change, positive or negative)

Analytics and Dashboards

  • Voxco’s NPS® survey software comes with a comprehensive suite of dashboards and analytics which are the key to deriving insights from the NPS® data you’ve collected. These tools allow you to effectively analyze your data and can create custom reports for key stakeholders.

Custom Workflows

  • Voxco allows researchers to quickly automate various functions of the survey process, and create custom workflows to suit their agenda. These workflows allow you to integrate the survey process in your existing tech stack and make the most of your IT infrastructure.

Rewards integration

  • Your target audience may not always want to engage with you, or sometimes you may need to ensure that your survey has high completes. For such occasions, voxco’s omnichannel NPS® survey software allows researchers to integrate rewards into their surveys. 

  • This ensures greater participation in your surveys resulting in more accurate feedback.

Alerts with actionable insights

  • Closing the feedback loop is an important part of surveying your customers. It helps businesses stay agile and improves customer retention. NPS® survey softwares like Voxco alerts you upon receiving feedback, allowing you to actively act on feedback.

The NPS® process

After you’ve decided on an NPS® survey software, getting results essentially boils down to the following process:

Creating a survey

  • You need to decide your target audience and then decide on how you’ll be creating your survey. You need to factor in demographics and judge if you will be conducting an NPS® survey in isolation or include it as part of a larger exercise. 

Survey distribution

  • Getting your survey to the right target audience is just as important as the contents of the survey. Voxco’s omnichannel NPS® survey software allows you to distribute your survey via sms, push notifications, email, social media and more. Surveys with a wide reach are likely to deliver more actionable insights, barring specific scenarios depending on the kind of research you’re conducting.


  • Modern survey softwares generally include powerful analytics functions (crosstabs, charts, images, custom branding etc.). Analytics tools like Voxco allow you to easily generate reports on the data you’ve collected with a single click. A handy export to powerpoint feature helps researchers convey stories via data.


  • The end goal of gathering data via NPS® software. You’ve got feedback from your customers, you know the percentage of your detractors and now it’s time to turn their opinion around and make them your brand advocates. 

  • It’s best to actively monitor customer feedback after making big changes, as they can help you mitigate damage should the changes not be to their liking.

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