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Ad Recall Survey Questions

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What are Ad Recall Surveys?

Ad recall surveys are used in market research to understand what respondents recall after viewing an advertisement.  It can measure an ad’s key performance indicators such as perception, likelihood to purchase, likes, dislikes, awareness, and more. 

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Types of Ad Recall Survey Questions

There are three main types of questions used within ad recall surveys, and they are:

  • Aided Awareness: The aided brand awareness approach prompts respondents with the brand name within the question.

For example, “Did you see an advertisement for Pantene in the last 24 hours on social media?”. If the respondent says yes, follow-up questions are asked to get additional feedback on their degree of awareness in regard to the ad and their feelings toward it.


  • Unaided Awareness Approach: The unaided brand awareness approach does not prompt respondents within the question.

For example, “Did you see an advertisement for shampoo in the last 24 hours?”. If the respondent says yes, follow-up questions are asked on the different shampoo ads they saw and their feelings toward them. 


  • Blinded Approach: The blinded approach uses questions that are more vague than those within the unaided awareness approach. 

For example, “In the last 24 hours, what advertisements do you recall seeing on your social media?”.

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Question to Include in your Ad Recall Surveys

These are a few important questions to include in your Ad Recall and Awareness Survey:

  • How well do you remember this advertisement?

This is the most important question to include within an ad recall survey as it directly addresses ad recall. It gives you feedback on how memorable your ad was. 

  • How would you describe this ad to a friend

This question helps you get an understanding of respondents’ perception of your ad. This question can be open ended by providing respondents with a text box to input their answer. However, it can also be presented as an MCQ by following the question with multi-select answer options consisting of positive and negative words. Respondents can then select all the words that they associate with your ad. 

  • How relevant is the message of this ad to you?

It is important that your target audience resonates with the messaging of the ad. This question helps measure how well the ad connected with your audience.

  • After viewing this ad, how likely are you to purchase the product?

This question helps measure brand consideration and the effectiveness of your ad in creating a desired action. 

  • How would you rate this ad in comparison to other ads in its product category?

Including a question that asks about your position in the market in regard to ad effectiveness will give you an idea of where you stand. It will also show you how well your ads are received relative to ads from your competitors.

  • Is the message of this ad understandable?

Your ad may have a very strong message, but if your target audience isn’t able to understand it, it’s of no use. This question gives you an idea of how understandable your ad is.


Use Voxco to Measure the Effectiveness of your Ad Campaign

These are a few reasons why you should choose Voxco to create effective Ad Recall Surveys:

  • Omnichannel Survey Solution

With Voxco, you can gather respondent feedback from multiple channels like email, social media, phone, website, and more.

  • Simplified Survey Distribution

Improve your survey response rates by connecting with respondents across multiple channels. Additionally, with centralised survey authoring, you only need to script your survey once before deploying it across all your channels.

  • Advanced Analytics

Our software can interpret survey data instantly using live visual dashboards, in-depth reports, and intuitive statistical analysis. This will help you generate key insights on customer sentiment, ad effectiveness, and purchase intent. 

  • Engaging Surveys and Enhanced Survey design Tools

Minimize your survey dropout rate using our aesthetic, engaging, and logic driven surveys. Also have access to a range of different question types where you can employ the use of different multimedia such as picture, video, and audio. 



Ad recall is a metric that measures how memorable an ad campaign is to an audience. It is usually measured through ad recall surveys by showing consumers ads and then asking them questions about it. 

Your estimated ad recall lift (people) rate can be calculated by dividing the estimated incremental number of people who recall your ad with the number of people your ad reached. 

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