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10 Effective Ways to Build Brand Awareness


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What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of customer recognition of a brand by its name. Companies with solid brands catch people’s attention and remain memorable, achieving high brand awareness in the process. Increased brand awareness can prove highly advantageous to companies as it leads to increased customer trust and loyalty and lower price sensitivity.

Types of Brand Awareness

You can categorize brand awareness into the following five categories:

  1. Unaided Awareness: Unaided brand awareness, also known as brand recall, is the type of brand awareness where customers can recall your brand without being prompted with its name or attributes, but instead with an unprompted question about product category alone. 
  2. Aided Awareness: Aided brand awareness, also known as brand recognition, is when customers can recognize your brand when prompted with its name. 
  3. Visual Branding: Visual branding refers to customers’ ability to identify your brand when prompted with your brand’s advertisements, packaging, colors, or any other graphic symbols independent of the brand name itself. 
  4. Top of Mind: When a brand has top-of-mind awareness, it is the first brand customers consider when prompted with a product category. 
  5. Brand Dominance: Brand dominance is a type of brand awareness where customers can’t recall any brand but yours when asked an unprompted question regarding the product category. 

How to Build Brand Awareness?

Here is a list of 10 different strategies that you can use to build your organization’s brand awareness:

  1. Advertise on the Right Channels: It is essential to connect with your customers on the channels that they use most. Each advertising channel has a unique audience. Hence, it would be best to advertise on platforms where your target audience spends the most time. 
  2. Use Influencer Marketing: By connecting with influencers that produce content relating to your industry, you can use their network to grow your customer base and brand awareness.
  3. Use Content Marketing: Create more high-quality content for your page to garner more likes, shares, and comments. An increased engagement on your page is likely to translate to increased brand awareness. 
  4. Do Giveaways: People love free stuff! Exchange free products and prizes in exchange for social reach to provide users with an incentive to repost your content/posts, extending your exposure to their followers. 
  5. Give your Brand a Personality: Give your brand a personality and a voice that will resonate with your target audience and is true to your brand. It will help customers connect with your brand, which can potentially increase brand recall. 
  6. Work on Offline Campaigns: Don’t forget to devote some of your marketing efforts to offline campaigns. Billboards, brochures, and direct mail, still have a strong influence on brand awareness.
  7. Create Powerful Referral Programs: Provide customers with an incentive to refer your products/services to their friends and family. Customers will be happy to receive a discount or any other incentive you provide to them, and in turn, you will receive new potential customers. 
  8. Hold Social Media Contests: You can increase your brand awareness by running social media contests such as photo voting contests or simple trivia contests. It will catch users’ attention, and those who decide to participate will share content tagging your brand. 
  9. Improve SEO through User-intent Related Keywords: Incorporate informational keywords into your content. These keywords should relate to your industry and content categories. It will result in high search engine rankings that help boost your brand awareness.  
  10. Use Paid Social Advertising: Paid social advertising through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, is relatively cheap and can help expose your brand to a more significant amount of users who are a part of your target audience. 

FAQs on Brand Awareness

 Companies with high brand awareness benefit from increased customer trust, increased credibility, higher customer loyalty, lower price sensitivity, and so much more. Most brands strive to create a solid image to avail these benefits.

There are five main types of brand awareness:

  1. Unaided brand awareness
  2. Aided brand awareness
  3. Visual Branding
  4. Top of mind brand recall
  5. Brand Dominance

Unaided brand awareness refers to when customers recall a specific brand when asked an unprompted question about a product category. Top-of-mind brand recall is specific to the first brand that comes to a customer’s mind when asked a spontaneous question about a product category.

These are a few ways in which organizations can build their brand awareness by using social media as a tool:

  1. Use influencer marketing
  2. Use content marketing
  3. Increase your volume of video content

Brands such as Coca-cola, Apple, and Nike all have high levels of unaided brand awareness and have achieved top-of-mind brand recall within their respective product categories.

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