5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates


5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template
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For a paying customer, experience with your company influences their decision of future transactions. They expect you to deliver an exceptional experience in return for their purchase. So where do you start? 

At the core of customer experience strategy, you need to understand how satisfied customers are with their interactions with your brand. Luckily, customer satisfaction surveys enable you to understand how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are with your product, services, or the brand in general. 

In this article, we will cover the five types of customer satisfaction survey templates and examples of survey questions. 

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What is a customer satisfaction survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys can be looked at as a questionnaire used by businesses to understand better what their customers think about their products and services in the market. Doing so helps the brands improve their products, enhance user experience and deliver quality products. 

This type of CX survey helps you evaluate customers’ needs, understand their concerns/issues with the product or service, uncover potential markets, and gauge market growth.

Businesses conduct CSAT surveys on a regular basis to keep in touch with the quality of customer experience that is being provided and to know how it can be improved. Next, we will look at some customer satisfaction survey templates to understand what kind of questions you can ask in your next customer satisfaction survey. 

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5 Types of customer satisfaction survey templates

To understand how you can improve the experience, you have first to understand the drivers behind customer experience. The best way is by creating customer surveys.

There are various types of customer satisfaction survey templates that you can use to gather feedback depending on the research objective. Here we will discuss the five customer survey template examples and the type of insights you can gather. 

01. Net promoter score

Your customers’ loyalty is what makes you stand out in the market. Loyal customers bring in consistent revenue and prosperity into the organization. 

5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template

NPS® survey asks a single question to gauge customer loyalty and segments respondents into three categories: promoters, passives, and detractors. 

→Promoters are the ones who promote your brand to their circle as a marketing campaign. 

→Passives are those who don’t say either good things or bad things about your brand. 

→Detractors are those who give negative words out in the market regarding your brand.

The survey template allows you to uncover how many customers have problems with your products/services and how many love them. You can use the score to identify areas of improvement, track changes in customer satisfaction over time, and benchmark internally and externally. 

You can also follow up with the detractors, passives, and promoters to understand their reason behind the score and uncover how you can deliver an exceptional experience. The simplest way to create an NPS survey is to use survey software like Voxco, which allows you to add open-ended questions and uncover the sentiment behind customer feedback. 

02. Satisfaction survey

In the list of customer satisfaction survey templates, we have to mention the CSAT survey. In this survey, you ask customers about their satisfaction with various aspects and areas of the service/product. The questions are related to asking customers to rate their experience on a scale and then further explain it in the next questions. 

5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template

This type of customer survey template gives you granular insights as to which areas serve the most trouble and can be fixed at the earliest. With a more detailed view, you can uncover what is the driving factor for customer behavior. 

A customer satisfaction survey can offer a wide range of information, such as: 

  • Overall satisfaction with the brand and its products or services. 
  • Satisfaction with specific aspects of their experience with the product or service. 
  • Areas for improvement. 
  • Customer’s preferences and needs.

A satisfaction question helps you learn how happy your customers are with their experience, which indicates how successfully you have met their needs. 

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03. Customer effort score survey

CES or customer effort score survey evaluates how much effort your customers or users had to exert to complete a specific task or resolve an issue. You can use this survey type to measure the ease of using your app, navigating through your website, resolving customer support issues, making a reservation, etc. 

5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template

The survey question gives respondents a scale of 1-5 or 1-7 and asks them to rate how easy of difficult it was to complete a task. The purpose is to understand the effort and time required by a customer to complete an interaction. 

As a type of customer satisfaction survey template, CES survey question helps you identify how satisfied your customers are with their experience or interaction. A high score indicates dissatisfaction which can reduce customer loyalty. 

A CES survey helps you gather the following types of insights: 

  • Specific pain points or areas of improvement.
  • Competitive benchmarking on business performance.  
  • Scores to predict loyalty and retention.

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04. Point-of-conversion survey

This type of customer satisfaction survey template helps you measure customers’ experience leading up to the moment of conversion. The survey is conducted when a customer completes a desired action, e.g., subscribing to a service, making a purchase, downloading an ebook, etc.  

5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template

Point-of-conversion survey insight helps brands understand what is keeping people from turning into a loyal customers and what factors influence their decision to convert. 

This type of customer survey template offers a wide range of insights, as follows. 

  • Customer demographic data. 
  • Satisfaction with the conversion process. 
  • Customers’ motivation for taking action. 

Using these insights, you can make strategic decisions on how you can leverage the driving factors to drive conversion rates and revenue.

05. Customer retention survey

Customer retention is defined as keeping existing customers and serving them in a way that will make them stay loyal to your brand. In retention surveys, you can uncover why customers would continue doing business with your company in the future.

5 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Customer satisfaction survey template

Using a rating scale, you can measure customer satisfaction with specific aspects of the products or services. This question can also help you uncover the customers’ likelihood to continue using the brand’s product/services. This type of customer satisfaction survey template helps you identify customers who are the risk of churning and who can convert into brand ambassadors. 

You can leverage the customer retention survey by gathering the following types of insights. 

  • Customers at risk of churning, their reasons, and pain points. 
  • Competitive benchmarking to identify where your business is failing. 
  • Customer satisfaction to understand the potential retention.

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Types of questions in a customer satisfaction survey template

The type of questions you use in your CSAT survey can make a big difference in the type of insights you gather. To improve response rates and gather accurate insights, use the following four types of sample customer satisfaction survey questions. 

1. Rating scale question:

A rating scale question provides respondents the option of rating a specific aspect of customer experience on an odd or even scale. An odd rating scale includes polar ends and a neutral score, while an even rating scale only includes polar ends. 

Make sure to use a consistent rating scale throughout your customer survey template to gather consistent data. 

Examples of rating scale questions: 

  1. How would you rate the packaging of the product?
  2. How would you rate your satisfaction with the price of the product?
  3. How satisfied are you with the payment options?

2. Likert scale question:

This question type helps you gathers customers’ opinion about the question’s subject in by giving them options for their responses. Like the rating scale, the Likert scale also offers odd or even scales ranging from one extreme to another. However, in this scale, the numbers are associated with attributes such as satisfied to unsatisfied or agree to disagree. 

Example of a Likert scale question: 

  1. How satisfied are you with our customer service agent?
  1. Very satisfied
  2. Satisfied
  3. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  4. Dissatisfied
  5. Very dissatisfied

3. Binary question:

A simple yes or no question helps you gather accurate answers. While odd rating scales allow respondents to select a neutral answer, a binary question makes them select a positive or negative answer. 

This helps you gather definite and specific answers you need to improve customer experience. 

Examples of binary questions: 

  1. Was the documentation helpful?
  2. Were you happy with the shopping experience?

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4. Open-ended question:

The most important question in a customer satisfaction survey template is the open-ended question. This question allows respondents to express themselves and share their opinions or suggestions. With text analysis, you can see the experience from a customer’s perspective and uncover the pain points or driving factors. 

Instead of a stand-alone question, use an open-ended question at the end or after a closed-ended question that you would like to explore more. 

Examples of open-ended questions: 

  1. How does this product help you in your daily life?
  2. Do you have any suggestions to improve the quality of the product?
  3. What would be the first thing you would change in this product, given a chance?

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It is ideal, to link your customer satisfaction survey with a specific touchpoint in the customer journey to gather meaningful insights. When you want to gather actionable insights and nurture satisfied customers measuring customer satisfaction should be a key strategy. 

A well-designed customer satisfaction survey template can be a valuable tool for you to identify customers’ needs and preferences. You can gather data on KPI for customer satisfaction and improve overall CX.

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