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How to Measure Brand Awareness?


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How to Measure Brand Awareness?

Metrics used to measure Brand Awareness help you understand how good or bad your marketing strategies are. No matter how new or old your business is, brand awareness can help prepare you for a successful marketing effort. 

With these Brand Awareness metrics, you can track the performance of your company across different platforms – search engines to social media. With timely tracking and observing your business, you can determine the effectiveness of the marketing and sales strategy. 

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What is Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is the key to figure out how famous your brand is amongst your target market and if they recognize our brand. It is a key metric and the first layer of Marketing. 

All brands big or small compete to attract the customer’s attention. They use digital platforms along with the traditional platform to establish their position in the market and stand out in the market. Every brand has one goal to achieve which is being recognized among the customer. 

To stand at the top of the market and be favored by the customers, marketers combine art (creative strategies) and science (measure brand awareness). If you are not able to measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness strategies you cannot determine whether the strategies are performing properly or not. 

Metrics to Measure Brand Awareness

If you search for it you will come across many metrics that can help you measure your brand awareness. Some of the most effective metrics are explained below. You can identify the brand awareness metrics that are most relevant for you and use them to get the entire picture.  

Website Traffic

Website Traffic can show you how many users visit your company site. The traffic can be generated when users type your site URL in the search bar or when they click on it via social or search ad. 

The increase in website traffic is considered a good sign of brand awareness. Website traffic is a good metric because it shows that people are aware of and interested in your brand. The users remember your brand and look for the products or services you offer. They also spent time reading through the content on your website. 

If you want to find out the source of the traffic you can track your Referral Traffic. This way you know which platform drives most of the traffic. 

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Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is an indication that your company website is linked to other websites. It also shows how many users are following the referral link. This indicates the brand awareness and the spread of it amongst the target audience. 

With referral traffic, you can identify how much your website gains via the referral links in your Google Analytics tools. With the referral links, you can identify the content that helps share your brand name. You can use the insight to your advantage and boost brand awareness. 

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Social Media Shares

Social Media is the most used digital platform to share content. This also makes social media share a great metric to track how well your social media campaigns are performing. 

Social Media platforms offer plenty of metrics and tools to track brand performance. Likes, shares, comments, clicks, follows, hashtags, mentions, etc., are all the tools you can use to see the performance of your content. 

When you post content you expect your followers to share, like, or comment on the content. You expect them to spread the content around clink on the link or use hashtags to show support. Keeping tabs on these metrics can help you assess the user’s engagement with the company. 

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Search Volume

Brand Search Volume measures the number of website visits indicating how your brand is performing organically in the digital marketing platform. It tells you how many users remember your brand name and are interested. Search volume is a metric that tracks the volume of people who search for your brand name, its products, or services that you offer.

It shows you how your search volume measures against your competitors. Tracking volume for content marketing can show you the opportunity you may have to build awareness for certain keywords. 

Brand Awareness Survey

The best way to learn about your brand awareness is to listen to what your audience has to say. Gather feedback from your current customers and prospects by conducting a Brand Awareness Survey. 

The survey requires less interpretation or evaluation in comparison to other metrics. Running surveys at regular intervals allows you to observe and monitor the increase in brand awareness in association with marketing efforts. 

Using the survey as a brand awareness metric helps you establish a one-on-one connection with your right audience. It helps you figure out where you are lacking and what makes your brand better than the rest. You can also learn how much your audience can recognize or recall your audience. 

Brand Mentions

There are tools that give you an alert when someone mentions your brand name. Being mentioned on social media platforms is the easiest way to increase brand awareness. You can not only receive real-time updates every time someone mentions the brand but also reply to these mentions. 

You can get insight on which social media platform is used the most by your target audience. You can further see for what reason your brand is being mentioned – to promote or complain. You can follow up on the context and take the correct measures.

It helps you to know what is being said about your brand. As a result, you can interact with the audience and engage in a conversation with them. 

Earned Media

Earned media implies the third-party publicity you earned from mentions that you did not pay for. Any mentions on blogs, social media, or articles that happened organically are considered earned media. 

Measuring earned media as a brand awareness metric shows the effect of your marketing strategies on the audience. You can keep tabs on the audience talking about you and also what they are talking about your brand. You can track these mentions and refer to see how audiences are becoming aware of your brand and when. 

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External Link

When other websites willingly link your website to theirs, it is proof of trust. This shows that your website is trustworthy since they are willing to be associated with it. You can track how many times your website is linked to other sites, organically. 

An increase in backlink in association with a specific marketing effort can show how effective the campaign has been for brand awareness growth. This helps you to never miss an opportunity to increase brand awareness. 

Share of Voice

Keep tabs on the percentage of the audience who mention your brand name on social media platforms. Compare the volume of mentions against your competitors to determine your social media share of voice. 


When you post content on your social media you need to track how many people may have seen the post or mentioned the brand on their platform. Whenever someone shares your content in their network a certain number of people, their followers, will see the content. 

If you keep a track of your Reach on social media you can monitor the growth in your brand awareness. 

For many businesses, the ultimate goal is to make the product and the services the key element of the brand. The brands want to ensure that when customers want to purchase a specific product they seek their brand. They want to be the top choice for audiences in the market. This increases the importance of measuring Brand Awareness. 

These brand awareness metrics can provide useful insights if you know which metrics to use. You can combine different metrics that you think can give you a detailed picture of your brand awareness. Find the right tool that can help you measure your brand awareness metrics. Once you have mastered these metrics you can develop strategies and launch a successful marketing campaign. 


Brand Awareness metric helps measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy used by companies when they launch or revive their business. These metrics help track the performance of various marketing strategies across different platforms.

Top-of-mind Awareness is a form of brand awareness. When a customer is asked to mention a brand in association with a product category, the first brand name that comes into their brand is referred to as Top-of-mind.

Strong Brand Presence is the result of effective standards applied to every brand strategy to stay at the top of the competition in the market. Product packaging, web design, social media, etc. all aspects of a brand are consistently developed for successful performance.

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