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Acting on feedback Acting on feedback
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Business growth depends on customer loyalty. However, better products are not the only road to customer loyalty. To build trust with the customers, you have to nurture customer-brand relationships.  

One of the best ways to innovate business processes and drive loyalty is to bring customer feedback to the heart of the organization. This includes acting on both positive and negative customer feedback. 

Acting on feedback, however, is rather challenging. You have to accept the compliments and acknowledge the criticism. It means accepting that all your strategies are not successful & taking responsibility. Becoming comfortable with giving credit to the right team for a great idea. 

By taking proper responsibility where it’s due and acting on feedback proactively, a brand can turn a negative complaint into a positive CX & turn a positive review into brand advocacy. 

Let’s explore how you can utilize both positive & negative responses to drive customer loyalty, lifetime, and business growth. 

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Use positive feedback to boost company morale

When customers learn that their efforts paid off, it helps motivate them. Share positive feedback your customers provide to the teams involved. The employee feels valued, and it generates a sense of accomplishment that boost their morale. 

Sharing positive feedback with employees motivates them to try their best and drives productivity around the workplace. It gives them the confidence & autonomy to take charge and improve their performance. 

You can also provide them with access to customer feedback so that they can monitor the feedback in real-time and improve performance. 

Use negative feedback to train employees

While positive feedback can motivate employees, negative feedback can be used to train and coach them for better performance. Instead of playing the ‘blame game,’ use the negative feedback to make the employees ownership of the customer experience. 

With consistent feedback on where they are falling short, they can focus on improving those aspects. 

Use negative feedback to coach employees to make decisions, resolve problems, offer consistent CX, and mitigate negative experiences. 

Acting on feedback Acting on feedback

Understand how to differentiate your brand

Your customers have done business with different brands. They are your best shot to know what you are missing and where you can improve, just like they can tell you the UPIs of the brand. 

Learn from your customer feedback about the gap in experience and services. Let them tell you what you can do better and what’s your most vital points. Identify what’s influencing customers’ purchase decisions and causing them to run away. 

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Put positive feedback to improve the business process

Use positive feedback to create a plan of attack for your business growth. Instead of simply rejoicing them, use those feedback as an opportunity to grow. 

Use the “good job” review to analyze and understand how you can replicate it for other customers or modify them for different segments. You can modify the approach or standardize a process & observe its impact on cx. 

Acting on feedback Acting on feedback

Turn negative feedback into a basis for cultivating loyalty

Customers are 2.4 times more likely to stay with a company that solves their issues quickly. 

52% of customers expect brands to respond to their feedback/comments within an hour. 

Use the opportunity to turn to deliver positive CX. When you respond quickly with an effective solution, you gain customers’ attention and exceed expectations. 

If you acknowledge and make up for your mistake, you can deliver customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. 

Build an effective customer feedback strategy to ensure none of the feedback slip through the loop without analysis. 

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and his interaction on Twitter is one of the best examples of turning negative feedback into a positive situation. 

Acting on feedback Acting on feedback

Positive reviews are your brand testimonials

Customers make their purchase decision after reading customer reviews. 77% of millennials (18 to 29) are more likely to purchase using a mobile device if the site/app has customer reviews. 

The presence of customer reviews on the website and app helps established authenticity. It allows customers to trust your brand and impact their purchase decision. Turn positive reviews into case studies to demonstrate how you helped resolve customers’ issues and deliver a better experience

GoPro’s page for dedicated users News and Community Pages helps build a strong connection with customers. 

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Negative feedback is your cue to improve products & services

Trader Joe’s uses customer feedback and shopping preference to customize its inventory at each store. They use customer feedback to replace low-selling products with those in heavy demand. 

Negative feedback is unavoidable.

The best thing to do with them is not to waste time putting blame; instead, send the feedback to the relevant team to work on salvaging the situation. 

Listen and make sense of the negative feedback. Analyze where you can improve and what you can do better. 

Acting on feedback Acting on feedback

Keep customers within the feedback loop

Acting on Feedback should not be an isolated practice. Keep your customers involved even after you have collected their feedback. 

Many marketers forget the customers who give them negative feedback. Engage in an ongoing conversation with the customers and keep them updated on how you plan to use their feedback and where you plan to make improvements. 

Let’s Wrap

Customer feedback should help you understand how your customers feel about their experience with you instead. The feedback shouldn’t be used to focus on how you think. 

Customer feedback and experience go hand-in-hand. It helps you improve customer experience and also innovate business strategy. Put customer feedback at the heart of your process. 

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