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21 Market Research Tools you should be looking at in 2021

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In today’s hyper competitive world, Market research is one of the most efficient ways to stay ahead of the competition. It helps gather in depth insights in terms of many aspects – be it the product, the end customer, the target markets, your competitors, advertisements etc. Vital information in terms of demographics, customer buying patterns and a lot more. With market research, you have the  freedom to test your ideas and zero in on the best one to get the best results. A little investment in a good market research tool goes a long way in determining the success of an organization. Nowadays market research tools are packed with features like real time insights, ability to generate reports, diverse range of question types, omnichannel capabilities etc. There are a plethora of market research tools available, each unique in their own way. Having trouble zeroing in on the market research tool that is best suited for your business needs? Well, worry not since we have come up with an exhaustive list of tools that will save you the trouble of going to multiple websites. So read on to find out which Market Research Tool will help you achieve your goals

Voxco Survey Software

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Voxco Survey Software is an omnichannel survey platform that makes it simple to build and deploy market research surveys. Voxco’s unique platform allows you to conduct multilingual surveys, giving you the freedom to target a more diverse demographic. Advanced survey logic helps you design complex surveys with skipping and branching. The Voxco Research Cloud gives you the most options for reaching respondents – online, telephone, offline- Voxco is truly omnichannel. All modes are part of a single centralised platform, so the data stays in the same place no matter how you survey respondents. Voxco’s Panel Manager offers you a host of panel management tools to boost your survey response rates. Recruit and cultivate a devoted group of your most dependable survey respondents and/or customers. 

Voxco offers real-time reporting on survey participation. Get a head start on developing patterns in your research, then safely share your findings via a secure reporting site that lets you control user access rights and views. Voxco Online can be installed on-premise if you require complete control over the data collection or on cloud, saving money on infrastructure and upkeep. Dynamic Dashboards and Analytics allow you to visualize real time data in one click. With easy to build drag and drop surveys,  a wide range of question types and a powerful analytics tool, it is the one stop shop for all your market research needs right from data collection to visualization.

Pros : 

    • Saas or On Premise Hosting – Voxco is the only premier survey software company that allows organizations multiple hosting options. 
    • Omnichannel surveys – Conduct Online, Offline (Field Surveys) or Phone (CATI and IVR) surveys from one single channel 
    • Advanced Analytical Suite – Voxco Survey analytics software allows researchers to conduct sophisticated statistical analysis along with quick cross tabs, one click summaries and more. 
    • Advanced Survey Logic – With powerful survey logic, survey branching and survey piping, researchers can create personalized surveys at scale. 
    • White label survey tool – With custom design options, custom CSS, open HTML and ability to create custom domain and landing pages, create surveys that speak your brand language. 
  • Global 24×7 Support – Voxco’s technical multi-lingual support team is available round the clock to solve any issues that our clients face. 
  • Flexible Pricing Options – Voxco offers flexible pricing models which are based on the requirements of organizations. 


The Pew Research Center

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The Pew Research Center is a nonprofit organisation that operates to educate the public about societal concerns. They use polling, demographic research, and other data-driven social science research to make educated assessments of current trends on a variety of topics, including attitudes and policies, among populations all over the world. The topics provided on their website are : 

  • U.S. politics and policy
  • Media 
  • Journalism 
  • Science and Society 
  • Race
  • Ethnicity 
  • Religion 
  • Global Attitudes 
  • U.S Social trends 
  • And more


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Lookback, an integrated UX platform records real-time user experience insights. Researchers can engage with users directly and document how their experiences with a website, brand, or online service unfold using screen-sharing video technology. These recordings are saved on the dashboard of the platform for further study. Lookback allows organizations to understand how the end users are using their platform and therefore, reduces the gaps between assumptions and actual usage.

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Open Web Analytics

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Open Web Analytics (OWA) is a web analytics tool that can be self-hosted and is licenced under the GNU Public License. It allows website owners and developers to easily add tracking features to their sites using REST APIs, Javascript scripts, or PHP classes in order to better understand site performance.

Google Trends

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Google Trends is a new method to look at the world around us that Google has made available. This is a search tool that allows you to see how frequently people have looked for specific items over time! Simply enter relevant information such as your favourite celebrity or keyword, Google does its magic with “machine learning” – in which computers use a variety of factors to determine what makes searches popular, and watch as trends emerge on an interactive graph. Trends can be searched on a monthly or daily frequency.

Voxco Survey Panel Manager

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(Paid. Book a 10 min call with our team to know more)

Market Research is almost incomplete without panel research. If you have a loyal market research panel, you can generate high quality insights in minutes. Voxco Survey Panel Manager allows organizatiosn to recruit, nurture and engage panelists with built in integrations with Rybbon. .


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Researchers can conduct focus groups and one-on-one interviews with research participants using Discuss.io’s video conferencing platform. They help in identifying key areas in the customer’s decision making process. This platform also provides transcription, archiving, and clip-making capabilities to enable users better save, distribute, and analyse data.

Consumer Barometer

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Google has created a tool to assist marketers and businesses in better understanding their customers. The Consumer Barometer is based on data from tens of thousands of adults in 45 countries who have used Google services like YouTube or Gmail. This interactive website analyses what individuals are looking at on the internet to figure out when they’re most likely to buy jewellery or electronics.

Voxco Survey Panel Manager

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(Paid. Book a 10 min call with our team to know more) 


Market Research is almost incomplete without panel research. If you have a loyal market research panel, you can generate high quality insights in minutes. Voxco Survey Panel Manager allows organizatiosn to recruit, nurture and engage panelists with built in integrations with Rybbon.

