Flight or Fright: Ensuring your Airline Customer Experience Management takes off! airline customer experience management

Flight or Fright: Ensuring your Airline Customer Experience Management takes off!

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Air travel, and hospitality in general have been suffering from a huge downturn because of the pandemic. Even if people wanted to travel, lockdowns (regional, national and global) ensured that they stayed put at home. The World Tourism Organization reports that the drop in international travel has resulted in a loss of $460 billion in export revenues from tourism.

Social distancing and airplanes aren’t the best of friends. It’s natural for people to be wary of sitting close to each other, that too in an enclosed space. This pandemic is unfortunately here to stay for a while, and the time has come to face the fear of contracting the virus and get the global economy up and running with airline customer experience management.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as research shows that these fears may be unfounded. Research shows that the risk of getting COVID-19 while on a flight is  minimal, but what really matters is if passengers believe it. Airlines have their work cut out for them – not only do they have to get their services up and running, their target audience is skittish about travelling at all. But the world must go on, and slowly but surely, the global economy is opening up again. 

For those in the air travel and hospitality industry, it’s imperative to gain clarity on the psyche of today’s customers and adjust their travel customer experience accordingly.

Fear of flying means something completely different nowadays, find out why

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Customers are afraid and need to be reassured about their safety

It’s natural that most people, even those on your frequent flyer list would be hesitant about flying, but for airlines, it is imperative that you assuage your customers via as many channels as possible.
Surveying customers can help get insights into what exactly it is that is bothering customers, which you can then work on rectifying. People would be far more likely to fly if they feel that their concerns are being heard and acted upon.

Customers’ concerns aren’t just limited to flying, as 59% of respondents reported that their concern is traveling to the aircraft itself. With effective airline customer experience management, you can conduct surveys to understand more such concerns as well as pass on information to your respondents.

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Use surveys to emphasize your new safety mechanisms

Customer Experience Surveys can be an effective tool for raising awareness about new facilities. You can ask respondents if they were aware about your new contactless booking technique or if they are aware that the risk of getting the coronavirus on a flight is really low. 

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Innovation in Customer Safety!

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In addition to this, many airlines have ramped up their safety mechanisms. For example, American airlines is using an innovative Virus killing coating on their aircraft in a bid to stop the virus from transmitting effectively, while United airlines is using robots to disinfect their aircraft. 


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Innovate for customer experience

Although it may seem that the world has come to halt, that’s not the case. New tech is still emerging, and with the pandemic comes the opportunity to enhance your strategies for airline customer experience management.

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Free Wi-Fi could entice people to fly

Talking with one’s co travelers was a great way to kill the time while on a flight, but that’s not really advisable in the present climate. Why not offer free wifi to your customers to keep them occupied?
You can further ace your airline customer experience management by enhancing your convenience features – customers would appreciate the opportunity to easily reschedule flights.

Many people (including yours truly!), love the experience of flying by itself. Capitalizing on this, A few innovative airlines are offering “flights to nowhere”. This allows people to fly and go back home, instead of actually travel. It’s going to be a journey that your customers will not forget, and can generate goodwill for your brand.

Although the hospitality and airline industries are starting to see customers trickle in, there are doubts about their sustainability with such low volume. However, life going back to normal seems to be a matter of when, rather than if.

Air traffic is growing, as lockdown’s across the globe ease. Sure, there are places in which lockdown’s are being reintroduced, but that may become standard operating procedure for a while now.


Prepare for revenge travel, it’s coming

That being said, the hospitality industry is preparing for “revenge travel”. As soon as it is feasible, people are going to want to cram as much travel as possible to make up for lost time. You need to be ready to cater to a huge spike in demand and ensure your customer experience remains positive. 

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Airline employees are terrified, check in on them!

Ensuring your customer experience accurately represents your brands’ ethos is directly tied to your employee experience. It’s not been an easy year for airline staff, at any level. Checking on them via employee experience surveys would help you gain insights into their fears. You can also use it as an opportunity to assuage their concerns about catching the virus themselves. Research shows that the productivity loss due to depression & anxiety has a massive impact on the global economy, costing around US$ 1 trillion per year. This can be avoided by investing in employee experience surveys and wellness programs


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