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What is Outbound IVR Software?

An outbound IVR software is an automated self-service technology used in contact centers that empowers sales agents and support representatives to reach out to their prospects or customers. By sending proactive messages to customers through phone, text, or email, an outbound IVR software plays a crucial role in successfully executing a contact center’s operations. Moreover, this software can operate in multiple channels and process various requests without any human involvement. An outbound IVR software can be used for multiple purposes such as sales, survey research, fundraising, product analysis, etc.

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Why should businesses invest in Outbound IVR Software?

By adopting an outbound IVR software, brands can become more efficient and proactive by quickly reaching out to large groups of people. With outbound IVR software, organizations can seamlessly automate their processes and provide self-serve options to the customers. Thus, it helps to save time for both the business as well as the customers. As 67% of customers prefer self-service over getting in touch with a company’s agent, an outbound IVR software empowers them to perform numerous tasks independently, such as paying bills, completing a survey, confirming or rescheduling appointments, etc. It also plays a crucial role in maximizing agents’ productivity by freeing up their time and helping them to focus on more necessary tasks.

Unveiling the functioning of IVR Software

Intending to boost customer satisfaction while helping contact center agents perform essential tasks, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software offers inbound call services and outbound operations for assisting customers with their specific needs. While inbound IVR software helps anticipate customer expectations by routing phone calls through your system, outbound IVR software leverages an autodialer to reach out to the customers and connect them to live on-premise agents.

AI and Machine Learning

An IVR leverages conversational AI and machine learning which helps to ensure that customers don't have to repeat themselves in case of call drops or transfer to other agents. The IVR collects information specifically to provide agents a means of reconnection with their customers.

Customer Acclimation

In the case of IVR calls, customers may need to be thoroughly guided about the process, and they may want a quicker pace by skipping the non-essential steps. An ideal IVR survey software should identify the speed that a customer prefers and the experience with the brand's loyalty program. This software offers customer-specific menu options for helping them get through the IVR quicker.

Sentiment Prediction

By taking the recent activity of customers into account, the IVR leverages sentiment prediction for determining the possible reasons behind the call. While machine learning can help to review customer data in the database, the IVR system can ask the purpose of the call, i.e., if it's related to a recent purchase, their last bill, or any outages in their area. Even if it's not among any of these, the IVR would be able to figure out the most likely reason.

Dynamic Calling

Dynamic calling helps a business to reach out to its customers even before they call. This is particularly important for sending appointment reminders and payment notifications. The IVR could be a reminder to the customer; the IVR connects them to an automated self-service menu that allows them to make the payment or change their appointment quickly.

Self-Service Menu

When customers contact a company, most of their issues can be resolved using a self-service menu so that they don't have to get in touch with an agent directly. If there's a long wait time, the IVR software should provide self-service options to the customers. This way, contact center automation empowers customers to fulfill their needs without relying on the agents. The outbound IVR software should provide a callback if the self-service options are not appropriate.

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How using Outbound IVR Software can boost engagement?

Improve brand awareness

By sending automated texts and making calls with updates, outbound IVR software helps to reach out to existing customers and prospects effectively. As a proficient marketing team works together to put a campaign, an outbound IVR software plays a vital role in automating it. Moreover, it helps in promoting products and sending notifications related to new releases.

Elevate Customer Experience

There is a lot of feedback that brands can gather for products that customers use daily. Using outbound IVR software makes it easy to get in touch with customers, making them feel that their voice is heard. This helps to boost the overall customer experience

Outbound IVR software plays a crucial role in testing out the efficiency of a company’s marketing efforts. By identifying the sentiments that customers prefer and the groups that respond best to a specific outreach effort, this software offers valuable feedback via engagement rate data. With outbound IVR software, you can leverage business intelligence for discovering new opportunities. 

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Making the most of your Outbound IVR Software

Make customers aware of promotions

To increase the efficiency of the contact centers, outbound IVR software focuses on heightened automation. In pending new promotions, an outbound IVR software leverages a recording or AI software for alerting customers. As outbound contact center agents don't have to reach out to customers, it helps to save their time too. Moreover, this software has special functions that enable you to reach out to specific customer groups for alerting them about promotions that matter.

Send payment reminders

While earlier collection practices used live agents for alerting customers about payment options, outbound IVR software plays an efficient role in delivering payment reminders nowadays. By quickly reminding customers about due dates for their bill payments, Outbound IVR software saves agents time for more crucial tasks. The payment system is used for making calls, and there are omnichannel options for sending alerts on different platforms and devices. For instance, you can send SMS texts with the required payment information and links.

Convert leads effectively

Leads don’t always need to take action. There are cases when they don’t follow up despite showing interest. Using outbound IVR software helps to give them that extra push. Even if potential customers forget to follow up, this software reminds them about registration and shares the promotion end dates with them. Being a reliable means of converting leads and adding them to the brand's sales funnel, outbound IVR software plays a pivotal role in capturing customers' attention and persuading them to consider the company. 

Share customer satisfaction surveys

Using outbound IVR software can help to engage customers in surveys that focus on uncovering their experience. With outbound IVR software, it becomes easy to schedule a follow-up customer satisfaction survey for gaining actionable insights into their journey. This software can set up appointments at customers' convenience and is an efficient follow-up for live calls. If a customer wants to complete a survey later, the IVR software can schedule the call accordingly. 

Check customer identity

Frauds happen in every business, especially when there are digital communications involved. While it's difficult to determine risk factors such as identity theft, businesses mainly prefer two-factor identification over social media platforms. Using outbound IVR software, a company can easily verify the identity of the customers before involving the agents. An IVR system makes them input their account information for verification purposes by reaching out to the customers. If customers aren't comfortable sharing their data like this, a visual IVR link is shared with them for accessing through a smartphone. This entire process is performed without the involvement of the agents.

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How can Voxco help deliver better outcomes with outbound IVR software?

Omnichannel approach

Reaching out to customers nowadays isn’t easy. As customers embark on a journey with a brand over one channel and continue to switch to other channels, it's essential to reach out to them through the channel they prefer. By investing in a platform like Voxco (that can seamlessly cater to customers across multiple channels, i.e., online, phone, offline, etc.), it becomes easy to provide them a solution as per their needs.

Insightful dashboards and analytics

As every customer interaction is a source of data, leveraging powerful analytics tools help to frame an insightful story. By helping contact centers discover critical insights into the customers' behavior, survey analytics software can effortlessly highlight the problematic areas within the organization. There can be gaps in your products, services, marketing strategies, or even your sales pitch. By syncing data across channels like CATI, IVR, & cloud-based dialers, Voxco's power-packed dashboards help supervisors to gain customer feedback in real-time.

Automated features

Voxco’s IVR software and Cloud-based dialers play a pivotal role in boosting the productivity of your outbound IVR software with automated dialing modes. Being a single system with no involvement in third-party integrations, Voxco Dialer helps to connect agents with their customers immediately.


There’s no point in investing in a fixed capacity, primarily if you’re operating in an industry that experiences demand spikes throughout the year. Voxco’s scalable IVR software tools enable contact centers to scale up their operations as per requirement.

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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries

Great Research
Fast Insights
Best-in-class ROI

Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries