5 Uses of employee onboarding feedback survey


5 Uses of employee onboarding feedback survey research
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“The ‘purpose’ element of onboarding is where you begin to lay the foundation of success for your new team member.”

     ― Mitch Gray

Onboarding feedback survey is a unique way for orientation of newly hired employees. By doing an onboarding survey, you may learn what’s working and what isn’t, what you need to improve on, and perhaps surprise factors that are impacting participation that you may not have known were a factor.

In this blog, we will discuss the uses of employee onboarding surveys and what are the best practices of conducting onboarding feedback surveys.

What is an employee onboarding survey?

An employee onboarding survey is the best survey administered to newly hired workers by a company. This survey assesses new recruits’ satisfaction with the onboarding process, their overall experiences while being recruited, and their relevant onboarding feedback.

Examples of onboarding survey questions

1. How likely are you to suggest [Organization name] to your relatives or friends on a scale of 0 to 10?

This is the Employee Net Promoter Score® Question; by asking this question, you will learn how likely the employee is to recommend your company to his or her family or friends.

2, Please tell us three reasons why you want to join [Organization name].

By asking this question, you will learn what, the beneficial characteristics of your organization, are that attract people to work for it. This is an important question that should be included in your onboarding feedback survey.

3. What three things might we have done differently to better the hiring process?

This is an open-ended inquiry that will allow you to get a lot of comments and information on how to improve the recruiting process. Remember that feedback is a cyclic process, not a linear one. As a result, it is beneficial to continually grow and adapt. Organizations can develop based on the input they get.

4. How pleased or unhappy are you with the training you got for your new position?

By asking this question, you will learn that you are fulfilling all the responsibilities to make the employee stay and how well they’ve integrated into the company.

Uses of employee onboarding survey

Because it takes the greatest qualities of a new employee and connects them with those of the business, the correct onboarding process may cause an exponential boost in the performance of a team and, as a result, an organization. 

This makes onboarding feedback surveys critical for future accomplishments and ironing out any flaws in the programme.Some of the uses of employee onboarding process are as follows:

  1. To look into the matter if any employee is facing any trouble
  2. To inform the expectations of the organization from the employee
  3. To determine whether training is required or not for better performance
  4. To understand what mindset employee has about the organization and their role
  5. To know whether employee knows their role and primary duty in the organization

Best practices for creating employee onboarding survey

While utilizing onboarding feedback surveys, it must be made sure that employees do not feel discomfort and give fair and honest results. Following are some of the best practices for creating employee onboarding survey:

  1. Ask suitable questions
  2. Keep the survey simple and short
  3. Survey at right time
  4. Take a straightforward approach

Let’s learn about them in detail.

1. Ask suitable questions

Better replies will result from customizing your questions to the demands of the onboarding feedback survey. While a general question set might provide a decent beginning point, it is best to get to the topic as quickly as possible to minimize excessive survey drop-out.

2. Keep the survey simple and short

Completing the survey can sometimes be really frustrating. The survey must be really short and the maximum of 10 questions. All the questions must be relevant and to the point.

3. Survey at right time

An onboarding feedback survey should be sent at the right time or else it loses the valuable insights of the survey. It can be the first week, first month or maybe after months. Surveys at the right time yield better results.

4. Take a straightforward approach

Ask straightforward questions, and give employees the option to choose their career path inside the firm rather than merely assess their experience. This goal will very certainly not be achieved by avoiding the issue. Instead, ask the questions that will assist them in evaluating their own performance and planning ahead of time.


By linking your onboarding feedback survey with other input from across the employee lifecycle, you can create links between the onboarding experience and other critical lifecycle events ranging from development and engagement to attrition. This is a critical stage in demonstrating the effect and value of your onboarding process, as well as modeling the impact of any changes you make.

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