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What is customer 360?

Customer 360 or customer 360 view is referred to a method of data management and data warehousing. Customer 360 helps you make sure that all the cross-functional teams are referring the customer related information from one single data source. This source integrates the data regarding customers coming from various sources, and keeps the true data in a place from where it is accessible to all the teams in the organization.

Customer 360 helps the organization view the customer data from all the angles they want to. The data includes all the customer interaction with the business, website and product engagement, product reviews and opinions on the social platforms. Operational teams like sales, marketing, finance might need those information to make insights and decisions for the business to thrive.

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How can customer 360 can help customer service?

  • Accurate customer information 

Customer 360 serves right when teams need to access to the “true” data. As a single source of truth, they get all the customer information needed in one single place. How is this “true” data possible? When the customer data is integrated, it is checked for its validity. It is called single version of truth. It is a data that is agreed upon by the organization to be the one true form of data that best represents the organization. 

So when teams access this data, it is confirmed that it is the true version. 

  • Important customer insights 

Customers come up with so many channels to make contact with the business, all according to their convenience. It can be a phone call, a comment under a post related to your business or product, shopping app reviews, surveys answers and what not. All this data is in every form possible. So when you sit down to actually compile all this data, it becomes a hectic task, let alone getting hold of the really important data. 

With customer 360 view, you get all the data integrated in one place without your intervention to compile it. You get all the customer information, their purchase history, contact information, business interactions and much more in one place with 100% accuracy and correctness. It is due to the process when it goes through the approval of the important team members before declaring as a single version of truth.

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

  • Customer ease 

When you have like multiple data sources to study from, it obviously creates a hustle. In the process, many data-driven errors can happen like data redundancy, biases, and loss of data. Although, there are many cases where businesses have faced loss of data due to poor data management and warehousing. And when that happens, where do you recover the data from? The customer. There will be some data that you will need to go to the customer to retrieve again from them. This shows poor customer experience. And more trouble to the customer to again and again provide all the data. 

  • Manage channels 

Managing omni-channel approach through customer 360 view becomes easy. You can get all the data coming from various sources, integrated in one place. this enhances the data management process and makes it easy for the teams to access the data that they want, the right data at the right time. 

  • Brand loyalty

Having the right customer 360 views in place means listening to the customer. And what else is the best way to up the loyalty of your brand right? All your data about customers will be in one place, which makes it easy to access for the teams and especially is an efficient solution for those who interact directly with the customers.

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