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Top 25 Survey Software in 2022


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Gathering feedback using online survey software has become more popular in the market research industry. While it emerged as a research method to modernize traditional survey tools, the flexibility in survey design and anonymity of respondents made it more relevant in the digital world. 

The ease of use, the wider reach, customizable survey maker, flexibility in distribution channels, and cost-efficiency are some of the many benefits that contributed to the large-scale adoption of online survey tools

There is a myriad of online survey tools to choose from. Some of which many offer more functionalities than others at a competitive price. To help you narrow down your options, we have created a list of the top 25 survey software

Whether you are looking for a user-friendly interface, lower cost, more features, or better support, these twenty-five software offer it all and more. 

But before we start with the list, let’s discuss why you need a survey tool and which features you should look for.

Why should you adopt online survey software?

A survey is the fastest way to better understand customer behavior, preference, and market trends. There are various reasons for which brands prefer to conduct online surveys, such as:

  • Solicit product feedback
  • Conduct market research
  • Gather insights on customer service
  • Uncover customer as well as employee experience

Online survey software allows you to reach a larger population using multimedia channels such as emails, SMS, social media, and website. Moreover, it allows you to survey the audience in their preferred language. 

It has replaced the need for pen-paper or sending surveys via post, which was not only expensive but also time-consuming. Now you can send surveys right after a transaction or an event and gather & analyze data in real-time. 

Following are some of the features, aka advantages you should be looking for while selecting online survey tools.

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What features to look for in the right survey software?

Selecting an ideal online survey tool for your brand isn’t as easy as it seems. As multiple platforms available in the market claim to offer similar features, it has become more challenging to pick the right one for them. 

However, there is always a difference in the functionalities offered by various vendors that contributes to one being more suitable than the other. 

Here’s a list of important survey features you should look for: 

  1. Survey logic
  2. Data Export
  3. Branded surveys
  4. Basic & advanced question types

Let’s take a closer look at what these functionalities do. 

  1. Survey logic – It is the most common yet, an important feature of online surveys. The platform should allow you to customize logic in your survey flow.
  2. Data Export – The platform should support data export via various options. It should allow you to be in control of your data. 
  3. Branded surveys– Look for a vendor that allows you to replace any mention of their company from your surveys. The platform should allow you to add your logo, customize the survey domain with your brand name, and design the survey with your brand color, theme, and template. 
  4. Basic & advanced question types – The platform should offer basic question types – Yes/No, multiple-choice or open-ended questions –  along with advanced question types – Likert scales, rating scale, matrix, drop-down, multi-media, etc. 

Let’s look at the top survey software available in the market to help you make an informed decision.

The top 25 survey software in 2022

We have browsed through their websites and multiple review sites to create this detailed list of the best online survey tools. Hope this helps you find the best platform. 

Let’s look at the list.

Voxco Survey Software

top 25 survey software1

Voxco is the world’s best-in-class survey software that lets you easily conduct powerful surveys. Being a trusted survey engine for 450+ clients in more than 40 countries, Voxco is power-packed with omnichannel capabilities that allow you to conduct online surveys, telephonic surveys, and face-to-face interviews effortlessly. 

Key Features 

  • Reach the audience on their preferred channel – social media, SMS, email, or website. 
  • You can also reach your respondents using phone surveys or mobile-offline surveys
  • With exceptional flexibility and functionality, conduct sophisticated survey research. 
  • Robust survey maker with 100+ question types, 200+ languages, skip logic, randomization, piping, etc. 
  • A powerful centralized dashboard gives you a single unified view of the entire data gathered through different survey mediums.     
  • Round-the-clock 24/7 support to its clients for seamless onboarding as well as launch assistance.
  • An end-to-end customizable solution to meet the changing needs of clients.  

If you need a fully featured and customizable survey of your choice, look no further than Voxco. 

Price – Available on request.


top 25 survey software2

HubSpot’s powerful survey software streamlines the process of gathering qualitative as well as quantitative feedback. It lets you select the ideal format (as desired) and effectively track your surveys to elevate your customer experience.

