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30 Customer Experience Survey Questions to Ask your Customer

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Customer experience excellence correlates with customers’ likelihood to recommend, loyalty, and willingness to repurchase. As 71% of customers end their relationship with a brand due to poor customer service, delivering an exceptional customer experience is extremely important for businesses to thrive in this digitally-driven world. 

So, to make your customers happy, it’s important to truly understand them (and their choices) and figure out what they think about your brand. That’s where a customer experience survey can help! Companies that regularly gather feedback and act on them succeed in uncovering the flaws and achieving CX excellence. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the customer experience survey questions that can help you make the most of your CX surveys.

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What is a customer experience survey?

Customer experience surveys enable you to capture customer sentiment and evaluate their experience from their perspective. 

To gather actionable customer feedback about your brand, you must ask them the right customer survey questions. Providing constructive criticism isn’t the customer’s duty; surveyors should create thought-provoking customer experience survey questions that can solicit insightful information.

Based on what you need to measure, you can ask various customer experience survey questions to get a pulse on your CX. However, it’s essential to define your objectives before creating customer survey questions so you’ll be aware of the data you’re trying to uncover. 

Leverage a market research tool to conduct CX surveys at regular intervals and gather valuable insights. 

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3 metrics to measure using customer experience surveys

 30 Customer Experience Survey Questions to Ask your Customers - Voxco customer experience survey questions (700 MSV

Customer experience survey questions allow you to evaluate the customer journey at every touchpoint. The questions allow you to evaluate consumers’ satisfaction with the product/service, their experience with the brand, and their loyalty toward the brand. Leverage a customer experience platform that allows you to gather real-time data on key metrics. 

Here are the three metrics you can measure using a CX survey. 

1. NPS surveys: Measures loyalty

NPS question is a strong indicator of customer loyalty. A single “likelihood to recommend” question allows you to gauge the loyalty and sentiment of your consumers. 

Here are examples of NPS® question variations that you can use to create a pulse survey: 

  1. I am ______  to recommend your brand to my friends. 
    1. Very likely
    2. Likely
    3. Neutral
    4. Unlikely
    5. Very unlikely
  1. On a scale of 0-9, how likely are you to recommend the product to your family?
  2. On a scale of 0-5, how likely are you to recommend our cafe to your friends?

2. CSAT survey: Measure general satisfaction

Customer satisfaction or customer experience surveys tell you whether your customers and consumers are satisfied with your products and services. The feedback helps you identify the reasons for declining sales and validate business decisions. 

You can ask the following customer survey questions to create an effective survey: 

  1. Please select the proper adjective to define your experience with our product. 
    1. Very satisfied
    2. Satisfied
    3. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
    4. Dissatisfied
    5. Very dissatisfied
  2. On a scale of 0 to 10, rate your satisfaction with our app/website.
  3. How would you rate your satisfaction with our service today?
  4. Rate the quality of the product delivered to you today.

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3. CES survey: Measures quality of service

Customer effort score evaluates the ease with which the customer performs a task. It is a lifetime value indicator that tells why customers drop off before completing the task. 

You can measure the effort score by presenting it in the following ways:

  1. [Company name] made it easy for me to handle my issue today. 
  2. On a scale of 0 to 10, how easy was it to use [product name]?
  3. To what extent would you agree with the statement: It was easy to understand the features of Product X.

Customer experience survey questions that you must ask

 30 Customer Experience Survey Questions to Ask your Customers - Voxco customer experience survey questions (700 MSV

CX surveys evaluate customers’ happiness and satisfaction with your products, services, and overall brand. The data helps you design your CX strategy, improve the overall experience and enhance product and service quality.

To help you inspire your survey, we have listed commonly asked customer survey questions in a CX survey. We have divided the questions into the following categories: 

  • Post customer support
  • Product feedback
  • Customer effort
  • General customer experience 

Let’s see what kind of data you can gather from these questions.

Post customer support questions

Always include customer experience survey questions about customer service. It will help you assess customer support performance and identify how much training the agents need to deliver a better CX. 

