20 Best Product Survey Questions

Looking for the right product survey questions? We’ve listed the top product survey questions that you can ask your customers for product research.


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“What features should I add to the next version of my product?” 

“What do people want and need with my product?”

“How do I measure the success of my product”?

As product managers, these are some questions prone to cloud your mind before launching a product. 

And that’s quite normal! 

You need to know what the users think about your product– are they enjoying the product experience, or would they like for you to make some changes to it? You also need to understand what aspects of your product perform well and what needs improvement.

This is why conducting product research is very important before you start building/ launching your product, and one way to do it is by creating a product survey.  Let’s learn a little more about it in our next section.

What Is a Product Survey?

As may be evident from the name, Product surveys are tools that companies use to know what their customers think about their products. 

It is important to know your product’s potential and whether it serves the needs and wants of your customers. Product surveys help you get closure on the same. 

Apart from that, you can use product surveys to get knowledge of existing products and customer reviews simultaneously. Although, it will act more like a product feedback/review survey that will tell you how the product is doing in the market and whether it’s serving the customer needs. 

With both the uses of product surveys, one thing that remains common is that you can tell how to enhance production efficiency to fit the customer requirements. 

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Why Do You Need a Product Survey?

To ensure a successful product, you need to stay ahead of your customers’ changing attitudes. This is achievable by actively engaging your target audience in an honest discussion and gathering their feedback. 

The most valuable product feedback comes from clear questions, carefully structured scenarios, and making the most of your time with the customer. 

Whether you’re building a new product, improving an existing one, or building a subsequent product version, you can use well-crafted product surveys to gather customer feedback and look for room for improvements or innovation. 

However, when building a product survey, you’ll need a set of engaging product survey questions because you don’t want your survey respondents to leave the survey unfinished. 

To get started, you need two things: An easy-to-use product survey tool and an engaging set of product survey questions.

While you can pick a tool of your choice, we’ve listed the top 10 survey questions that you can add to your product survey. 

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20 Best Product Survey Questions

In this article, we’ve categorized product survey questions into categories specific to asking about the product, its features, usage efficiency, help, and everything with different questions. 

Product Performance Questions

This factor focuses wholly on the sole purpose of the product and why it was designed for. The customers expect the product to fulfill their needs and do so efficiently. The below questions will get you answers to what customers think the product performance is.

1. Did our product meet your expectations? 

2. How would you describe our product? 

3. How well does our product meet your expectations? 

4. How satisfied are you with the product on a scale of 1-10? 

5. How often do you use our product? 

6. What are you trying to solve using our product? 

7. How easy is it to use our product? 

Product Comparison Questions

It is very important in a market to know your competitors and, more so, know where you stand against them. Customers always have multiple choices, and it makes them easier to switch. You need to know what matters the most to them when buying a product and how you can provide them with the same. 

8. What alternative would you use for our product if it was no longer available? 

9. What options did you consider before choosing our product? 

10. How would you compare our product to our competitors? 

Product Features Questions

You will want to know what exactly the customers like about your products. Rather than mixing it up with the first category, use the specific questionnaire below to know what customers like and dislike about your product. 

11. What is the best feature you experienced in this product? 

12. Which of the below features is your favorite? 

13. Which feature did you not like the most? 

Missing Features Questions

This section can act as a brainstorming one where you ask customers for suggestions and ideas that you did not provide with the product. 

14. What important features are we missing? 

15. What are the features you think we are missing? 

16. How badly did you want the features mentioned above in this product? 

17. What issue would you like to bring to our attention? 

Product Satisfaction Questions

Ask customers for ways you could enhance customer satisfaction for them. Make sure you let them know that you are more than pleased to take suggestions and ready to actively work on it in the future. 

18. How could we improve to meet your expectations? 

19. What would you like to change about this product? 

20. How likely are you to recommend this product to others? 

Wondering about the cost of conducting survey research using Voxco?

Now that you know the top survey questions that can help you gather product feedback, you don’t need to waste your time wondering what to ask. Instead, you can start creating your survey and share it with your customers to gather feedback, analyze the survey responses, find gaps, and fill them to improve your product. 

But DO NOT include every survey question from the list above unless you want to bore your respondents with a long survey. If you do, you might get rushed answers or incomplete surveys. So, only include the questions you need to have answered now.

You can always create and share another survey down the road if you have more to ask. But refrain from adding unnecessary questions. 

Also, do let your customers know how their feedback will be used. After all, they’re spending time answering questions for you. So, let them know how crucial their responses are to your product’s success and growth. 

Getting started with Voxco Surveys is easy

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