At Voxco, we are always working to improve the products and services we offer our clients. As such, we do not often have time to sit back and think about all that we have accomplished throughout the year.

What better time to reflect on our achievements of 2018 than now, as we usher in the new year? We sat down with our teammates from Sales and Product to chat about key highlights, and our hopes for 2019!

GDPR and PII Features

An important, and sometimes angst-ridden, narrative which surrounded the survey industry in 2018 was the enactment of GDPR and privacy regulations. While it did place extra responsibility on survey organizations, at Voxco, we applaud the goal of protecting respondent privacy.

It’s an important component in ensuring respondents feel comfortable sharing their information in legitimate survey research. As such, we worked diligently to ensure our own processes and software are GDPR compliant and we are happy to say that our services are compliant with regulations!

We also went one step further and developed new software features to better manage personally identifiable information (PII).

What is personally identifiable information (PII)?

Personally identifiable information (PII) refers to any data that can possibly identify an individual. Any information that could potentially be used to distinguish a person and can be de-anonymized is also PII.

Now, our clients can easily manage such data to adhere to privacy requirement, including:

  • PII Flagging that makes it possible to flag any data as being personal data,
  • PII Access Restriction enables our clients to manage their employee’s access to personal data;
  • PII Anonymization enables clients to anonymize the personal data that they no longer need, thereby the data is no longer considered personal data;
  • PII Access Logging creates a log entry each time a user access a page that contains PII, helping clients understand if a user attempted to perform an unauthorized action outside their scope.
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Customer and Market Centric Updates

In addition to launching the new privacy features, this past year we also released a major upgrade to our survey platform. It included a refreshed UI and UX-focused interface, with closer platform integration between our different survey modes, and a host of new productivity features.

We regularly update our software based on customer feedback and shifts in the market. We believe that the best new features are the ones that help our clients do their jobs better and faster.

We have whole slew of new features in the pipe for 2019 – including the release of a new SaaS Dialer. Stay tuned!

Launch of Voxco Analytics

On top of working on our own roadmap, we are also always on the lookout for new partners who can help us offer complimentary products and services. This year we are pleased to have partnered with Market Sight, an industry leader in the data analytics space, to launch Voxco Analytics.  This newest Voxco product is a robust, easy to use data analysis and visualization system that integrates with our survey modes. It has never been easier to share response data in a convenient, user-friendly way.

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Team Building

And finally, for any team that works as hard as we do, it’s important to blow off steam and try new activities together! We tried some new things; including axe throwing, a local rapids ride, and escape rooms. We are definitely going to continue this tradition in the new year!

team building activities

Thank You to our Incredible Clients

This has been an amazing year, and we cannot thank our clients enough. It has been another record-breaking year for new clients, from different organizations across many industries. In addition to our new clients, we thank our existing client base for their continued support.

In the new year, we will be continuing to focus on rolling out software updates that are inline with customer and market demand, treating data of all kinds with respect, and growing as a team!