Incorporating a live interviewer in your survey strategy is a tactic that has been used by researchers for years, and yet it remains a very useful practice to collecting meaningful data from respondents today.

However, what is being done to experiment with the flexible capabilities of CAPI technology –  to approach face-to-face surveys in a unique way?  

Using advanced CAPI software can act as a powerful tool that opens the door to dozens of new uses. Think of personal interviewing software that empowers teams to access more respondents from a wider sample.

What is CAPI?

 CAPI is defined as Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, in which an interviewer enters to survey questions onto a tablet or phone as the interview is taking place.

1. Frontline for Respondents

Let’s begin with a more straightforward use case for the software: CAPI surveys can act as the first gateway to deeper data from engaged respondents down the line. For example, a quick in-person survey can lead to a follow-up self-complete survey and can eventually lead to an invite to join a curated panel.

When using CAPI as an ingredient in a richer multi-channel survey system, personal interviewing software can be used as a first step to a longer, more engaged path to getting quality insights from respondents in many forms.

interview in street

2. Elderly Needs Assessment Surveys

As we age, it becomes challenging for some to remain independent in our homes. Healthcare researchers, government, and home care services often use CAPI software to conduct needs assessment surveys and data collection.

The health care professionals conduct an in-house computer assisted personal interview with elderly respondents and their caregivers to evaluate living situation and health needs. With CAPI insights and a resulting assessment, elderly and disabled individuals can be supported with a customized care plan.

3. Multilingual Self-Completion

Connecting with tourists around the world can be difficult, as there is the hurdle of language for interviewers to overcome with international respondents.

However, the insights collected at these locations are incredibly important; they can allow market researchers and tourist boards to make informed decisions about what’s driving the local tourism economy. An effective CAPI tool should allow interviewers to seamlessly change the language of the survey and turn the device towards the respondent for a direct answer.

4. Live Event Dashboards

File under “another unexpected use case”: CAPI tools can be used for a fun and engaging live results displays at events, whether it be a tradeshow or conference.

At these events, organizations can incorporate interesting questions into a face-to-face interview and as interviewers chat with event attendees, the responses to the questions are synchronized via Wifi with the results on a live display.

The results start meaningful conversations between interviewers and respondents and encourage participation in further surveys later on. Not to mention, this tactic will drive brand awareness in its uniqueness!

The many uses of CAPI software is not necessarily limited to those mentioned above!

Whether you’re using CAPI software for the tried and true purpose of in-person field work, or something a little different, working with these outreach tools will streamline your data collection processes and allow you to further become an information leader within your organization.

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