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Package Testing

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What is Package Testing?

Package testing involves measuring characteristics involved in the packaging of products. There are many factors that impact the way a product is packaged such as cost, transportation, product type, and more. Additionally, practical elements such as whether it seals properly and product package compatibility can significantly affect customer preference for the product. 

Collecting consumer feedback can help refine and improve product packaging whether it’s at the concept stage, or at the stage where the performance of finished packaging is being assessed for the live market.

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Why is Package Testing Important

Package testing gives your target audience a variation of packaging designs and asks them to provide feedback on each of them. This helps assess which is the most appealing to customers and is most likely to drive sales.

Package testing can help organizations in a number of ways. These are a few:

  1. Allows them to measure packaging performance using rating and comparison questions.
  2. Can open a channel for suggestions and ideas from your target audience.
  3. Evaluates factors of product packaging such as appeal, utility, and price expectations based on customer expectations.
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Advantages of Package Testing

These are a few advantages of conducting package testing:

Gives you data to substantiate your choices

  • Package testing provides companies with data regarding what designs resonate the most with their target audience and provides hard statistics that can substantiate their design choice. 

Shows you how different groups respond to your design

  • By filtering responses, companies can create different groups and see how each responds to their packaging designs.

Gives you ideas on how you can improve existing designs 

  • By obtaining criticism and feedback on current packaging, organizations can use this information to make improvements to their existing designs.

Facilitates making quicker decisions

  • By collecting data frequently, including data from package testing, companies can react quickly to market changes, allowing them to make quicker decisions.
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Answer: Package testing can be performed toward the end of a product’s prototyping phase, or early in pilot production. This is to ensure the product, and packaging configuration are close to the final iteration.

Answer: The following are a few key features that have the highest correlation with purchasing:

  1. Likeability: The extent to which consumers like packaging and design elements.
  2. Stand out: How noticeable is the package on the shelf when placed with other products.
  3. Persuasion: Does the packaging play a significant role in consumers buying the product?

Answer: The importance of packaging is continually growing. It has a significant impact on customer’s buying decisions, highlighting the need for organizations to pay more attention to this component of their marketing mix. Package research gives organizations an insight into the way their packaging is affecting visibility, purchasing decisions, and its fit with the brand’s values. This helps optimize packaging to customer needs and wants.

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