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There are thousands of companies stuck using antiquated, non-intuitive phone survey software. That leads to frustration among survey creators and interviewers, which hurts the organization in a figurative way. The lost productivity from below-average hourly talk times caused by inefficient CATI and dialer systems is a far more real pain: it hurts the bottom line. Those two distinct pains usually serve as the catalyst to switch phone survey systems and start solving the problem.

Ironically, pain is also the #1 worry that organizations have that prevents them from taking the leap to a better phone system as well. Switching is expected to be a huge commitment, and a tremendous drag on time and resources to make it happen correctly. It’s that fear of pain that keeps them using the original CATI software and dialer, as much as it might hurt. For some, it’s an endless cycle.

So what are the perceived pains involved in switching telephone survey software, and how can you minimize the hurt, or avoid it altogether? We talked with the Voxco transition services team to find out why companies are so afraid of switching, and how the team minimizes the pain and maximizes the benefits.


Switching means downtime, right? No phone survey organization wants to commit to long periods of inactivity while software and hardware get installed, databases are transferred, and users get trained. The undefined length of time that the organization could be nonoperational is a big worry, mostly because it’s an unknown.

The Voxco transition services team works during off hours and in batches to install Voxco CATI and Voxco Dialer. This ensures that as many interviewers as possible remain active at all times. And the gains in productivity from using a better survey platform can quickly outweigh short bursts of downtime.

Data integrity

Keeping stored data secure throughout the switching process is essential. The assumption is that the act of transferring data is time-consuming, and risky. There’s a very real worry that respondent and response data will be lost in the process.

Our transition team are data integrity experts. We maintain high security levels through the entire data transfer process and work with your organization to ensure data stays safe.

Survey replication

It’s not just data that needs to be transferred, but the phone surveys need to replicated on the new CATI platform. Active surveys, surveys in development, and past surveys. Project managers have valid worries about how much effort is required to accurately copy relevant projects from one CATI platform to another.

Our Pro Services team spends their days creating, replicating, and editing surveys on Voxco CATI. We even include a free block of their time in our transition process to ensure that your most important surveys are up and running ASAP. For those surveys you choose to replicate yourself, rest assured: our training team and intuitive platform will have your team up and running in no time.


Even if the physical software switch and hardware installation are handled by experts, what about the day-to-day users – the interviewers? They don’t know how the new CATI platform works, and managers worry that it could take a long time to get them comfortable enough to be productive.

The Voxco transition team includes trainers who are familiar with our leading competitors’ phone survey systems. Our training caters to your existing knowledge and expertise: it’s customized to the CATI system you used in the past, and your overall comfort level with phone survey project management.

Service & Support

There are a ton of CATI software platforms in the industry where the support team is impossible to reach. So new clients want to know: how reachable is your support team?

We serve a specialized client list at a very personal level. Our follow-the-sun support team is reachable almost any time, and prioritize newer phone system clients who are transitioning to Voxco for the first time.

Remove the pain

We know how worried survey organizations are about switching telephony systems. The worries are usually quite valid, and the effort needed could be significant.

The Voxco transition services team has one goal in mind: to be the antidote to your pain. Everything we do is designed to reduce pain: reducing the pain of using outdated platforms, and reducing the pain of switching. They do this by customizing the transition process to each organization’s specific needs. Learn more about how painless switching telephony systems can be for you.

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