Are Simple Surveys Better? Yes. And No.

Part 1: More engagement = Better Results

Respondents love simple surveys. But under the surface your surveys should be anything but. Respondents’ patience is at an all-time low, so drop-out rates soar when surveys are too long, too clunky, too boring, or too irrelevant. As a result, the trend in surveys today is that simpler is better.

But there’s much more to engaging respondents than simplicity and shortness. Respondents are more likely to give more answers, better answers and feel warmer about your brand if your survey truly engages them (while respecting the basics of shorter and sweeter). Don’t sacrifice respondent engagement in favor of over-simplified surveys. Yes, you can have both.

Let’s look at some ways to make a survey simple and engaging:

How can it be done?

Some of the more basic suggestions include the use of visual backgrounds behind the questionnaire, embedded multimedia to enhance question with audio or video, the use of sliders as satisfaction scales, and drag and drop rankings for item prioritization. We agree, this seems like Survey Creation 101: ask a basic question in an interesting, engaging way.

But consider a more engaging way to ask the standard question types. For example, use an image area evaluator. It helps respondents instantly visualize your question meaning and makes it more interesting to respond to. For a straightforward question like ‘which seating section of a plane do you prefer?’, skip verbalizing the options (eg. ‘front,’ ‘wing,’ ‘rear’) and use an image area selector to instantly illustrate what you’re asking and remove all chance of misinterpretation.

The most flexible versions of image area evaluators offer both negative and positive selections so that a single question could garner two insights (eg. most and least favorable choices) at the same time.

Little visual pleasantries help keep surveys interesting, so change it up along the way. People are more visual now than they’ve ever been. Good-looking surveys generally get higher response rates, which means better data and a higher ROI (due to smaller sample size) for your project.

It’s simple

Over-simplified survey tools create over-simplified surveys. There’s a smart simple, and over-simple. The most engaging surveys offer an engaging survey experience to the respondent.

We hope you get a chance to experience the Voxco Online sample survey. It illustrates how a flexible survey software can seamlessly use visuals, multimedia, and engaging question types to keep a respondent’s attention long enough to answer a full survey.

This was Part 1 of 2 posts about respecting simple respondent experiences while ensuring that under the surface they’re anything but. Part 2 explains how to ensure your surveys listen to respondents and seamlessly adapt to their answers. Have a read!

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