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Are you familiar with Nike? McDonald’s? Individuals all around the world know the logo, their item, and perhaps their most recent promotion. Your brand could be something similar if you make an extraordinary brand identity. Begin by understanding what is brand identity.

What is a brand identity?

It’s your customers’ opinion of your brand. Regardless of whether you are a brand that offers nothing to customers except just too different organizations, you can in any case make a brand identity that would make you envy your rivals. IBM, Microsoft, GE, Google, and so on, are all B2B organizations with an unparalleled brand identity.

Come what may you sell and who you offer to, you genuinely should have a brand identity worth imitating. Your brand identity is the essence of your business. If you don’t have a brand identity, your potential customers probably won’t know what your identity is, and that implies that they won’t look for you naturally on the off chance that they were to at any point purchase an item that you sell. They will go for your rival which has a superior brand identity.

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Components of Brand Identity:

  • Visual components of the brand
  • Voice of the brand
  • Fundamental beliefs
  • identity attributes

For what reason do you want a brand identity?

The standing and identity of a brand causes a customer to pick them over another brand. Indeed, even something as significant as the spending plan seems to be not the greatest game-changer as far as customers’ inclination to go with a purchasing choice. As a general rule, it is the organization with the greater brand esteem that successes. By genuinely focussing on your brand identity with a procedure, you can separate yourself from your rivals and make a local area of customers who will become brand advocates.

Dealing with your brand identity should be possible best when you take the assistance of your customers. This is where posing inquiries to your customers as surveys can help you. Asking your customers is the proper thing to do since knowing what they have as a main priority with regards to your brand talks a ton about your promoting endeavors, content endeavors, branding, ads, etc.

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Why is brand identity significant?

A great deal goes into making a brand’s identity. Name, logo, and variety range are only a couple of features of branding.

That, however, your brand is additionally your:

  • Vow to customers
  • identity and picture
  • Mark of distinction
  • Picture according to customers

We should check out an illustration of an organization with a solid brand identity: Coca-Cola. 

As well as being a refreshment, Coca Cola is a:

Group: An enormous, global gathering of cooperating

Story: An organization that sold 25-gallons during year one of business

Picture: Its red and white logo and bundling are perceived all around the world

Feeling: Anything else that jumps into mind when you consider or consume Coca Cola

This is the Coca-Cola endlessly brand identity.

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The most effective methods to construct a strong brand identity

Here and there, constructing a strong brand identity is similar to developing a strong house. You want to get a strong groundwork set up, and afterward make the strides important to add every one of the components and highlights to make a completed item that will be a steady and agreeable home for expected purchasers. Considering that, the following are a couple of key stages to constructing a strong brand identity.

  • Lead a brand survey 

Before you can figure out where you are going with refining and advancing your brand identity, you want to get an unmistakable picture of where you are at this moment. The best method for accomplishing that is by leading a brand survey that gives extensive knowledge into how your brand is situated and seen.

  • Lay out an incentive and statement of purpose

A brand’s incentive catches the most convincing and remarkable part of what you propose to your customers. Preferably, this incentive shouldn’t just rapidly pass important advantages on to your customers yet in addition feature what separates you from your rivals. In the interim a statement of purpose ought to catch the center embodiment of what your association endeavors to accomplish, offering a north star for workers and a reasonable feeling of what your organization depends on to customers and possibilities. Both your incentive and statement of purpose ought to be top of mind as you define and construct your brand identity.

  • Come up with techniques for laying out your brand identity 

When you have a reasonable feeling of current discernments and differentiators of your brand and the key components that structure your brand identity, you can then plan on the most proficient method to reinforce and advance your brand identity.

The groundwork of your methodologies ought to ensure that your brand identity is predictable across the entirety of your channels and interchanges and afterward find valid ways of receiving your message out to your main interest group. Make certain to accentuate your incentive as well as components of your brand that separate from your rivals.

Lastly, don’t search for handy solutions or gimmicky methodologies. The present customers are clever and can detect when an organization is compromising or overstating claims. Building a strong brand identity takes concentration and time.

  • Analyze and refine 

Setting and advancing your brand identity is a continuous interaction that requires appropriate consideration and taking care of. Try to lay out a cycle for constantly dissecting and evaluating how your brand is being introduced and seen. While the center of your brand identity ought to continue as before changes on the lookout, rising patterns, and developing shopper inclinations and perspectives could require you to refine your brand identity systems to keep current with the times, and a stride in front of the opposition.

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What to ask in your brand identity survey?

While directing a survey of any sort, your inquiries and answer choices must be clear and brief. You actually must pose the inquiries that will furnish you with the responses you’ll have to move along.

I need to underline that it is so essential to keep a receptive outlook while directing a survey. Realize that you might get some regrettable input. In any case, with the right mood, those negative reactions can lead you to create changes that can further develop your brand identity in manners you won’t ever consider.

In the soul of learning, here are some example inquiries to kick you off:

Sample questions for a brand identity survey

  • Have you bought or utilized our items/service in the previous year? 
  • How long have you been a customer?
  • When you hear our brand’s name, what principal thought rings a bell (something we represent)?
  • What do we do that makes us remarkable from contenders?
  • What is our brand’s forte?
  • Contrasted and contenders, where do we rank in this strength?
  • On the off chance that we aren’t #1, who is and why? 
  • What is it that you need or need most from organizations in this claim to fame?
  • Is there an ignored need that we ought to focus on? On the off chance that indeed, what’s going on here?

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Questions that you can ask yourself while creating a Brand Identity

Making a brand identity ought to start with some self-reflection. You’ll need to pose yourself the accompanying inquiries:

  • Who are my customers? Who do I maintain that my customers should be?
  • How would you like to address customers? What is it that they need to hear?
  • What issues do my items/ services tackle for my customers?
  • What is my brand’s identity? Fun? Seriously? Refined? Frank?
  • Who are my rivals? How could I be like them? How could I be unique with them?
  • What sentiments should my brand motivate in my crowd? What sentiments would it be a good idea for it not to rouse?
  • What is my brand’s story? How could it be shaped? What battles were defeated to arrive?
  • Which brands address me? What brands might I want to copy?
  • What tones address my brand? What picture addresses my story?

Presently, we should get something more unique. Utilize your creative mind and inventiveness while posing yourself the accompanying inquiries, which can truly assist with making sure about a brand identity:

  •  What sort of attire does your brand wear?
  •  Where might your brand hang out?
  •  What entertainer could play your brand?
  •  What sort of music does your brand pay attention to?
  •  What kind of vehicle does your brand drive?
  •  What creature could your brand be?

By posing yourself these inquiries, you can have a thought of who you maintain that your brand should be before requesting input from general society

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Making a brand identity is generally difficult, however, online surveys are perhaps the best strategy to assist with directing your bearing. By asking the right brand identity survey inquiries you can acquire a comprehension of shoppers’ thought process of your brand, and ways they figure you might have the option to further develop it.

At Voxco, we offer an assortment of types and styles of surveys, ideal for making your brand identity survey. You can look at a portion of our survey templates now, or get everything rolling making a brand identity survey now.

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