Omni-Channel Contact Center

86% of customers expect consistent communication when they call a contact center. They don’t want to repeat their issue over email and again with the agent and even more agents. This causes customers to become frustrated which often leads to them looking for service from other companies.

As we find that 76% of customers find it frustrating to repeat their issue when communicating through different channels. 

This is due to the fact that your communication channels don’t fall in line. When they don’t receive a seamless experience and have to put more effort to get their issue resolved, the customers go look for different companies that can provide them Omni-channel experience. 

Defining Omnichannel Contact Center

Omni-channel software  helps make the interaction between customer and agent seamless and less bumpy. Multiple channels for communication in just one platform. 

Your customers can reach your contact center when they need help and have a conversation with your agents without having to repeat their issues. It syncs up all the data about the customer and helps your agent identify the customer. The reason why they are calling and how many times have they called before, all answers are provided to the agent. 

For example, if a person calls for the late delivery of their laptop, the agents have the information regarding the matter. Your agents know that she has called three times and has engaged in a chat with an agent as well and the case is still pending. Your agents can also switch from call to text mid-conversation if required. There is no need to end the conversation. As a result, Omnichannel Contact Center can provide smooth customer service.

The channels that fall under Omnichannel are

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Phone Call/Voice
  • Customer Portals/ Web Forms
  • Self Service
  • Live Chat
  • AI Chatbots
  • Mobile App

How Omni-channel Contact Center helps with Customer Experience?

The purpose of a contact center is to listen to their customer’s queries and resolve them, in order to provide their customers with satisfactory experiences. This explains why organizations with strong Omni-channel engagement retain on average 89% of their customers. Especially, in comparison to 33% of those companies that engage with weak Omni-channel strategy. 

Every contact center works hard to provide consistent customer service through all channels in order to increase customer satisfaction. Companies with Omni-channel contact center have proved to enjoy high customer retention. 

According to the Aberdeen Group, the Omni-channel contact center enjoys a 55% improvement in the volume of complaints. This implies that customer complaints have gone down since the implementation of Omni-channels Contact Center in Companies. 

Moreover, in comparison to multi-channel contact centers, Omni-channel Contact Center has an annual improvement of 41% in customer retention. 

An increase in customer retention and a decrease in customer complaints means the Omni-channel contact center provides exceptional customer service leading to happy customers.

What are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Here’s a list of reasons why Omnichannel Contact Center proves to be beneficial

Features you Should Look For in your Omni-channel Cloud Center


An Omni-channel should be able to compile customer data into an interface accessible by all the members of the team. This makes the work easier for your team especially when they have insights about a customer in the system they can access. The agents can consistently and flawlessly resolve the customer’s issue when they have Intel on the customer. 

This improves an agent’s experience which gives way to higher productivity and lowers the idea of leaving the job. It also serves the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Integration Among Software

A premium Omni-channel platform should be scalable and sturdy enough to integrate with other technologies in your system. 

\If your platform does not integrate well with other software then it is a multi-channel platform and not an Omni-channel. Your IT team should be able to integrate other service channels with your Omni-channel without harming the system. 

The Omni-channel contact center should have a smooth flow in its operation and it should be easy to make changes. While you also need to ensure that the platform improves key metrics while bringing down the expensive handle time.

Quality and performance

Quality and Performance management tools provide supervisors and managers a daily update on agents. It tells them who they need to train and on what field. With the data on performance, the supervisors know where improvements are required. 

Omni-channel also provides such data not only to supervisors or managers but also to agents. The agents can track their performance and also correct their mistakes when they see a dip in the metric. It also shows them what their standing is against their goal.

Cloud Structure

With the shift in the dynamic due to Covid, more and more companies are shifting to a work-from-home situation. According to a Gartner survey, by 2023, 35% of the customer service workforce is expected to shift into work-from-home mode. 

Abandoning hardware and adopting software, your contact center Omni-channel is more compatible with Cloud. It makes the entire operation more flexible. With the advantage that an agent has the freedom to work from anywhere and access all their files, just like they used to from the office.

Performance Report

The Omni-channel contact center provides the managers the performance report of the team. It gathers the data from all the channels and teams and generates a performance report. 

It can gather reports on

  • Origin, hold time, and duration of calls
  • Customer self-service journey and Inquiries on your social media, chats, etc
  • Discover the channel’s customer prefer to contact the center

The Omni-channel gathers the information from all over the system to help make informed decisions, streamline operations, and improve the performance of the agents.

Why Use Voxco as your Omni-channel Platform?

Voxco Research Cloud is a centralized Omni-channel platform which agents from your contact center can access anytime from anywhere. Moreover, you can combine it with Voxco’s other powerful modes, Cloud Dialer, CATI, and IVR to experience exceptional efficiency. 

The data collected in the Voxco software platform is backed up by tools such as Panel Manager, Voxco Analytics and Dashboard to ensure your team gets all the digital help it needs. 


One unified survey solution:

No need for multiple vendors. It provides a single platform for phone, web, IVR, and face-to-face interviews.


Deeper Data:

Dynamic dashboards and analytics generate and provide real-time visual data with a single click.


Integrate Tools:

With Voxco Cloud Dialer you can boost your call center productivity while making intelligent insights.

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Hosting and Flexibility:

 The platform provides options of SaaS plans as well as on-premise deployment at competitive prices.

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