Identify your target audience with Market Segmentation Studies. Adopt a data driven approach for large scale customer segmentation. Analyze consumer perceptions & anticipate market trends in advance.

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The customer preferences, perceptions and behaviors change according to their requirements. Providing a tailored, relevant and personalized experience at scale can enhance brand perception and margins. This requires a crystal clear understanding of customer’s choices and key drivers of purchase at every point of time. 

Market Segmentation allows organizations to profile their audience, understand the customer preferences & identify the high ROI opportunities to pursue.

What can you expect from a Market Segmentation Study? 

  • Quantify the product demand by understanding the likelihood of purchase 
  • Prioritize branding efforts by providing tailored products to the most lucrative segments 
  • Improve marketing efforts by using effective messaging and targeted collateral
  • Maximize profits by grasping the willingness to pay 
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Ready to perform market segmentation study?

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Conduct Precise Large Scale studies with Voxco’s Market Segmentation Software

Reach where your respondents are

Create engaging & responsive surveys that work across channels. Create omnichannel surveys like : 

  • Web Surveys 
  • Pop-up Surveys
  • Social Media Surveys
  • SMS Surveys
  • Email Surveys
  • Phone Surveys

Create in-depth audience profiles

Create customer segment profiles based on historical engagement activity and feedback survey results. 

  • Identify Likelihood criterion
  • Understand requirements
  • Isolate Pain Points

Monitor Emerging customer trends

Anticipate and monitor industry trends for every relevant market segment by conducting multi-year studies. 

  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Track Customer Preferences
  • Adapt to Customer Needs in Real time

Voxco makes market segmentation studies a breeze. Interested to know how?

Why use Market Segmentation Software?

Increase Profit Margins

Customers are willing to pay more for tailored and personalized customer experiences. Deliver on customer expectations & target customers who are willing to buy with enhanced predictive analysis.

Maximize Marketing ROI

Create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns using customer intent & preferences data to generate more revenue. Offer discounts to customers based on past history and improve sales funnel.

Improve Customer Retention

Identify and engage customers across multiple channels using detailed customer attributes reports.

Enhance Brand Loyalty

Build deep & long lasting customer relationships by improving customer experiences and delivering relevant content to aid customer decision making process. 

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Why use Market Segmentation Survey Software?

Market Segmentation surveys are used to identify the high-performing customer group. Identifying the target audience improves the effectiveness of marketing efforts, improves brand perception, and improves revenue as they are the in-market audience.