You can make use of HubSpot to use surveys to its full potential: 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey for measuring customer loyalty.

Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys for understanding the effort customers had to make to get in touch with your brand.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys determine your customers’ level of satisfaction across different touchpoints in their journey. 

Key Features

  • Duplicate an existing survey along with the content and features used and edit them to your liking. 
  • Deliver surveys via emails in different languages. 
  • See your survey preview by sliding your survey box position on the web page. 
  • Customize your survey to match your branding. 
  • Create personalized “Thank You” messages based on the response you get. 

Price: $800/month


top 25 survey software3

As an enterprise-level survey software, SoGoSurvey is known for offering end-to-end survey creation, distribution, and analysis. Due to its ease of use, many businesses prefer this platform to acquire feedback from their intended audience. 

You can select any survey of your choice from a huge variety of templates shared by them. Even the free version of the SoGoSurvey account comes with features like unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, three skip logic freebies, data export, 24 question types, etc.

Key Features

  • Send surveys over social media, emails, or use embedded forms. 
  • Add video or audio to make your survey engaging. 
  • Create a survey online in multiple languages. 
  • Real-time data collection and analysis to help you stay relevant and responsive. 

Price: $25/month


top 25 survey software4

Another popular name in the domain of online survey software is SurveyMonkey. The platform offers 15 different question types and 230 survey templates. This software is easy to use and is majorly used for one-off surveys. Although, this software isn’t of much use when you want to measure the overall customer satisfaction or plan to re-survey them after a particular time period.

Key Features 

  • Its AI survey tool (SurveyMonkey Genius) reviews your questions and gives suggestions for the best questions and answer options. 
  • In-depth data reports – customize reports to see what you need. 
  • Get 24X7 via email. 
  • Send surveys through social media, mobile chat, email, and weblink. 

Price: $25/month

Checkout: Voxco Vs. Survey Monkey

See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.


top 25 survey software5

When it comes to conducting creative surveys, Typeform takes the cake. Comprising an extremely user-friendly interface, this robust software enables you to put a survey together without seeking any help. 

Typeform’s survey software ensures that the respondents participate in the survey smoothly. This software’s free version comes with features such as unlimited questions, limitless answers, custom themes and readymade templates, data export options, as well as basic reporting functionalities.  

Key Features

  • The survey builder supports – display logic, skip logic, and branching. 
  • 800+ pre-made survey templates. 
  • Customize and rebrand your surveys to align with the brand. 
  • Share surveys on social media, email, or website. 
  • 500+ integrations. 

Price: $29/month.


top 25 survey software9

Qualtrics is a leading survey software in the market that has completely revitalized the use of traditional surveys. With a massive 100+ survey question types and numerous readymade templates to offer, this software has streamlined the process of creating effective and engaging surveys. 

By offering unique functionalities such as logic branching, display logic, and email triggers, Qualtrics paves the way for ensuring a seamless respondent experience.  It lets you select from a whooping list of 30 different graph types and easily export the results to CSV in real-time. 

Key Features 

  • Send surveys via multiple channels – email, web, social media, and SMS.
  • NPS surveys to identify unsatisfied customers. 
  • Qualtrics IQ enables you with predictive intelligence and statistical analysis. 
  • Trigger surveys and customer segmentations. 

Price: $1,500/year

Checkout: Voxco Vs. Qualtrics


top 25 survey software6

A popular online survey software, Qualaroo, allows you to gather feedback from the right users at the right time. This software makes use of an exceptional natural-language-processing AI for uncovering actionable user insights easily. 

Due to its features like limitless nudges, sentiment analysis, feedback campaign consultation, advanced audience segmentation, advanced export capabilities, visual customization, as well as seamless third-party integrations, this software is used by various brands like Udemy, eBay, LinkedIn, and Shopify. 

Key Features

  • Trigger surveys based on specific actions, behavior, events, location, etc. 
  • Customize survey branding and branching. 
  • Advanced analytics with sentiment analysis and word cloud. 

Price: $80/month.


top 25 survey software8

QuestionPro is a well-known web-based survey software designed especially for small & medium-sized businesses. This robust platform empowers brands to create effective online surveys, polls, and questionnaires with advanced question types and powerful logic. 

Key Features 

  • It offers hundreds of pre-built survey templates – customize them to resonate with your brand. 
  • It allows you to distribute surveys through emails or integrated popups.  
  • Analyze survey data using a dashboard under your control. 
  • Get 24X7 support via chat and email. 
  • Offers 38 question types. 

Price: $129/month

Checkout: Voxco Vs. QuestionPro


top 25 survey software10

Using GetFeedback survey software, you can effortlessly create branded surveys with the help of drag & drop functionality and various personalization features. 

This software is known for offering the utmost flexibility when distributing surveys across different platforms that respondents love. Moreover, it gets integrated with SalesForce, allowing you to check the survey results in the SalesForce dashboard. 

Key Features 

  • It offers 15 free survey templates, which you can customize anytime. 
  • Send surveys quickly via email and SMS. 
  • Personalize surveys using the customer data from Salesforce to tailor the survey experience for each respondent. 
  • Launch multiple NPS programs. 
  • Automate surveys based on events captured in Salesforce or any other system you use. 

Price: Available on request.

Google Forms

top 25 survey software12

Google Forms is a top-notch free survey software powered by Google that allows brands to create a survey online through a drag & drop interface quickly. 

Google Forms are known for offering functionalities like unlimited surveys, limitless respondents, automatic data collection in Google spreadsheets, a variety of themes, skip logic, etc. The surveys created by Google Forms can be completely customized. 

Key Features

  • Integration with Google sheets and external systems. 
  • Cloud-based software. 
  • Automatically saves your survey form in your Google Drive. 
  • It only requires a Gmail account. 
  • Real-time collaboration with others. 

Price: Free


top 25 survey software13

Alchemer (earlier known as SurveyGizmo) is online survey software that helps you create snazzy surveys. It comes with unlimited surveys & questions as well as free templates. The surveys offered by this software are considered to be more attractive. Moreover, Alchemer offers almost 35+ types of survey questions that can be customized according to your choice.

Key Features 

  • Disc-level data encryption. 
  • Send surveys via multiple channels – email, social media, and website popups, 
  • Customize data reports using filters such as customers, market, etc., to filter data. 
  • Control who has access to the data. 

Price: $49/user/month.


top 25 survey software14

HotJar is known for offering specialized feedback & analytics tools for boosting your website’s visitor experience. Having an enviable reputation in the market, it is popular for its high-performing surveys, polls, conversion funnels, heat maps, and form analysis. 

Although HotJar is mainly considered ideal for website optimization, it also provides exceptional survey features for seamlessly collecting user feedback.

Key Features

  • On-site surveys- capture feedback by launching surveys as a pop-up or sending a link during the user journey. 
  • Drag and drop survey builder enables you to create surveys in seconds. 
  • Customize survey design and branding. 
  • Unlimited surveys on paid plans. 
  • Store survey data for as long as you want. 

Price: $39/month

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco


top 25 survey software15

A well-known SaaS platform, BirdEye, is survey software that empowers brands to gather real-time feedback and ratings from the users across different channels like social media, review sites, & surveys. 

This software comes with functionalities like review generation, review monitoring, marketing, customer surveys, support ticketing, business insights, listings, competitive benchmarking, etc. Moreover, the speed and ease of use make it a preferred platform among most users.  

Key Feature

  • Text message pulse surveys. 
  • Customize surveys. 
  • Automate surveys based on pre-defined triggers. 
  • AI- data analytics include sentiment analysis. 
  • Post-survey follow-up to request reviews. 

Price: Available on request.


top 25 survey software16

AskNicely is a survey software known for collecting effective feedback daily through one-off surveys. Moreover, this powerful software can be easily integrated with your existing CRM, helping you conduct regular samplings and quick surveys. It allows you to respond from your CRM directly. However, its key focus is on NPS mainly.  

Key Features

  • Trigger customer feedback after an event or transaction. 
  • Gather feedback via email, web, or SMS. 
  • Share survey responses in real-time to the right screen – mobile, PowerPoint, TV, etc. 
  • 40+ CRM integrations. 

Price: Available on request.


top 25 survey software18

Nicereply helps brands with tools to effortlessly create Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, and customer effort score (CES) surveys. It enables you to gather real-time feedback with its feature of one-click surveys. 

The platform can be seamlessly integrated with the leading CRMs like SalesForce, Zendesk, and HubSpot. Powered with great analytics & tracking functions, Nicereply has a flawless interface and can be customized without coding.

Key Features 

  • Automate survey distribution after a customer interaction. 
  • Create customized surveys with colors, themes, and the brand logo. 
  • The dashboard offers NPS ratings, trends, and charts to evaluate team performance. 
  • In-signature email surveys – embed surveys at the bottom of every email. 

Price: $39/month


top 25 survey software19

Retently is survey software that has gained massive popularity due to its best-in-class Net Promoter Score surveys. Intended to serve businesses of various sizes, it comes equipped with amazing features like custom survey creation, audience segmentation, and multiple channel data collection. 

Key Features

  • Share surveys via email, web pop-ups, and messengers. 
  • Automate post-survey follow-up. 
  • Analyze customer sentiment and discover trends. 
  • Predict opportunities for improvements. 

Price: $79/month


top 25 survey software20

Mopinion is a survey software for gathering feedback and transforming it into actionable insights that helps marketing teams truly understand the voice of their customer. With Mopinion, you can easily create customizable feedback forms such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. 

Key Features

  • Schedule your surveys according to rules like mouse movement, exit intent, time on page, etc. 
  • Intensive visualization through customizable dashboards and in-chart filtering.
  • In-depth data analysis with smart labeling capabilities, text analysis, and sentiment analysis. 
  • Connect with project management tools like Trello or Asana, to act upon feedback while collaborating with the key members of your digital team.  

Price: Growth plan $299/month/user.


top 25 survey software21

Confirmit is a powerful survey software tailored to fulfill the needs of various market research agencies as well as their research personnel. This software allows you to customize your surveys, export data effortlessly, and analyze the gathered results via tables and charts. 

Confirmit also lets you effectively program the study, seamlessly integrate additional tools, solicit data, as well as prepare reports quickly. It comes with a Translator module that helps you easily translate links too.

Key Features

  • Customize surveys to match your brand. 
  • Design surveys with multiple question types, multi-media elements, and more in any language. 
  • Deliver surveys via mobile, email, telephone, paper, etc. 
  • Centralized control – use any channel to collect data and ensure centralized control. 
  • Real-time survey reports. 
  • Build a branded dashboard with data and visualizations- add cross-data analysis, key driver analysis, predictive analysis, and more. 

Price: Available on request.

Survey Planet

top 25 survey software22

Another well-known survey software and questionnaire tool in the market is Survey Planet. This free version of this robust software offers unlimited surveys, custom themes, unlimited questions (that are pre-written), as well as a responsive layout. 

It lets you create engaging surveys due to the efficient question branching and the various languages it includes. At the time of survey creation, you can preview your survey’s live copy on a similar page only. 

Key Features

  • Free survey maker offers pre-made themes for surveys. 
  • Add image in survey questions, introduction, or a thank you message.
  • Create surveys in over 30 languages. 
  • Pre-made survey templates.
  • Customize surveys with branded aesthetic. 
  • Use branching or skip logic to skip irrelevant questions.

 Price: Free | Pro $15/month.


top 25 survey software23

Survicate is online survey software that enables brands to conduct targeted surveys across several locations on their specific website. It is equipped with a library of massive predefined surveys that you can select from. It offers top-notch dashboarding capabilities, insightful NPS analysis, and data export (CSV and XLS) options. 

Key Features

  • Share surveys over email, web, mobile, and in-product. 
  • 15+ question types – NPS, CES, CSAT, etc. 
  • 125+ survey templates. 
  • Customize surveys to make them on-brand. 
  • Make smart surveys using skip logic, redirects, adn custom actions. 

