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Use graphic slider questions to create engaging surveys that perform well! 

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What is a graphic slider?

By providing respondents with a highly engaging scale, graphic slider survey questions feature an image that keeps on changing as the scale adjusts. This question type allows respondents to choose a response on a graphical scale and drag a slider to the value that matches it well. By using graphic sliders, respondents don’t need to add any text or numbers in their answers. 

Example of a graphic slider

Graphic Slider 21 1
Graphic Slider

Where is a graphic slider used?

Graphic slider questions are versatile and can be used effectively in cases like – when users need to select a value that falls between two different values. Graphic slider questions are far more effective than multiple choice questions when it comes to getting accurate responses from users in certain scenarios. Also, Graphic sliders are used in a situation where there can be multiple answers to a question or in cases where multiple attributes about a certain topic at hand are to be gauged.

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What are the advantages of using a graphic slider?

Gather feedback on multiple attributes: This question type allows respondents to give feedback on multiple attributes on a topic in a single shot, saving researchers the need to ask multiple questions. 

Easy to answer: Graphic slider survey questions are extremely simple to answer – respondents need only drag the slider to the value they deem appropriate. 

Reduced survey length: As you can add multiple graphic sliders to a single question – it reduces the overall survey length considerably, and helps decrease survey drop-off rates.

Responsive: With Voxco’s omnichannel survey software, researchers can add graphic slider questions to their surveys conducted on mobiles, desktops, and tablets with ease.

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