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MR firm uses Voxco Professional services to expand survey team and completion rates.

The Client

Phase 5 is a well-known market research consulting group, excelling in Voice of the Customer and User Experience studies for their clients. They customize their approach to client projects, never offering pre-packaged solutions. Phase 5 digs deep into business issues, working hard to gather intelligence, extract key insights, and translate them into actionable strategies. They strive to design research surveys that provide their clients with meaningful customer analytics in a timely manner.

The Challenge

One of the core tools Phase 5 has used for years in gathering respondent feedback is Voxco Online. During peak campaign seasons, they would outsource some survey programming and operations to third parties so that they could focus on their core strengths: data analysis and insights. Unfortunately this often led to poor response from third party providers and decreased quality control (errors were often found in the design, wording, logic and skip patterns).

Phase 5 found it was spending too much time chasing service providers and quality testing error-filled surveys. This endless wheel-spinning was not only frustrating, but the Phase 5 team knew it ran the risk of taking attention away from analyzing customer perceptions and behaviors.

The Solution

It made sense for Phase 5 to engage Voxco’s Professional Services team to help execute the backend for some of their most time-sensitive client projects. No other service provider would know better how to maximize the power of the Voxco Online software. Voxco became an extension of the Phase 5 data services department by programming intricate surveys with sophisticated question logic, rotations, and skip patterns in a timely manner. Voxco’s team was able to work directly in existing surveys that were already hosted on secure Phase 5 servers. Voxco could also invite respondents directly from client email servers seamlessly and transparently.

The Results

After the first few successful campaigns where the two teams worked together, Phase 5 quickly realized a few things about Voxco’s Professional Services team:

  • Faster turnaround: By allowing Voxco to manage and program a portion of their most complex and time-sensitive client requests, Phase 5 were able to get surveys into the field faster.
  • Better results: As the surveys were programmed in a more intuitive, cleaner manner than had previously been done by third parties, completion rates rose.
  • Extended programming team: The Voxco team integrated seamlessly into the Phase 5 team. Project leaders had direct access to Voxco programmers, who were highly responsive to requests and direction.
  • Lower costs: The third party providers they had been using were charging higher fees, for a far less satisfying service.

Phase 5 has been extremely happy with the collaboration and considers Voxco Professional Services an extension of their own research team. When time is money, they can focus on the study design, data analysis and implications, knowing that Voxco provides a team of survey experts who can help meet specific business demands and client needs.

“By partnering with Voxco for our programming needs we have been able to focus our efforts on what we do best – study design, analysis and implications. We find that the Voxco team quickly provides high quality survey programming, at affordable rates. The programmers are very experienced and they’re able to program basic to highly complex questionnaires that are top-notch and error free.”

Christine Sorensen, Vice-President
Phase 5