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  • Simply sample research- 10 million profiles with 90+data points
  • Go omnichannel- Online, Face-to-face, Integrated CATI, Dialer & IVR surveys
  • Build multilingual surveys with 100+ question types & advanced logic
Market research - New market research tools
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Trusted by the top 50+ market research firms globally

Voxco has been named a leader in the survey software category by G2

Market research - New market research tools

A one-stop shop for end-to-end market research solutions

No more switching between different platforms. Whether it is data collection, choosing high-quality samples for research, analyzing survey data, or visualizing data, with Voxco’s Market Research Software, you can find all you need to conduct market research on a single platform. 

Gather data with omnichannel survey tools

Explore a range of omnichannel data collection tools for market research at any scale. Voxco Research Cloud™ maximizes ways for you to reach respondents- online surveys, phone and mobile surveys, in-person surveys, and IVR surveys.

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Market research - New market research tools

Access high-quality samples

With Voxco Audience, get access to more than 10M professionals enabled with 90+ data & profiling points. Accelerate your survey research projects with on-demand first-hand insight generation technology that captures feedback from relevant audiences at scale and helps you reduce research time from months to hours.

Easily analyze & visualize data

Easily transform survey feedback data into actionable insights with Voxco analytics. Create cross-tabulations and build striking visual stories with your data. Our Text Analysis & NPS Dashboard lets you learn the ‘why’ behind survey feedback and identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Market research - New market research tools
Market research - New market research tools

Get full control of your research panel

With the Voxco panel manager, nurture a loyal community of respondents. Our advanced panel improvements let you manage your panel attributes, Delete, Activate, Anonymize, & Deactivate Panelists, Deny access to the panel export option to some users/user groups, and more.

Voxco is a pioneer in providing market research tools to businesses. With various online survey tools and leading survey software, Voxco enables organizations to gather the data they need to grow.

Explore omnichannel data collection tools for market research

Dive into our range of tools to gather data for market research and choose the one that fits your needs

Online survey tools

Create, distribute, and analyze intuitive and powerful online surveys with ease. Seamlessly integrates with Voxco Mobile Offline whenever needed.


Leverage a phone survey system that can handle a massive volume of surveys and calls, manage hundreds of interviewers, and set calling rules across time zones.

Mobile Offline

Manage face-to-face data collection projects or conduct dynamic personal interviews with no network connection on Android tablets and mobile phones.

IVR Survey Software

Explore an easy and cost-effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience.

Watch how Voxco helps you conduct in-depth market research

Why Choose Voxco for Market Research?

Voxco brings all the market research solutions on a single platform, so you don’t have to switch between multiple platforms.

Complete suite of market research tools

Voxco offers a complete suite of market research tools under one umbrella. The free market research toolkit includes case studies, blogs, the latest trends, survey templates, and more. Anyone looking to get conduct market research with ease can get started with Voxco’s market research toolkit

Superior Research and Insights

Voxco market research solutions ensure superior research and powerful insights that drive growth. With Voxco, market research firms can build advanced-flow surveys, send them, and roll out organization-wide results the same week.

Defined by Simplicity

Voxco is easy-to-use and requires no prior technical expertise. It offers a no-code interface that anyone can use. Our ready-to-use survey templates are an asset for beginners, and the intelligence platform requires little to no human intervention.

Unparalleled Flexibility 

The best thing about the Voxco market research platform? You can use it in multiple ways. Researchers can use it to learn about their target market’s needs & preferences, create diverse segments, and conduct A/B testing or benchmark outcomes.

No hidden costs for additional features

Get market research solutions at a cost you can support. Voxco lets you communicate your market research needs and challenges that you’re facing with insights generation. Connect with us and leverage a competitive pricing model with all the features you need to meet your market research needs.

What do the customers say about Voxco’s market research solutions?

Read some of our most treasured client testimonials

See why brands trust us

Read some of our most successful market research case studies


After partnering with Voxco, Coyne Research reduced the time to create surveys and launch projects by 50%.

Market research - New market research tools

Read our case study to discover how ReconMR was able to boost call center productivity by 40% and scale up to 5 call centers with the help of Voxco Research.

Market research - New market research tools

Siena College leveraged Voxco’s survey software to conduct more than one hundred polls and close to 3 million phone calls while launching an initiative to publish live poll results during the 2018 midterm elections.

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Using real-time voter verification with Voxco, the Logit group saw a rate of 60% voter match, more accurately representing and profiling online sample sources.