1. On a scale of 0 to 7, how would you rate the quality of customer support?

Use the general question after a support call to gauge the quality of the service from the customer’s perspective. This data will help paint an overall picture of the qualify of customer support and help you determine how and when you should follow up. 

2. Did you receive help in time?

The timeliness of customer service is as important as the quality. If your customer has to wait a long time, they will likely be dissatisfied with your company. Gather customer feedback to identify training opportunities. 

3. How would you rate the responsiveness of the assigned support agent?

This type of question can give you insight into your agent’s (or team’s) ability to adapt to any conversation and offer personalized help. Use this chance to evaluate the agent’s performance and identify if the scripts need change or the agents need training. 

4. On a scale of 1-5, how knowledgeable was the customer service agent?

The knowledge of customer service agents regarding issues customers face is a key factor in customer satisfaction. If the customer feels that the agent was not knowledgeable enough and couldn’t help resolve the issue, it will lead to a negative experience. 

5. How would you like us to improve our customer service?

Using an open-ended question can help you gather a diverse range of opinions and suggestions on how you can improve customer service. It can help you identify what you are doing right and where you need to refine the service. 

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Product feedback questions

 30 Customer Experience Survey Questions to Ask your Customers - Voxco customer experience survey questions (700 MSV

Among other customer experience survey questions, product feedback, helps you understand whether you are meeting customers’ expectations or not. It helps you validate the products and better understand where you are failing to hit the hammer. 

6. How would you describe our product?

This question will help you understand if your product is well-received among the target market. The feedback will explain how your customers see your product. 

Is it ‘overpriced’, ‘buggy’, ‘slow’, or a ‘knock-off’? Or is it ‘worth the money’, ‘next-best product’, ‘unique’, ‘high-quality’, or ‘reliable? 

7. How well does Product X meet your needs?

Meeting the customer’s needs is the prerequisite of every brand. Use customer feedback to understand where you are lacking. 

8. On a scale of 0-7, how likely are you to recommend [product name] to your friends or colleagues?

This client experience question enables businesses to understand the customer pain points related to their product or service. 

Based on the rating given by customers, they can be categorized as promoters (9-10), passives (7-8), or detractors (0-6). 

9. In comparison to our competitors, do you find our product/service better, worse, or about the same?

Being straightforward and easy to measure, this customer experience survey question helps you get a clear picture of your products compared to your competitors.  

10. Given the chance, what changes would you make in Product X?

This question allows customers to share their needs regarding the product. It helps you identify features or functionalities you might have missed. Use the feedback to plan a product upgrade that meets the customer’s needs and wants. 

11. Was the product you received the same as it was described on the website?

Receiving a product that doesn’t match the description is a road to churn. Whether it is a fault in marketing/product information or in the delivery service department, you need to resolve the issue before it becomes a potential danger. 

Don’t limit this question to once or twice. Proactively ensure that customers have received the expected product.

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Customer effort questions

Consumers won’t spend too much time learning how to use your product. Customers are likely to churn if you make the interface or the product more complicated. Use the following as your customer experience survey questions to evaluate the effort consumers put into getting work done. 

12. Did you find the content/information you needed on our website?

The feedback empowers you to work on the areas that need rectification. As customers happy with a website’s navigation are more likely to return and bring more customers, too. 

13. How easy is our website/app navigation?

This a must-have question that tells you how user-friendly your app or website is. No one wants to spend time playing maze on a website/app. 

14. How much effort did you put forth to resolve your query?

If a customer has to spend time chasing your support agent to get their query/request resolved, it reflects poorly on your company. Quick response and action will help boost customer retention. 

15. How did the effort compare to your expectations of us?

Use this question to understand if the product/service needs simplification or if is it easy for customers to navigate through. It could be that customers expect your product to be more difficult than it is. This means you have exceeded their expectation.

