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Enable interviewers to seamlessly collect data with our integrated phone survey system! Facilitate best-in-class communication flow and drive substantial results with Voxco CATI – a comprehensive phone survey & call center management software.

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Ad Testing Survey Software is used to conduct advertisement effectiveness studies for ad campaigns launched during the product life cycle. Ad Testing is a market research study wherein, ads are shown to the panel of the target audience to gauge their response to the ads. The ad testing survey software is essential to collect feedback at a nascent stage to prevent high ad spends. 

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Why use Voxco’s CATI software?

Dynamic design tools for CATI Surveys

Leverage Voxco’s CATI software to effortlessly build powerful surveys with various question types and conditions. By enabling interviewers to switch multiple languages as & when needed, Voxco CATI helps to make changes on the go without putting fieldwork on halt. Moreover, you can manage the desired sampling requirements by defining state-of-the-art calling rules. Setting up projects in the right way has never been so simple! 

Advanced and integrated telephony system

Finding it difficult to change your existing telephony system? Not to worry! Voxco CATI software can be easily integrated with the telephony system of your choice. Get ready to maximize your dialing productivity by using the automated, manual, and hybrid dialing modes of Voxco Dialer. Moreover, Voxco CATI software lets you blend inbound and outbound calls for effectively optimizing interviewing resources. You can also maximize response rates by successfully handling returned calls with Voxco IVR. 

Power-packed analytics for CATI Surveys

Voxco CATI software comes equipped with live visual dashboards that empower you to monitor the interviewer activity in real-time. It also offers customizable dashboards for tracking relevant metrics and the interviewer’s progress effectively. You can easily generate detailed reports for depicting organizational performance with just a single click! 

Seamless omnichannel integration

Leverage Voxco CATI software to manage telephone surveys centrally from a single platform that’s designed to optimize multi-mode studies. It lets you increase respondent engagement by ensuring seamless integration of phone, online, and offline survey channels.

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What is CATI software?

CATI Software refers to Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Software. Being a replacement for traditional telephone interviews, this software helps to conduct surveys/interviews in which interviewers (or agents) ask questions according to a script and record answers. By empowering agents to make notes, CATI software manages complex survey logic on its own, leaving the agent free to concentrate on the respondent.

How does a CATI Survey work?

In a CATI survey, telephones are used to conduct interviews that are mainly guided through a questionnaire displayed on a computer screen. With the help of a keyboard and mouse, the interviewer can easily record answers given by respondents and check if they match with the pre-coded responses shared on the screen. A CATI program can effectively handle the complex logic and routing involved in the surveys. 

Leveraging Voxco’s versatile telephone survey design tool, conducting research surveys across any part of the globe becomes easy. Unlike other computer-assisted telephone interviewing software present in the market, Voxco CATI software can be easily integrated with a telephony system of your choice. By maximizing response rates with fieldwork tools like time zone management, interviewer roles, and smoothing functions, our CATI software leaves no stone unturned to help you meet your exact survey needs. Tailored to effectively optimize multi-mode studies, Voxco CATI lets you manage your telephone surveys centrally for increased respondent engagement.

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Features to consider before choosing a CATI Software

Predictive Dialer

A CATI software should make optimum use of predictive dialer technology that automatically dials numbers before establishing a connection between agents and respondents. It not only eliminates manual dialing but also helps interviewers to focus mainly on their conversations with the respondents.

Multilingual Capabilities

There are various studies that include a target population of people who converse in different languages. In such a case, it’s imperative for the interviewer as well as the CATI system to seamlessly process various languages that are relevant to the study.

Live Monitoring

This feature enables supervisors to seamlessly monitor an ongoing call between an agent (or interviewer) and a respondent. This feature can play a pivotal role in training purposes.

Whisper Mode

In whisper mode, supervisors can easily converse with an agent who is busy on a call with a respondent, without letting the respondent become aware of this interaction. This feature is very helpful for training new agents or helping agents handle difficult calls.

Call Recording

A CATI software should come equipped with a call recording feature that allows recording of whole or partial calls for client compliance, future listening, and collecting open-ended answers.

Live-Updating Dashboards

Interactive dashboards that reveal live statistics on drop rate, wait time, handle time, etc. This makes it easy to keep a track of various contact center KPIs, thus keeping a tab on your performance. 

What are the benefits of using CATI Software?

Quick Data Collection

With CATI software, you can collect data quickly through phone interviews as the responses are immediately generated. It enables interviewers to effortlessly complete a huge number of interviews within a single working day.

Representative Sample Size

As most people use phones and/or telephones in today’s tech-centric world, there is a large audience from which a sample group may be chosen. Using CATI software boosts the chances of gaining a sample representative of the intended population.

Increased Respondent Participation

With CATI software, it becomes easy for interviewers to personally reach out to respondents by conducting phone surveys. This helps in securing respondent participation. In comparison to survey methods like email surveys, CATI surveys are usually not dismissed by the respondents.

Cost-effective than Face-to-Face Interviews

In the case of CATI surveys, interviewers can get in touch with their respondents via personal conversations similar to face-to-face interviews. However, conducting face-to-face surveys is comparatively expensive than CATI surveys which is a cheaper alternative.