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What do you mean by card sorting?

 As the name suggests, card sorting works by a user sorting answers according to their perspective into differentiated categories. Card sorting questions are used by researchers in their surveys to get in-depth interaction and responses from the respondents. The answers are arranged from most crucial to least crucial.

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Why are card sorting survey questions used?

Organizations conduct surveys for market research or product feedback. When they use card sorting survey questions, the researcher can get a direct estimate of which products are preferred most in the market and what product features are most and least liked by the customers. When multiple respondents answer the card survey question, the grouping of answer options show the weightage every option holds according to its ranking done by most users.

Users find responding to card sorting surveys easy, as they are very interactive and direct. Hence, it reduces survey abandoning rates when you make use of various card sorting types in your next survey.

Type of card sorting survey questions

  • Open card sorting – in open card sorting questions, the respondents can sort the answer options in any category bucket they want. Users can define their own bucket categories which were not initially defined by the researcher. 
  • Closed card sorting – in closed card sorting, the respondents cannot sort the answer options in any bucket they want, the researcher will have a defined set of categories defined. Respondents can sort answer cards in those buckets itself.

Examples of cars sorting survey questions

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Advantages of card sorting survey questions

  • Card sorting questions focus on important elements and information on them. 
  • From the bucket labels and their rankings, researchers directly get to know the popularity and preference of the respondents regarding a particular product or its feature in the market. 
  • Researchers can understand what product features are popular amongst the respondents, so they can develop the future products accordingly. 
  • Card sorting questions will also help you to know market trends and audience, so you know what and how to market your products. 
  • Price driven product purchases are the biggest catch in the market. Card sorting questions help you to understand the purchase behavior of the customers. 
  • Card sorting helps you identify the features and services that people like the most and least, while helping you to work hard to keep making improvements.

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