Market research - New market research tools

Voxco’s solutions helped Walmart Canada enhance customer service training, improve process communication, and increase their product variety from 3,000 to 7,000 in a few months. 

Market research - New market research tools

By transitioning to Voxco, Frost & Sullivan was able to achieve significant productivity gains and create complex surveys in less time for less money.

Voxco Market Research Software Features

Dive into the key features of our market research software to enjoy a seamless experience


Integrated Telephony

Voxco CATI mode with Voxco Dialer and Voxco IVR to create an integrated phone survey system of unparalleled efficiency.

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Matchless flexibility

Host data in the Cloud or installed on-premise for total control!

Market research - New market research tools

Build the survey system you need

Create a system to meet your exact requirements today and add components as your needs evolve.

Market research - New market research tools

Powerful Scripting

Easily script surveys once & deploy across channels.

Market research - New market research tools

Seamless Online & offline surveys

Conduct your web surveys with Voxco Online and use it seamlessly with Voxco Mobile Offline for tablet interviews in the field where there is no network connection.

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Omnichannel survey tools

Our omnichannel data collection modes are supported by additional tools like Panel Manager, Dashboards, and an experienced Professional Services team to help cover all your needs.


Market research - New market research tools


Visualize data in real-time with one click. All thanks to dynamic dashboards & analytics!

6 Steps to Conducting Market Research Surveys with Ease

The world’s most effective online survey solutions, hands down- Launch your market research surveys in just 6 steps

Step 1: Create, test, and modify surveys instantly with no coding required

Step 2: Intuitive and powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey

Step 3: A question type for every methodology

Step 4: Reporting simplified with a centralized SQL database

Step 5: Create beautiful surveys by using drag and drop functionality

Step 6: Engage respondents anywhere & anytime, and on any device

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Market Research Software Use Cases

Use Voxco market research software to meet your market research needs for any industry

Customer Segmentation

Identify your target audience with Market Segmentation Studies. Analyze consumer perceptions & anticipate market trends in advance.

Market Sizing

Identify the profitable product lines & customer segments to target. Develop a market entry strategy with the customer, sales volume & revenue

Pricing Research

Implement an effective pricing strategy backed by insights generated by the target audience. Make validated pricing decisions, implement effective pricing tiers, and capture greater market share.

Concept Testing

Validate your advertisement, product, or user experience ideas with A/B testing. Understand key drivers to improve experience & ROI.

Brand Perception

Under key drivers of your brand perception. Deep dive into the reasons for such value perception and improve brand experience.

Agile Market Research

Automate your market research with self-triggering surveys, simple workflows, and complex reporting. 

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand where your competitors are. Glean insights on where your organization stands in the market in real-time. 

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What are market research tools?

Market Research is the process used by businesses to gauge their target audience. The research helps a company understand their customers’ desires, needs, demands, etc. 

Market research gathers valuable data companies use to position themselves in the market. The collected data also gives insight into the change in the market environment and the changes that may happen in the future. 

Market Research tools make it possible for companies to conduct Market Research. Market research tools are designed to ease the process of conducting market research. 

Companies don’t have to assume what their customers like. They don’t have to spend too many resources and labor to conduct research. Market research tools can help you gather data that paints an extensive picture of the target market. The tools gather insight that can assist you in building strategies backed up by real data. 

Market Research Software consisting of market research tools can help a researcher conduct surveys at any scale, gather a large volume of data and analyze the data accurately. 

Whether you want to uncover customers’ preferences, market trends, or useful strategies, Market Research Tools can make the entire process much easier and faster at a low cost.

Why are Market Research Tools important for your business?

No organization does not need customer insight to make effective decisions. The research tools help you make sense of the data and make a confident decision for the growth of your business. The tools can help you to understand customers, optimize marketing campaigns, test product or service concepts, etc. 

Market research tools help reduce risks in business decisions. A good research tool should not only collect data but also analyze it. It should provide the insight required to make better decisions and prove hypotheses about the market. The insights should enable you to optimize sales campaigns, advertisements, etc. 

Research tools help uncover the market segments where your products or services will likely sell. Analyzing customer feedback can help you discover where there is a demand for your product which can help you identify your target market. 

What features should market research tools have?

There are various platforms on the internet providing different market research tools to help an organization with its market research. To get the most out of your market research, you need to equip your company with the tools that fit your purpose the best. 

Simple and Easy Survey Builder

You need to do different surveys for different market research purposes. Your market research tool should offer you a survey builder which anyone from your team can use. A simple function like Drag and Drop can make creating a survey easy.

  • A drag-and-drop feature allows you to simply select a question you want to include and drag and drop it on the survey. This takes less time for the researcher and allows you to focus on other tasks in the market research.
  • Your survey builder should also offer different questions such as multiple-choice, rating scale, ranking scale, NPS®, Likert, emoticon, star scale, etc. A wide variety of questions can make the survey interesting.
  • It should also offer other advanced features like easily handling sophisticated logic, advanced skip patterns,multi-language capability, etc.

Survey Templates

Other than the different types of questions available to build your survey, your market research tool should also provide pre-built survey templates. 

  • Market research experts create the survey templates. There are templates for various market research studies and methodologies to fulfill specific requirements. The survey templates must include all relevant questions and advanced features that aid in online surveys. 
  • These pre-built survey templates may also include reporting. The feature will automatically analyze and present the result on the dashboard with the required insights. 

A panel of Respondents

Market research tools nowadays offer access to respondents for the survey from the software you use. Depending on whether you need a general population or respondents from a specific demographic, the tool must let you create your panel of respondents. 

The market research tool should offer rich panel management tools to help you maximize your survey response rates. This feature gives the researcher control over the process of market research and makes it easy to obtain information needed for the objective of the research.

Omnichannel capability

You should look for a market research tool that integrates all the collected data in a centralized dashboard. No matter what channel you use to gather customer insight, the tool should synchronize the data and record it in a central database for you to access.

Distribution of Survey

To gather accurate data for your research, your survey needs to be distributed to a broad audience. There are several channels you can use to distribute your surveys to a wide range of audiences. The market research tool you use should be flexible to distribute the same survey over multiple channels. 

Ensure that your market research tool has the following channels for survey distribution:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Mobile app
  • Website
  • SMS

With multiple channels at your disposal, you can reach a wide audience. As a result, not only will you be able to reach the right audience but also obtain accurate data that can be generalized against the entire population. 

Real-time results and Reporting

  • The real-time results keep you updated on changes in market and customer demands at the present moment. You don’t want weeks-old data. Cloud-based market research tools offer agility which enables you to get real-time insights. The research tool should turn the data into insights to help you make critical business decisions immediately. 
  • The tool should also enable you to report the analyzed insights. It should offer you easy-to-use and read graphs, tables, charts, and other features that can make the report engaging. The market research tool should upload the reports to your dashboard in real time.

Real-time data and reporting can help you be on track and share the information with the right people. The reports should be easy to understand, the trends should be easy to spot by anyone looking at the report. 

Analytics tools

Analytics translate your data into information that can be useful for your business. You need to select powerful analytics tools for your market research. 

Text Analysis: Uses AI and machine learning to understand customers’ sentiments and identify trends from their feedback. It helps analyze open-text feedback, thus providing deeper insights. 

Statistical Analysis: Helps quantify quantitative data. It simply analyses the responses to closed-ended questions and provides insightful data. Your statistical analysis should be able to perform

Predictive Analysis: Using different statistical analyses to predict the future behavior of the customers.


  • Look for market research tools to integrate with your existing system. It should allow you to integrate your surveys into apps or emails. This way, your audience can choose the right moment to provide feedback in a few simple steps.

  • The market research tool should also integrate rewards into surveys to encourage the audience to participate. These incentives are offered to those who have completed the survey. 

What are the advantages of Market Research tools?


Market research tool replaces a third-party research agency which saves your resources. You have to pay half the amount of what you paid a third-party agency and get done with your market research.

In-depth analysis

With different types of analytics tools available, you can gain deeper insight. You can analyze quantitative as well as qualitative data with these research tools.

Accurate Data

The market research tools gather and analyze the data in real-time. This helps you gauge the market as it is in real-time. The tools also use machine learning which reduces the scope of human error in data.

Data-driven decisions

The research tools provide you with accurate data, which helps you to make decisions regarding your business confidently. You can predict customer behavior, identify trends, and determine the best marketing campaigns.

How to choose a market research tool?

Be it companies or research agencies, market research tools are used with the aim of gathering and analyzing data to help a business make better and more effective decisions. The features include survey tools with analytics and reporting tools. These features help design a survey, conduct a study, gather data, and turn it into valuable insights. 

There are several factors you need to ensure your market research tools possess:

  • The tools should be simple enough to use even for those with little experience in Market Research
  • They should be powerful for research programs
  • They should integrate with your system

There are several tools available with many platforms offering free trials or demos. You can have a test drive to see how easy or not it is to use the tools, what data it provides, or how it analyzes and reports the data. See if the tools can help you accomplish your research goals with ease before you spend any money on a market research tool.