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Advertising products, services, and brands is a way to raise awareness about your brand. It makes the brand a topic of discussion among customers. A good Ad brings praise and revenue while a bad Ad does the exact opposite.

The way to make sure that you use a good Ad to popularize your brand is to test your Advertisement.


What is an Ad Effectiveness Survey?

Ad Effectiveness Survey or Ad Testing involves asking for customer’s feedback on different Ad samples. You can test the entire Ad or a part/concept of it. The purpose of Ad effectiveness survey is to determine how believable the ad is and if it communicates the message to the audience or not.

Ad Effectiveness can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Ads. You can also figure out if the Ads will bring back revenue.

It is most difficult to ensure that your Online Ads are hitting the mark. With the option to block and control ads users are blocking more ads. This makes the job much harder; brands now have to make sure that their ads are relevant and deliver the message in a few seconds.

Using Ad Effectiveness Survey –

  • Marketing Team: to measure the effectiveness of your brand’s Ad
  • Agencies: to offer insight and data about the ad campaign
  • Competitive study: to determine what makes your competitors Ad better; measure the effectiveness of competitor’s ads

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Why is the Ad Effectiveness Survey important?

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Advertisement is a billion-dollar industry all across the world. A brand has to invest a huge amount to develop an ad and run it across different channels. Testing the ads pre-launch ensures that your ad will be well-received and the ROI will be worth the investment.

Ad testing provides data to back up the best Ad concept. The insight and data you gather after the test should help you persuade the management and other team members to run with the winning Ad concept.

Customer feedback can give you ideas to further improve the message or format of the best Ad concept. The winning Ad may be better than other concepts but it may still lack in the message. Customer opinion can help you make the ad more likable.

Using customer feedback to decide the best ad concept can also tell you which ad works best for which customer segment. You can learn how different segments feel about each ad concept. You can use the knowledge to develop individual ads that target each group. Or, you can make a single ad with attributes that each segment likes to target the entire customer base.

Advantages of Ad Effectiveness

  • Ad Effectiveness Survey is the best way to learn how effective your ads are. It helps understand the impact and influence the ads will have on your target customers.
  • It helps determine the reach of your Ad Campaign. For digital Ads, it is hard to quantify how many people have actually seen the brand’s advertisement. The survey helps identify the users who have seen the advertisement.
  • Ad effectiveness survey also helps find the frequency of ad exposure. It helps find a suitable number of impressions to have the desired effect on consumers. As a result, it prevents over-exposure.
  • An effectiveness survey helps you collect data that aligns with the aim of the advertisement. Whether your ad aims to promote or sell a product, for brand equity, the right data can tell you the impact the ad campaign will have on the audience.
  • Customer feedback can help you determine which media is effective for the ad campaign. There are multiple elements in media to develop an ad; image, banner, video, etc. Surveys can help you learn and identify which media type will have the strongest impact and which will have the weakest.
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Methods used for Advertisement Effectiveness

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Pre-test and Post-test:

  • Pre-testing involves a study of the ad concept among the customers before it is launched. The aim is to gather customer feedback on the impact it may have. It is also used to understand how the ad may perform among competitor’s ads.
  • Post-testing involves studying the ad campaign after it is launched. It evaluates the impact the ad had on the brand after its running period is over. It helps determine if the ad successfully communicated the message. Also, it evaluates the impact the ad campaign had on sales.

Communication Impact:

  • Recall: The aim is to determine how successful the ad was in attracting customers for them to remember the advertisement.
  • The researchers ask the regular customer if they can remember an advertisement. They are asked if they can remember the products referred to in the ad and how much they can remember.

Forced-exposure Testing:

  • In this method, the researchers compare the data from an exposed group to that of a controlled group to measure the impact of ad campaigns on brand perception.


Tips for Online Ad Effectiveness

Your ad campaign goal should be the primary reason for running an Online Ad Effectiveness Survey. Don’t consider click-through rates as a metric to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Train the media staffers on how to use the research data as an optimization tool. They should be trained to evaluate if the ad campaign is communicating the desired message to the target audience.

Surveys that take four or fewer minutes to complete help improve completion rates, i.e., use approximately 20 to 25 questions at most. Also, showing the progress throughout the survey helps respondents see how many questions are left to answer. This inspires them to spend a few more minutes completing the survey.


Conduct your own Ad Effectiveness Survey

Ad Effectiveness Survey3

Determine the Ad concepts you want to test

  • An Ad could be a video, audio, image, banner, or combination of these. Decide the format of your Ad along with the content based on the media you will be using.
  • You should have at least three ad concepts prepared for evaluation to get fair and appropriate feedback. You should also consider how you want to administer the survey – monadic or sequential monadic testing- and then select the number of concepts you want to present.
  • With Monadic Testing, you should use a few concepts and with Sequential Monadic Testing you can test more concepts.

Metrics you want to measure

  • Appeal
  • Believability
  • Purchase
  • Intent
  • Relevance
  • Uniqueness

Decide what you want to achieve at the end of your ad campaign. If you want to increase sales, purchase intent may be the metric you want to focus on. If you want to influence brand image, appeal is an important metric.

Target Audience

  • Your target audience will help you evaluate and assess the winning ad concept. Find who your target customers are and ask for their feedback.
  • A Focus group is a traditional way that involves interviewing a group of people who are familiar with your brand. It helps gather in-depth feedback on different concepts. Focus groups, however, can be costly and the result may also be influenced by the opinion of the outspoken participants.
  • Voxco Survey panel can help you reach those audiences whom you want to reach. It eases the process of collecting and evaluating customer feedback in real-time. This method helps you reach a wide audience at a lower cost.

Analyze the data

  • After collecting the responses from your target audience you need to now analyze and compare the result of each concept. By comparing the data you can gain insight into which ad concept will appeal to your target audience the most. This will help you make effective decisions. Also, collected data can help convince the management to proceed with the winning ad campaign.



Advertising Effectiveness helps evaluate the extent to which an ad campaign meets the objective of the advertisement.

Word-of-mouth is considered the best method of advertisement. People are bound to share their experiences with their acquaintances. Customers refer others to the brand with whom they had the best experience.

An Ad Campaign is a set of advertisements. All these advertisements have a central message and are aimed to achieve a specific goal. The goal could be to build brand awareness or increase sales.

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