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Brand health is a reflection of brand performance as a result of creating seamless customer experiences. Brand health is highly influenced by the brand’s ability to identify unique opportunities of serving peculiar customer needs and translating these intangible opportunities into directed actions that help achieve organizational objectives.

Brand health covers a variety of aspects which are , but not limited to :

Evaluating all these areas thoroughly gives a comprehensive standing of the brand in the current market scenario. Such data is imperative for the brand to draw conclusions about the ways in which they can improve customer journeys and with it , the brand health.

Here are few easy steps in which any brand can gauge and improve their overall brand health.

Brand Awareness Guide

Understand where you lack

The data that you collect needs to be organized to derive areas where the brand lacks and stands out. Organization needs to be done so that every stakeholder is able to understand problem facets and can accordingly formulate an informed strategy to cure the issues.

The persistence of brand issues is signaled by :

  • Customer and target market perception of the brand being low
  • Higher number of brand detractors than promoters
  •  Weak brand recall and remembrance
  • Low product and service relevance ratings
  • Volatile profit margins
  • Competitive brands outperforming and gaining market share
  • Product failures and low market acceptance
  • Low social media engagement
  • Low on – website time and search volume

Pinpointing precise areas of backdrop help direct the flow of investment and planning in the right direction. It is prudential to conduct regular checks on these areas to ensure timely follow ups.


Set short term goals


Based on the problems encountered , renew your goals . The renewed goals must be conveyed to the entire organization to ensure clarity to every department personnel. Goals must be defined in such a way that they are in line with the long term objectives and can be feasibly achieved with a certain time frame.

These goals must cover aspects that generate good customer experiences , engagement, positive market approach , competitive advantage and greater online presence.

Unrealistic standards can make achievement of goals , a difficult task and can affect employee morale. Time study , personnel and resource availability are certain pre-requisites that every brand must take care of .

Brand Tracking

Track implementation

Once strategies have been formulated , it’s imperative to keep a tab of the pace and degree of implementation.

Tracking progress helps in assessing the effectiveness of the formulated strategy in removing hindrances to good brand health. Monitoring short term goals allows the management to make modifications to bring about greater efficiency and revive brand health for continued operations and growth.


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