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What do you mean by academic surveys?

Surveys have always been used as one of the cheapest and time altering methods of gathering information. Surveys are used by businesses, scientific researchers, government institutions and many more. In the academic world, surveys are used to test hypotheses, research topics and gain data on topics related to the study. Both students and educators rely on survey data collection methods to dig deep into a topic world. 

Talking about academic surveys, students, facilities and professionals use academic surveys in their research projects and assignments. The results from academic surveys are then used to testify the hypothesis or knowledge for a chosen subject and answer certain questions that the researcher laid before it began the study. Anyone using academic surveys can then present their results on a research paper, research report or presentation.

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Why do you need academic surveys?

Apart from all the generic advantages that surveys have in the other fields, academic surveys have their own upper hand and reasons as to why it is a best fit for any academic scholar. 

  • Knowledge beyond textbooks  

Academic surveys give you a chance to explore the universe of information the world has to offer which goes beyond just sitting in a classroom and digging into your textbooks. Surveys expose students to have a closer look at real life research models, theories, trends, evolution of concepts and much more. A real-time academic survey with real data will bring students closer to the world.  

  • Deeper knowledge 

Academic surveys bring more insights into what are already known facts. Professors and students can have a chance of gaining deeper knowledge of the topic they have chosen. Especially when someone aspires to become a subject-matter expert, academic surveys are the prime solution to go to.  

  • Research validation 

Academic theories can be supported with valid real-world data collected from academic surveys. Students and professors can use this data to either confirm or deny their research findings or hypotheses that were previously made. 

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  • Updated survey tools and technology 

Academic surveys use tools and technology that is always evolving. There are various survey tools in the market that offer AI powered surveys which handle the data collection, storing and analyzing to yield meaningful insights. Students and professors get to be on top of the newest tools and technology. 

  • New opportunities  

Conducting academic surveys can open doors to new discoveries and curiosities. Students can use surveys to develop a good research report or presentation which will also give them an opportunity to earn scholarships, grants and fundings to their research. When we talk about opportunities, we consider both research and academic opportunities which will motivate students and professors to do better. 

While drafting academic research surveys

Academic surveys come in handy, but to craft winning academic surveys should always be the goal. We are here with some points to take care of while you are creating your next academic survey for your research.  

  • Right questions  

The kind of questions you present to your respondents determine whether they will be willing to take more of your surveys. And to make them stick to them is to best focus on the kind of questions you ask. Make it clear what topic you want to research and focus all the questions towards it. Keep the questions simple and easy to understand with understandable language.  

Your academic survey should be short and not too time-consuming. The order in which you place your questions also matters the most as there needs to be a specific flow to the survey. 

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  • Smart sample  

Irrespective of how efficiently your survey is designed, it will be of no use if it goes into the wrong hands. Your sample population needs to be the best representative of its entire population. It is always best practice to test your survey with a small sample to see if the responses are of any good to your study. Or to better determine your sample, it is advised to conduct a pre-test which will filter out participants to take your survey. 

  • Field training and development 

Surveys are the best way to get feedback. Ask for reviews at places where you need to check your progress and whether it is going in the right direction. You can use these feedback surveys while you are graduating, internships, on your lab project or assignments to review your improvements and suggestions from people on how to improve your work.

Academic research surveys example

In this section, let’s take a look at some fields as examples where academic surveys always come to action. 

  • Economic and social research 

The study of people and the way they influence the world around them is a broad field of research that is often carried out by social scientists. This type of research is very important for various organizations, such as the government. We offer a variety of tools to help manage your research projects.

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  • Healthcare and medical research  

Medical and healthcare research focuses on the study of patient demographics, examining common health issues, and assessing the quality of healthcare.

  • Business studies 

Looking to find out what industries are in your area and how many people are employed in them? With online surveys, you can quickly gather information about these areas. 

  • Lifestyle and sport studies  

Use lifestyle and health surveys to learn about your target audience’s exercise habits, eating habits, and sleeping patterns, among other things. 

  • Education and childhood development 

Online surveys are a convenient approach to conduct research studies on a variety of topics, including classroom atmosphere, parent-school interactions, student satisfaction and concentration, and more. 

  • Research for a dissertation  

Online surveys are one of the most prevalent methods of gathering data for dissertation topics. SmartSurvey allows you to easily develop surveys, distribute them, and receive the responses you require. 

  • Demographic surveys  

We can assist you in reaching the precise target audience for your academic study. Choose who you want to poll (age, gender, geography, career, household, etc.) and utilize our Live Audience feature to conduct the survey.

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