Price: $65/month.


top 25 survey software24

SurveyLab is another online survey software that aims at helping you create and distribute surveys, collect responses automatically, and generate insightful reports.  SurveyLab is also known for its integration with other CRM systems like Salesforce and ZenDesk.

Key Features

  • Numerous data collection channels such as computers/laptops, mobile phones, QR Code surveys, and SMS. 
  • You can create surveys in multi-language. 
  • Survey branching allows you to customize the appearance and the behavior (custom redirect) of the survey. 
  • Automated survey reports in real-time – Trigger data analysis as soon as you launch surveys. 
  • Share the reports and work with your team by adding the accounts of your co-workers. 

Price: $49/month.


top 25 survey software25

Delighted offers amazing survey software that allows you to gather employee and customer feedback in real-time. It is a self-serve experience management platform. 

Delighted is equipped with a REST API integration. The integration enables you to schedule surveys as per time intervals. You can also trigger surveys based on custom events. The platform also enables you to close the loop and automate post-survey follow-up to boost engagement with loyal customers. 

Key Features

  • 8 pre-built survey templates – NPS, CSAT, PMF, eNPS, CES, Smiley surveys, 5-star surveys, and Thumbs up/down surveys. 
  • Customize surveys to align with your brand image. 
  • Create a survey online in 30+ languages. 
  • Share surveys via email, web, kiosk, iOS SDK, and link for QR, social media, or phone. 
  • Real-time dashboard.
  • Segment your reports based on keywords, scores, tags, etc. 

Price: Free | Premium $224/month/user.


top 25 survey software7

Feedier is an experience management software that integrates the collected data, powerful analytics, and ML to convert feedback into insights in seconds. The survey software offers a gamified survey builder that allows you to create interactive and fun surveys. 

The platform offers end-to-end data integration across multiple channels and devices. Feedier comes with high-performing dashboards that allow you to group the feedback collected from individuals into live journeys. 

Key Features

  • Create a survey online using multi-lingual surveys, 15+ question types, and custom branding. 
  • Share surveys via emails and SMS. 
  • Journey mapping allows you to organize feedback based on touchpoints to uncover improvement opportunities. 
  • A real-time dashboard with constant updates of insights. 
  • Individual feedback report. 

Price: Available on request.

Pulse Insights

top 25 survey software17

The online survey software offered by Pulse Insights works quite similarly to other questionnaire tools like Qualaroo and Survicate. 

By leveraging a micro survey platform, Pulse Insights is known for gathering data from visitors effortlessly. This survey software can seamlessly integrate responses from different surveys into various tools like web analytics, CRM, A/B testing, and DMP. 

Key Feature 

  • Surveys are compatible with all screen sizes. 
  • Offer responses based on the collected feedback. 
  • Pulse Insight offers three core solutions – 
    • 360 Insights: Get analytics data across multiple platforms and touchpoints 10-20X faster. 
    • Progressive profiling: Personalize customer interaction based on their preference and other metrics. 
    • Engage: Guide customers across their journey using the collected data to take the best action.


top 25 survey software11

Crowdsignal is intuitive survey software that allows you to create customized surveys and share them over the web, email, Twitter, and Facebook. 

After the data collection is successfully completed, it lets you create filters for analyzing the gathered data and allows sharing in reports. This is performed by leveraging raw data export with various programs in Excel, Google Docs, PDF, XML, and CSV. You can also review these survey results in real-time. 

Key Features

  • Survey builder supports polls, forms, and quizzes in 14 question types. 
  • Customize surveys to match the brand. 
  • Captcha, IP, email, and password protection – prevent bots from filling surveys. 
  • Share surveys or quizzes using your own URL.

Price: $15/month

Chose the survey software that meets your needs

This concludes our list of top 25 survey software. Every tool offers some standard features and competitive pricing. But look for those that offer unique functionality. Review every software and understand the benefits to compare which one would bring more results for your organization.

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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries