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Best Incentives for Survey Participation ROI
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Surveys are the best tool to gather information from your crowd. By utilizing surveys, you can figure out more about what they need, how you can further develop your customer experience and their thought process about your items or services.

Yet, the response rate is probably the greatest challenge you may face with surveys. Directing a survey is a certain thing- getting a high response is another.

One way you can boost response rates is by offering incentives for survey participation based on every survey completed. 

In this blog, we’re going to talk about survey incentives- what they’re, why should you use them, when to use them, and more. We shall also discuss the eight best incentives for survey participation along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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What are Survey Incentives?

A survey incentive is a reward given to the respondents for responding to all inquiries and finishing the survey. If there is a period determined for the survey and respondents can’t complete it inside that clear period, they will be given no incentive for survey participation. 

You can offer anything like monetary rewards, gift vouchers, or points as incentives for survey participation. Offering survey rewards to the respondents makes it simple to draw them, because of which they end up finishing the survey.

There are two kinds of survey incentives: direct and indirect. While direct incentives are given to the respondents straightforwardly as monetary incentives, gift vouchers, coupons, and so forth, indirect incentives are not proposed to the respondents. 

On account of indirect incentives, the rewards are given to an outsider once a respondent finishes up a survey. These indirect survey rewards give more meaningful feedback as the respondents are genuinely intrigued to participate in the survey without getting any advantage.

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Why should you use survey incentives?

The idea of incentive for survey participation is straightforward. You answer two or three inquiries, and I’ll offer you a gift basket as an appreciation. It’s not hard to perceive how this approach would be a successful approach to attracting support.

Be that as it may, is it worth the effort? Assuming you give each member a gift bag, you’ll have to get that equivalent worth back in customer information.

All things considered, one researcher discovered that simply adding a five-dollar prepaid rebate brought about twofold the survey responses. Another organization found that a two-dollar film coupon expanded its response rates by 300%. These are little survey rewards, yet they yield major payouts for these organizations.

In any case, it’s not so basic as slapping a gift voucher to the furthest limit of the survey and tapping out. Organizations that are fruitful in utilizing survey incentives comprehend these offers can rapidly prompt compromised information whenever left unrestrained.

While you need to increase responses, you don’t want customers hurriedly finishing your survey only for the award. You need smart, fair feedback so you can utilize it to work on their experience.

When to Use Incentives for Survey Participation?

Market researchers and entrepreneurs can best profit from survey incentives to inspire a designated crowd to share data when they know less about the crowd. 

For instance, maybe not every one of your shares on one segment or psychographic populace is being filled. A survey incentive can brace this goal.

Or on the other hand — maybe your survey response rates are low. Offering survey incentives will support this measurement. Nobody believes they should do anything free of charge, no matter its effortlessness and little timing.

Then there is the situation of supply. A few organizations have a lot of extra examples from a specific mission, whether it was sending tests to the people who mentioned them or sending products to different organizations as a feature of an ABM crusade utilized in promoting. 

Instead of disposing of these things or letting them gather dust, you can reuse them for survey research.

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How to incentivize survey responses

Best Incentives for Survey Participation ROI

Here are a few ways how to incentivize survey responses

1. Decide whether your survey needs an incentive. 

The most effective way to guarantee your information is unprejudiced is to stay away from an intervention altogether. Assuming your survey has extraordinary response rates and customers are glad to finish it up, there is no need to offer incentives for survey participation. 

For instance, NPS® surveys commonly don’t need any survey rewards. These are single-question surveys that require seconds to finish up. Adding a proposal here would be futile because you won’t attract a massive increase in responses.

Pick a survey you realize customers will wonder whether or not to finish. These could be item surveys, ease of use tests, or whatever other structure that calls for enormous time speculation from the participants. Or, if your members are heading out to conduct surveys, that is a phenomenal chance to use incentives for survey participation.

The thought is to thank customers for investing their time & effort to give intriguing input to your business.

2. Pick the survey incentive type. 

As we referenced above, there are many kinds of survey rewards for survey participation. It’s vital to think about your interest group and pick one that accommodates their particular requirements and interests. The following are a couple of examples you can pick from.

  • Financial Incentives 

Money-related incentives are cash-driven offers. Customers can reclaim these limits, coupons, and giveaways at your business. Or then again, you can cooperate with one more organization to give discounts on one another’s items, extending your range and sharing expected leads.

  • Non-financial Incentives 

Non-financial incentives are ordinarily more special than money-related ones. That is because these offers appeal to the member’s requirements and objectives. 

3. Gauge the survey incentive’s worth.

This is the main step while utilizing incentives for survey participation. You want to guarantee your proposition merits the venture that members are placing into your surveys. On the off chance that it’s close to nothing, individuals will not be intrigued. If it’s excessively important, you’ll wind up losing cash over the long haul.

To see the right incentive, you want to think about a couple of elements. First, contemplate your financial resources and what it permits you to offer. Then, evaluate the size of your ideal interest group to determine what you can give if everybody somehow participated in your survey. Finally, consider your conveyance technique and whether you’ll require extra cash to convey your incentive.

4. Lay out a viable conveyance technique. 

After you’ve concluded what you’ll offer, you’ll have to consider how it will be given to your members. Determine by what means you will offer incentives for survey participation, to the people who are taking time out to complete your surveys. 

For instance, if you email the survey, your incentive ought to be computerized. Except if you’re offering a significant incentive, it would be odd to mail a coupon or discount.

The equivalent goes for face-to-face incentives. Assuming that you’re requesting the participants to travel to the interview location, don’t let them leave empty-handed. It’s unprofessional to call respondents with the promise of a reward only to inform them that it’ll show up via the post office three days after the event.

5. Pick an ideal chance to offer the incentive for survey participation. 

When you understand what you’ll offer and how it will be conveyed, the last step is deciding its timing. Picking the perfect opportunity to convey your incentive can have a significant effect on how customers will finish your survey.

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Do survey incentives increase response rates?

Best Incentives for Survey Participation ROI

Yes! Survey incentives essentially increase response rates.

The probability of returning a survey increases by 30% when there is an incentive offer.

However, that is just a single report. A survey of 49 additional research    guarantees that a financial incentive can twofold your possibilities of getting a response on your survey with regards to sent polls.

This equivalent concentration additionally infers that survey rewards further develop the response pace of the genuine survey, however subsequent meet-ups, and other supportive correspondences. This is extraordinary information, since it very well may be really smart to circle back to specific survey takers if they have intriguing responses you need to expound on.

In any case, remember that incentive for survey participation can likewise draw in some unacceptable groups – meaning, the people who probably won’t be your ideal interest group, and who won’t give genuine responses.

For individuals looking to capitalize on survey incentives, it’s simpler to offer the response they think the brand needs to pursue, not a genuine assessment, to guarantee they get picked for more surveys. This is perfect for individuals who sort this out, however not ideal for brands who need solid information.

To keep up with the precision of your research, you might need to consider control questions that will assist you with sifting through irrelevant responses.

8 Best Incentives for Survey participation

Survey incentives are an extraordinary method for gathering more responses and fundamentally increasing the objective respondents to your survey. Analysts by and large group them into monetary and non-money-related survey rewards.

1. Monetary Survey Incentives 

These are cash incentives and are an extremely compelling type of survey incentive. Indeed, even one incentive of $5 can increase response rates by 30%. You don’t have to spend a fortune or break your financial plan. Little monetary prizes are additionally really down to earth.

Gift vouchers, checks, and cash orders fall under money-related incentives as well. With gift vouchers, respondents can pick the gifts they need on internet business stages like Amazon or eBay. At the point when offered such survey rewards, members are bound to answer.

How would you choose the sum for the monetary incentive? Everything relies upon your financial plan as well as your interest group.

For instance, if your main interest group is telecommuting experts and your surveys are extended, the incentives should be on the higher side.

  • Non-Monetary Survey Incentives

These incorporate any survey incentive other than a monetary incentive. It isn’t financial yet offers significant awards to the respondent.

2. Sweepstakes 

Sweepstakes involves giving a number of prizes to a couple of individuals rather than every one of the members. As it were, sweepstakes are savvy since you put your financial plan in a solitary honor. First, all the survey members participate in a challenge. Then, at that point, with a fortunate draw, you can choose a champ.

Sweepstakes and lotteries are, be that as it may, somewhat interesting to complete. You will require the assistance of a lawful group for the fine print.

Sweepstakes likewise assist with making publicity for your image. The possibility of winning a fabulous award supports an enormous number of respondents. 

Well-known grants incorporate the most recent apparatuses or electronic items. You can likewise offer explicit prizes in light of your business as incentives for survey participation. 