General experience questions

 30 Customer Experience Survey Questions to Ask your Customers - Voxco customer experience survey questions (700 MSV

You can use general customer experience survey questions for an annual satisfaction survey or as a satisfaction tracking survey. These questions allow you to gather feedback over a customer lifecycle. Use the following survey questions to gather insightful data about the customer journey. 

16. How likely are you to shop again from our website?

Repeat purchase signals satisfaction and loyalty. While you can use google analytics to see how many people bought from your website again, you can’t learn about their reason for repurchasing. Ask your customer to capture their intent and understand their level of satisfaction. 

17. What are 2 reasons that would stop you from buying this product?

Instead of assuming why customers may have stopped buying, just ask them. Use the opportunity to understand what your products or services lack that may make customers stop buying from you. 

18. How would you describe us to someone?

Understand the general perception and image your customers have of your brand, products, and services. It will help you evaluate if you have successfully communicated the brand message to your target audience. You can use the insights to refine the brand message. 

19. How would you rate, on a scale of 0 to 10, your shopping experience with us?

Gauge customers’ overall shopping experience and how they felt about it using this question. The data would help you predict if a consumer made a repurchase or churn based on their satisfaction. You can follow up to dive deeper into their experience and sentiment. 

20. Do you have any suggestions for us on how we can improve our services for you?

Use a CX survey to capture the voice of customers.  Allow them to share some insights and suggestions. It can help you uncover issues or insights that you had not expected. 

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What are the types of customer experience survey questions?

Here are six question types that you can use for your CX surveys. Your online survey tool should provide you with these basic survey question types. Let’s see what these five types of questions are.

1. Multiple-choice questions

Being a popular question type in CX surveys, multiple-choice questions enable customers to select answers from a predefined list of options.   

2. Likert Scale questions

The likelihood to recommend questions is one of the key questions your survey software should offer. Likert scale questions can help gather customers’ feedback and opinions using a psychometric scale. 

3. Dichotomous or binary scale questions

A dichotomous question is mainly used for screening purposes in a CX survey. This question type can help to limit the ambiguity that usually arises with the subjective responses of the customers.

4. Rating scale questions

Rating questions are used in surveys to gather customer feedback in a comparative form for a specific product or service. This question type enables the customers to rate a product feature or attribute effectively. 

5. Open-ended questions

An open-ended survey question enables customers to answer freely depending on their understanding, perception, and knowledge.

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Making the most of your customer experience survey questions

To ensure you gather relevant data, you must ask the relevant questions. Here, we have shared four tips to create a survey in the right way

1. Keep it simple

Using confusing or extremely wordy questions in your CX survey can irritate your customers, and they might not participate in it. Adding simple questions will give you accurate results. 

2. Don’t include restrictive answer choices

If the answer options are limited, customers may get frustrated. They might abandon your survey or answer inaccurately. Include options like “others” in your survey that lets customers add their own answers. 

3. Never ask too many questions

Asking too many questions can irritate the customers, and they might quit your survey. It’s important to not interrogate your respondents with highly intrinsic questions page after page.  

4. Avoid repetitive questions

There’s no doubt that customers don’t like answering surveys. So, it’s essential to avoid asking repetitive questions in your survey. This not only saves respondents’ time but elevates their overall experience also. 

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A customer experience survey enables you to capture customers’ sentiments, thoughts, and opinions about your brand, its products, and services.CX surveys can be used with online survey software.

Customer experience surveys help you assess the quality of the overall experience you are delivering at every touchpoint. Be it via product or service, the survey created with online survey software helps you evaluate how satisfied your customers are with their experience. It acts as an indicator of customer retention, loyalty, and repurchase.

Plan your customer experience surveys according to the purpose. Are you trying to measure a key metric, or is it a generic annual survey? Or do you want to conduct it after a customer touchpoint, such as a product order or customer support call? Determine the desired outcome and plan the survey schedule. The best advice is to use customer experience survey software.

The survey should not take more than 15 minutes for a respondent. There should be 8 to 15 customer experience survey questions to ensure that the respondents don’t drop off. Ask relevant and direct questions. If you must add too many questions use survey software that allows you to add skip logic.