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What is brand positioning?

With hundreds and thousands of brands in the market, there arrives a need for the brands to build their own image and place in the customers’ minds. This is nothing but brand positioning. It determines how your brand is seen in the market, against its competitors and in the minds of the target customers. 

Brand positioning sets your brand apart in the market crowd, so when a customer looks for a cell phone, online clothes shop, a new vehicle, he is able to instantly spot your brand standing apart from all the other competitors in the same fields. 

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Examples of brand positioning

In the below examples, we will be looking at some famous brands that have their firm ground in the market in their respective sectors and how they achieved that with a mere well-established brand positioning strategy:

  • Tesla 

We have all known this brand of cars for its luxurious service. Although being one of the costliest cars in the world, Tesla was able to differentiate itself from the market on the grounds of its luxurious design, eco-friendly and electric operation and long-range running capacity. 

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk was able to establish the market with his brand, standing apart from all the gas-powered vehicles due to its electric operations. 

  • Apple

A very renowned name in the cell phone industry, Apple has its own standard and class. Despite of being a highly costing product brand, it is able to attract customer from all over the world based on the product value that it provides. 

Apart from the cell phones, it is also a luxury brand in creating laptops and other digital accessories. 

It was able to pull this success off by relating its customers to the brand qualities. Meaning, if you use an Apple product, you are an innovative, imaginative and creative person.

  • Nike 

Nike was initially established focusing on athletic shoes with an aim to be innovative and give a better performance. But today, along with athletic shoes, it also produces athletic outfits and accessories that help the customers enhance their performance. 

The marketing slogan “Just Do It” compels the athletes to push themselves and the ads and posters aren’t smiling people but hardworking athletes with their sport-mode on.

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  • Hubspot

Hubspot was able to build its entire brand around a fantastic concept of “inbound marketing” by providing marketing solutions for various brands. They have created a platform that is user-friendly and efficient. 

It also now provides email marketing that is being automated to provide an efficient marketing experience for the customers along with CRM, sales and services. 

  • Dollar shave club 

Dollar shave club entered the market when Gillette was owning 85% of the men’s razor market. The Dollar Shave Club won over the market by giving them what they exactly wanted – there was a cheaper way. 

Dollar Shave Club swooped Gillette and took over 50% of the men’s razor market until Unilever entered the race with a $1 billion takeover. 

  • Starbucks 

Starbucks pitched its brand in the market with a target audience of the office working class with a preference for premium products. They targeted to be in the “Third place” between home and office where people stop by to relax, catch up with their friends or even have informal meetings. 

They advertise their brands with the following points as a focus:

  • The best coffee
  • The finest milk used
  • Rich & smooth flavours
  • Natural & clean
  • 100% recycled paper use

All these features give the brand a unique sense of serving as a result of which the brand is able to deepen its roots over so many years.

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  • Amazon 

It is one of the leading e-commerce stores which is an excellent example of brand positioning. Amazon offers its customers a full-fledged shopping experience by making almost all the items in one place, at a cheaper price and making it easy to like or dislike the products.

The main factor that drives Amazon’s brand positioning is its well-established relationship with the customers over the years. 

  • Volkswagen 

With a trustworthy statement that lets people know they are here to stay, Volkswagen has been able to run the market. Due to their promising image, customers do not hesitate to purchase with them. 

The advertising shows cars that are durable and give a good performance even after years of use. The car parts are also easily available assuring customers of the availability of the service. 

  • Walmart 

Walmart is a very famous franchise that has established itself to be known as a store of the general crowd. The one-stop for common people make almost everything under one roof at affordable prices. 

It has positioned itself so well in the market and it is so widely spread across the country that many businessmen took inspiration from it and started their replicas in their countries. 

  • Dove 

Promoting the natural beauty of women, the dove has a well-positioned brand with a focus on the emotional side of the brand allowing people to connect to the brand. 

With the Real Beauty Campaign, where women were asked to describe themselves to a portraitist and then someone who knew the women would do the same. And surprisingly the latter would turn out even beautiful, letting the women know that all of them look even more beautiful through someone else’s eyes.

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