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Businesses focus more on the data that comes in and out of their systems from time to time, especially the customer data. Data and customers both are the driving force behind any business. That is why most of them have adapted to customer 360 views. 

Customer 360 view is nothing but a technique of providing one single true view of the customer data. This data can be accessed by the teams to make their important business decisions or results that will go into bigger projects. Customer 360 view is one place for all the customer-related data like customer demographics, purchase history, business interactions, product and price preferences, etc. Cross-functional teams like sales, marketing, customer services can refer to this data and can come up with solutions in unison. 

But you cannot really bring out the best from customer 360 view if the organization as a whole doesn’t know how to operate with a single customer data source. In this article, we will take a look at 360 training customer service and how the teams can get used to the practice of customer 360 views.

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360 customer service training

  • Empower employees 

To start with the customer 360 views, you need to make your employees aware of the benefits. Conduct seminars, workshops on how to get used to the new data sourcing and warehousing technique. Every team and department inputs some customer data, all of it has some importance to the ultimate customer view. 

Make sure the employees from every team knows how to log the data in the dataset and how to access the same data respective of its nature and category. 

  • Customer queries 

Train your employees to never say “no” to the customers. It is important to address their doubts and queries first hand and in an efficient way so that they don’t feel frustrated or handled arrogantly. 

In the case where a particular employee is unable to attend to the customer, train them to be empathetic and patient towards the customers and handle them with concern and calm.

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  • Decision making 

Of course, there is one single source of customer data. But how do you make the best out of it? Being able to catch the appropriate customer data and using it correctly in the decision-making process is an important part of 360 customer service training. The data is organized according to its nature and category, the teams are supposed to pick the relevant data with respect to their study. 

  • Data delivery 

Putting the data in the right direction and making efficient decisions out of it is what makes an organization successful and customers happy. Train your employees to believe that every step they take needs to be towards a better customer experience. 

Customers are satisfied when they get what they expect. With right business decisions, ultimately affect the customer experience. Customer 360 view cuts down the waste of cost and time that goes into figuring out the errors and tracing back the incorrect information.

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