All You Need to Know About Feedback Management Software


All You Need to Know About Feedback Management Software CSAT survey
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Feedback management software is the most potent tool employed by many organizations. The principal justifications why organizations use this tool are that it helps boost customer loyalty, reduces customer churn, and increases revenue. In highly competitive market where customers have plenty of options available to them, feedback management software can help a company stand out and make an impactful impression on customers. 

Customer feedback gives you insight into many aspects of the business – what makes them happy, what’s making them dissatisfied, what they prefer, and more. And, feedback management software helps you decide how you can address these insights. 

In this article, we would tell you in detail about what it is and why it is important.

What is Feedback Management Software?

Feedback management software is a system that allows and empowers an organization to solicit and arrange their data centrally which ensures dissemination of analysis and authority. 

Feedback management software is not only used to collect customer feedback. It is also used to gather and analyze data on employees, markets, competitors, and more. 

Organizations gather feedback from customers, employees, dealers, stakeholders, etc., to evaluate the performance of their product or service. Whether it is a workplace, an enterprise, or a business, feedback is required everywhere. And it helps in understanding their satisfaction level and deciding what steps to take to improve the product. 

While gathering feedback is not only asking for one or two feedbacks, it is about an abundance of data which is not easy to collect by just speaking with people. For that, you need a proper system; this is where the feedback management software comes in. 

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Why does an organization need feedback management software?

It is crucial to understand why you need feedback management software and what could be achieved with this. Different organizations use it for different reasons, but they all have a common reason: to develop deep relations with their customers, employees, stakeholders, etc. It collects qualitative and quantitative data, resulting in a better assortment of customer needs, employee satisfaction, and others. 

Here are some measurable reasons why you need this tool;

1. Improves performance

Sometimes, the delivery team and development team don’t pay attention to minor issues which could cost their customers, but when you hear what your customers say about your product and their experience, you could explore the areas of improvement. 

At this point, your organization can use feedback management software and gather feedback. This lets you analyze the barriers faced by customers while interacting with you.

2. Aids in Business Prediction and Customer Sentiment Analysis 

Feedback management software enables you to develop precise company predictions and adopt a proactive strategy to overcome problems. For instance, if an NPS® survey reveals that 30 out of 100 customers are detractors, you may forecast the turnover rate and take preventive action.

Sentiment analysis is the method involved in identifying good or pessimistic opinions in text.

When you know about what your customers feel about your products and brand, you get to know how to look at the data. It also helps to affirm that their feedback is crucial in determining the direction of the company’s future business initiatives

3. Enhance retention 

When customers are dissatisfied, they are supposed to leave you, but when they are satisfied, there are fewer chances that they would leave you. When you have reliable information at your disposal to address your areas of weakness, you would be able to raise overall customer satisfaction. Make it a process to solicit feedback from consumers and staff frequently so that you can keep aware of their dissatisfaction and locate a clear answer.

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Features of Feedback Management Software

Following are some of the features of feedback management software;

1.Data visualization

Through the use of charts, infographics, and other visual clues, data visualization features provide a visual interpretation of data sets, typically in the form of a reporting dashboard.

2. Omnichannel feedback 

Feedback management software supports omnichannel communication. This means customers can share their opinions by answering a survey through a communication channel that is preferred to customers – email, social media, SMS, or telephone. 

3. Customer interaction 

You now have the option to react as soon as possible to negative customer feedback and start a discussion about how the customer feels about your company or product. Feedback management software enables you to follow up immediately after you receive feedback. 

4. Support for Integration with Important CRMs and Marketing Tools 

Integrating platforms and tools guarantees that workflow and data sharing is easy and simplified. Feedback management software integrates well with your own CRM and others, creating a unified view of customer/employee data. 

With this you can see historical data along with the current data – operational and experiential data. 

5. The price should be reasonable, or at the very least, worthwhile.

It is foolish to pay hundreds of dollars for a tool that does not provide you with all you require. But if a tool is a bit pricey and you are paying for it, then make sure that it’s worth the money. 

Because, in the end, even if you paid slightly more than your initial budget and had the finest outcomes, there is no money wasted.

6. Customer reports 

With feedback management software you can create customer reports and this is the ideal way to trace what is happening when you send off your surveys. With these reports, you get updated data and it is tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Different types of Feedback Management Software

By using feedback management software you can create customized surveys with unlimited questions. It provides you the granularity in creating feedback surveys. Here are some features that you might observe in various online survey platforms. 

1. NPS® surveys

NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) survey is the ideal feedback management software for gathering feedback for your product, service, or workplace and measuring customer loyalty. It ends with a single question asked directly. It is either “how likely would you suggest…” or “how likely will you…” on a scale of one to 10.

The responses to these questions are then analyzed to determine how many respondents are supporters, neutrals, or critics.

2. CES Surveys 

A CES (customer effort score) survey is somewhat similar to NPS® surveys, as it also ends with a single question. The issue largely concerns how easy it was for customers to acquire the assistance they required.

The responses to these questions are analyzed to isolate the respondents depending on their satisfaction with customer assistance to discover the gaps in customer service and take action to avoid them.

3.Customer satisfaction surveys 

Various questions can be asked in customer satisfaction surveys, those questions depend upon the experience associated with your organization. 

The questions could be based on anything from a company-sponsored event or a particular product.

It is the best medium for gauging satisfaction with support services and determining if there is room for improvement to increase participant satisfaction.


Feedback management software helps you in focusing on their consumers/employees and your success, as well as generating insights for constructing a future for your brand. By employing feedback management software you can make your company a leader as a result of your efforts to improve operational performance. 

Net Promoter®, NPS®, NPS Prism®, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score℠ and Net Promoter System℠ are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

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