For instance, if your venture centers around home enhancement, a whole home makeover can be a fantastic award.

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3. Sample Products 

Nothing tempts individuals however much the word ‘free’. So why not offer free marked treats like pens, mugs, or even a homerun stick? Maybe you could give  samples of new product highlights or early admittance of a beta rendition of your application.

If you are a B2B business, such as SaaS, captivate respondents with freemium admittance to your top-level services for a limited period. Explicit associations in product-based businesses have various examples lying in their store from past promotion efforts. Reuse these examples as a way to explore how to incentivize survey responses. 

Moreover, samples and free preliminaries are an incredible method for empowering current customers to utilize your items and to acquaint your items with new customers. 

4. Donations to Charity 

This is a sort of backhanded incentive for survey participation, yet for a more critical reason. You can give members a choice to contribute to a cause. At the point when it is for their sake, it can produce altruism for your image with their names as contributors.

Pick a foundation for your decision and one that is unmistakable among your respondents. As per your financial resource, the cost might go – maybe 20% of the benefits could be given to noble causes.

5. Points-Based System 

A point-based framework is an extraordinary method for further developing support in future surveys. Respondents procure points for each survey they take and gather an adequate number of points for an award.

You can relegate points for each survey in light of the length and intricacy of each survey. This framework functions admirably to construct customer dependability and assists them with acquiring dedication points. Notwithstanding the drawback, it makes planning more challenging since you know nothing about the number of respondents who complete the survey.

6. E-books, Whitepapers, and Other Digital Resources 

Your business has first-rate satisfaction and assets like whitepapers, online classes, or market reports. In the B2B landscape, industry information is dependably sought after. So if your respondents are experts from a similar industry, giving them a sneak peek at your substance can make it a worthwhile exchange of information. 

Aside from advanced content, actual prizes are one of a kind and energizing.

For instance, assume you are in a situation to rapidly send items. Then, at that point, an actual gift can make a significant word of mouth, particularly via social media.

7. Discount Coupons 

Coupons are like gift vouchers. The distinction lies in the way that coupons offer a discount on well-known items. 

For instance, you can offer 20% off with a rate coupon. Furthermore, discount coupons urge customers to spend more on your items, in this manner further developing business.

8. Partnerships 

Joint surveys are the best approach in situations where the accomplice organizations have a conjoint examination. Notwithstanding, with regards to giving survey incentives, your business could give incentives to the customers of the collaborating organization as well as the other way around. Like that, more individuals get to know your business.

Advantages and disadvantages of Incentives for Survey Participation

There are different sides to a coin. Likewise, survey incentives have both advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Increase survey response rates: Response rates increase as the number of incentive increments (until a particular breaking point).
  2. Increase responses to extended surveys: The more drawn out a survey turns into, the more impatient the respondent gets. One method for guaranteeing completion is to look promising like a fulfillment tracker. Also, an incentive after the survey finishes will rouse them to finish the survey.
  3. Re-endeavor interest: Some survey takers view the survey and continue without endeavoring it because of multiple factors. A survey incentive will urge these participants to reevaluate and finish the survey.


While perhaps not suitably utilized, incentives for survey participation can cause some damage as well. Here are some downsides of offering incentives for survey participation. 

  1. Slanted portrayal: Try not to make your prizes excessively unambiguous. For instance, assuming you are surveying parents of infants and deal with designated incentives like discount coupons for child food, you will support additional responses from guardians of infants. This can slant your survey results.
  2. Unfortunate information quality: Survey incentives will more often attract respondents who are in it just for the award. These respondents race through the survey when what they want is just the rewards. Subsequently, it can hurt your information quality.
  3. Financial plan escalated: If an association offers survey incentives for all their surveys, it could wind up harming their spending plan over the long haul.


The typical survey response rate falls around 10-30%. Notwithstanding, certain individuals are reluctant about taking surveys, and incentives for survey participation are an additional prod they need to finish the survey. By doing this, you recognize that individuals’ time is significant.

As well as helping response rates, concentrates likewise infer that it works on the possibilities of subsequent meet-ups and explanations.

The potential outcomes are huge, yet you should be careful that no survey predisposition exists in your outcomes. 

There are numerous upsides and downsides related to this methodology, yet cautious preparation and the right sort of incentive for the right crowd can guarantee that your incentives for a survey participation program are effective.

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