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Contact Center Workflow Management: Improve Contact Center Productivity

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Contact center workflow management plays a vital role in providing excellent customer experiences. 

In today’s expanding digital world, even when the customer makes a purchase online they prefer having a phone conversation with the customer service. A phone conversation between a customer and a customer service agent builds familiarity and trust. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, 57% of customers opt for a phone call when they need help from customer support. 

However, managing a contact center to resolve customer queries is time-consuming and least cost-effective. To bring a smooth flow of work in a contact center you will need effective call center software. 

Unless you employ the call center workflow software your supervisor has a tough time managing the chaos caused by the high volume of calls. Moreover, the customer will have to stay on hold for a longer time which will frustrate them. Bad customer experience is never a good sign for any company. According to a research study by Twilio, 41% would choose not to continue doing business with a company if they experience poor communication.

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What is a Contact Center Workflow Management?

Contact center workflow is better understood as steps through which a product/task has to go in order to reach the final step, i.e. completion. 

Contact Center workflow management is managing the workflow to ensure that it is efficient and accurate. Workflow is a complex procedure and requires supervision, and there comes workflow management. 

The procedure involves multiple employees working from multiple departments performing their roles at the right time with the right skills.

At a contact center, workflow management ensures that customer issues are being resolved and proper team functioning is taking place. Contact Centers have one main objective and that is to improve their customer experience and resolve any issue they face. 

Previously the call center connected the customer’s calls to an agent with Automatic Call Distributor which is hardware. The workflow operated through humans managing, planning, and executing. Now having been updated to software, the entire procedure has become much simpler and time and cost-efficient. 

The introduction of Workflow Management Software/ Workflow Automation empowers the agents giving them time to focus on important tasks. The productivity of the employees has increased and so did the customer experience. 

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Why should you opt for automation to enhance Contact Center Workflow Management?

Integration: Integrating your call center software with a CRM system is one benefit you should be looking for. Connecting to CRM helps in receiving more information about your customer which will lead to effective service. 

On integrating, the system identifies and collects all the information the database has on the customer based on previous interactions and delivers it to the agent. This gives agents a better understanding of the customer. Additionally, the agent can also provide fast and efficient service to the customer. 

Call Management: Contact center software allows an agent to have control over the call while also providing a recording feature for future assessment. The agent can hold, mute, or forward a call. The agent can set a queue when there are callers on hold.

Moreover, the software generates a ticket and tags the call to ensure that the issues are properly logged in and are sent to the right department/agent. 

Reporting: Contact centers need to have performance analytics based on the daily workload. The Workflow Management software allows obtaining data and generating reports to assess the efficiency of the agents.

As Ruby Garage said, call center software must provide you with a detailed performance report so that the company can check if the call center and agents are performing properly.

Advantages of using automation for Contact Center Workflow Management

Workflow automation is a tool that helps in keeping workflow management in check. Enhancing the technology in the call center and helping agents go through their work and satisfying the customers are some tasks accomplished by workflow software. Here are some major advantages of using workflow software.

Decrease in errors: Automated workflow helps eliminate errors or the need for repeating data entry. The records are kept up-to-date and consistent. Humans are more prone to error and updating software has reduced the possibility to cause any mistake in the data. 

Less after-call work: Updating databases, sending emails, filling up forms, and other such after-call tasks used to take up a meaningful portion of the day for the agents. It can be exhaustive and repetitive work can lead to mistakes. 

The automated workflow includes features that take the burden of these tasks off the agents. This saves time and permits the agents on focusing on other tasks or taking up more calls from customers. 

Employee productivity: Workflow automation gives employees more time to concentrate on other works and allows them to perform to the best of their ability. Repetitive tasks can make their job boring leading to an unhappy work environment and mistakes in the job. 

Workflow automation software takes on some of their tasks like sending follow-up reports, generating analytics, or sending emails which free the agents from difficult and exhaustive work.

Why choose Voxco for Contact Center Workflow Management?

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The Voxco Research Cloud is an omnichannel survey software. The software has in its spectrum Voxco CATI, Voxco’s Cloud Dialer, and Voxco IVR, allowing you to combine all three to create a phone survey system for exceptional efficiency. 

Voxco CATI 

With Voxco CATI you can integrate a telephony system of your choice, maximizing response rates. Additionally, it lets you manage your telephonic surveys centrally. 

The Voxco CATI Software allows:


  • Creation of highly complex surveys involving advanced questions types
  • Interviewers to switch between languages
  • Make survey changes without stopping the fieldwork. 
  • Access to sophisticated tools for fieldwork management like zone managements, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions
  • Easy management of single and multiple call center sites, reducing call center’s costs.

Voxco Cloud Dialer 
Voxco’s Cloud Dialer can work with your call center dynamically and improve productivity to the mark of 50%. Voxco Dialer includes a 4-in-1 solution that can improve the quality and speed of call connections. 

Moreover, with Voxco Dialer you can listen to live interviews or record for assessment in the future. The software can aid you in monitoring, measure and improve the contact center’s performance.


Voxco IVR Software
Voxco IVR is state-of-the-art, providing you a cost-effective way to deliver automated messages and deliver self-completion surveys to your customers. 

Voxco IVR allows you to respond right away when a customer calls. In case no agent is available, Voxco IVR survey software provides the caller the option to hold or reschedule. Moreover, you can also add options and customize.

With TCPA compliant systems used by world’s leading phone survey centers, you can ensure the highest safety standards for your database. Voxco’s cloud contact center can handle all the local security requirements around the world.

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