Small Business Economic Trends

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The Small Business Economic Trends report is published by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) every month. The report identifies small business expenditure trends and goals. The report includes a Small Business Optimism Index, which evaluates owner optimism. As a result, for B2B enterprises who sell to small businesses, it can be a valuable source of market research. It can be used by small business owners to get a sense of what their competitors are thinking.

Small Business Economic Trends

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Statista is a portal that offers up-to-date information on the state of numerous organisations and industries. Statista is an amazing resource for anyone looking into their alternatives before making any decisions on where they want to go in life, with simple access to data from all around the world!

It is of great help to all kinds of researchers, right from rookie college students to seasoned market researchers.


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StatCounter is an online analytics service that has tracking code deployed on over 2 million websites and collects billions of page views per month. When someone visits one of the dozens or millions of websites that use StatCounter, they can find out where they came from, what browser they used, and the screen resolution they utilised irrespective of the platform they rae using to do it – a phone, laptop or desktop. In addition, Statcounter analyses whether each page view was referred through search engine results (including Google) or social media sources such as Facebook.


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NielsenIQ is a  tool for retail and consumer intelligence which allows you to gather consumer insights, discover the optimal distribution channels for your product, and develop a line of items that caters to your target customers’ demands. This service assists you in considering all aspects of your product and provides forecasting data that forecasts how sales will perform after launch. On their roster of panelists and partners, NielsenIQ may also conduct consumer insights surveys.


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Tableau is a set of business intelligence tools that lets you link to nearly any data source. However, the information isn’t presented in long, exhaustive tables. Tableau, on the other hand, assists you in visualising this data in order to get insights, appeal to external stakeholders, and demonstrate the feasibility of your idea to possible investors.


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Targeting the correct audience, assessing the market, and gathering feedback are possible with Qualaroo.  On websites and apps, the surveys can be used for market research, checking NPS®, prototyping, monitoring CX and UX metrics, and more, with advanced targeting options to ensure good findings.


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We may simply use the data generated by participants in their daily lives to build a foundation for future research. Awario is a social media monitoring company that does a lot more than that. This platform allows businesses to be completely aware of what people are saying about them, the discussions they’re involved in, and to reach out across various platforms to interact and answer in kind, from news sites to blogs to social media.

TouchStone Research

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Market research techniques are getting increasingly difficult to engage in, but by incorporating new technology such as virtual and augmented reality, Touchstone Research has made new inroads. It has virtual reality and gamification study tools that can be deployed for a number of studies, including UX and product testing, surveys, and deep dives, to get the most out of research participants.

Voxco CATI Survey Software

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(Paid. Book a 10 min call or Schedule a demo to get personalized demo) 

Voxco CATI is the perfect choice for data collection centers for conducting phone surveys on a large scale. With a robust system with 0% downtime, integrated IVR survey software and auto dialer sotware that improves productivity by 400%, Voxco CATI survey software offers organizations plenty of advanced features to perform phone surveys easily. 

Voxco CATI is fully integrated with Voxco Online and Voxco Survey Analtycis software, thus organziations can conduct online, offline and phone surveys without using different systems.


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The Upwave brand marketing platform includes a customer research tool called Upwave Instant Insights. While it isn’t billed as a survey creator, it does allow you to run market research questionnaires aimed at gathering customer data. Instant Insights allows you to target specific audiences within Upwave’s partner ecosystem and visualise the data for important stakeholders and investors to examine.


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Heartbeat Ai is a emotion text-analytics platform that allows organizations to understand their open ended survey data. With their advanced technology, they understand the subconcious emotions embedded in the text replies of the customers or survey respondents and provide teams to enhance their customer experience by providing exact understanding of what triggered such a repsonse. 


Heartbeat Ai can categorize responses into relevant emotion categories from customers, chatbot replies, email conversations and product reviews.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free and simple to use tool for analysing website traffic. This system generates detailed activity statistics and can assist in painting a complete picture of who visits your site and what they desire

Google Analytics provides a complete overview of your website and can show the customer engagement on your website. Understand customer activity, dive into traffic sources by channels or geographic locations and look at customer journeys.

Answer The Public

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Answer the Public is the go-to tool for every market researcher. With information from billions of searches conducted across the globe, Answer the Public breaks down the auto suggest data for market researchers in a mind-map format. Researchers can understand what people are looking for, thus they can understand their painpoints and work accordingly to understand customer perceptions.


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(Paid start from $99/month)

Social Media is a gold mine for understanding customer emotions in real time. BrandMention’s social monitoring platform allows organizations to understand customer perceptions about the brand in real time by analyzing social media mentions. 

Their platform allows you to see sentiment analysis of the keyword of your choice along with different metrics like number of mentions, search volume and engagement (like, shares and comments).


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(Paid : Starts from $12/month)

Temper is a great way to understand customer emotions or sentiment by asking customer feedback using microsurveys. It allows the customer to click on one of the smileys (no questions included) and thus allows teams to understand how customers feel about their interaction with website, order, cart or an email. 

Temper surveys can be embedded on website or in an email.


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Zappi is an automated ad and innovation testing platform that allows brands to make data driven creative decisions. The platform allows brand professionals to predict advertisement effectiveness, monitor the brand perception and take strategic actions based on the real time customer perception studies. ZAPPI is a platform which automates the data collection and visualisation processes for market research projects. Researchers can build surveys, choose their samples, and report methods using external research providers’ platforms, and the rest will be done in the timeframe they specify.

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